Julian Castro exacerbating border crisis

Julian Castro looks like the reincarnation of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Gayle you should be ashamed of yourself for the yellow press hogwash.

Barack Obama employed the same illegal detention construct as today. However, the liberal yellow press blames Trump? Meanwhile Julian Castro who is polling at .7 percent is waving in more illegal caravans? WTF????

Julian Castro is basically the defacto front-man for the “Reconquista movement.” While the border is being over run by illegals, Julian Castro is waving in more. Julian Castro actually believes that Texas should belong to Mexico. He feels that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was a massive and illegal land grab by Jame K Polk. He feels that South Americans and Mexicans should be able to simply walk across the border with no regard to America’s national sovereignty. They would then be entitled to free healthcare and massive well-fare benefits. Handouts that 70% of illegal families get from the government. Life long entitlements.

In Julian Castro’s world, United States sovereignty is racists. However, if Americans sought to cross into Mexico as Julian Castro prescribes, it would be an act of war.

Julian Castro is a race baiting identity politics candidate that exploits Mexicans like a pinata. He is so vain and out of touch that he is offering up United States Sovereignty for the vote. He is writing a check that the pissant cant cash.

Brodheads served during the Mexican American war. We were there to kick Santa Anna’s ass. We were there at Contreras, Churubusco, and Chapultepec. We watched on as the American flag was hoisted over the castle. We voted for the annexation of Texas and served on the house floor with Sam Houston. We were there when we populated our Manifest destiny with the blood of immigrants from across the world. Castro wants to populate America with only South Americans and Mexicans and to hell with the rest of the world.

Julian Castro fancies himself the king of the Mexicans here in the USA. He is waving in illegals to exacerbate the border crisis and bolster the Democratic Socialist voter roles. He is a traitor to the rule of law.

Castro, why dont you pick up Colin Kaepernick and move to Mexico.

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