Making my Custom Colorado vacation home a carbon free event

At the close of the Vietnam war, my dad retired from the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command and the family moved to Longmont, Colorado. It was 1973 and the Denver skyline was so bad that some days one could not see the Rocky mountains. There was always a dark haze of air pollution over the city. If the winds were blowing to the west, the air pollution would get trapped up against the massive front range.

When I completed my first term as “legacy Air Force,” I would eventually end up attending Colorado State University and study vehicle emissions control under a doctorate while I was employed at the National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety. It was 1984 and vehicle emissions control and fuel injection system were just coming into favor in the automotive industry. The computer controlled carburetor systems were being phased out in favor of oxygen sensor controlled fuel injection systems with emission catalysts. In addition, Colorado introduced oxygenated fuels. many of the cars in Colorado still employed the antiquated carburetor and they always ran rich. By adding 10% ethanol, there was an immediate impact on the Denver Skyline. So we could see the mountains, party in the Choice City and watch Elwood kick some ass.

Today, a gas powered 4 cylinder American made car is a really clean burning entity compared to 1980s technology. However, even newer cars emit CO2. We reduce Co2 emissions by 50% when we buy 45 MPG gas powered cars. We then reduce our carbon footprint further when we limit our driving habits to what is absolutely necessary. We reduce it to a minimum when we use rapid transit systems to attend Bronco football games.

To satiate my life long quest for zero emissions, I purchased a Chevy Volt to go along with a Colorado custom vacation home. The home is almost done. The next phase will be to build a Solar Garage and then install 10,000 watts of solar panels along with two Tesla power walls. The solar panels and the Tesla power walls will allow me to heat and cool the house with solar. Solar will be used to power cooling needs, and natural gas will be used to heat. The Tesla power walls will store solar power for the Chevy Volt as well. Hence, all of my energy and transportation needs will be based on free solar power. later, I may simply incorporate a high seer heat pump for cooling. The Tesla power walls and the solar panels will last the rest of my life and allow for a zero emissions existence while on vacation in Colorado.

The WAGOP does not understand what a jewel of a candidate I am. They have no game.

The world needs to plant trees and continually upgrade their vehicle technology. We must replace 25 MPG gas powered cars for 50 MPG gas powered cars. We must require new fuel savings technology and carbon reduction related to the aviation industry.

Lithium Ion battery technology is not the complete answer. The world only has enough lithium deposits to build 5% of the worlds electric car needs.

Part of the problem is tree deforestation. As a former military aviator, I have flown over the Amazon a dozen times. Hmmm Bezos and Amazon and Amazon deforestation. Silly me!!!

Another problem is plastic in the ocean.

Paid off Colorado Custom home build can leverage copious. It is not if one wins or loses, it is how the money comes and where it goes.