Margaret Brennan engages Robert Gates

It is always refreshing to hear Robert Gates expand on our current affairs. It was Robert Gates that took over for Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. All of the shock and “awe shit” catalog was basically dumped on Gate’s desk. He would be tasked with dealing with George Bush and Barack Obama’s special interest perpetual war agenda.

The polished and intelligent dude was able to successfully bridge the gap between George W. Bush and the closet war monger that doubled down on all things Bush. Well, not all things Bush. Even though Geedub absconded the 4th Amendment, and ushered in the computer surveillance industrial complex, he did not use the Patriot Act to put a presidential candidate under surveillance. That would ultimately be left to Barack Obama and his treacherous deep state cronies. An illegal event that will have to be laid bare and prosecuted if America wants to restore the 4th Amendment and our Bill of Rights.

Of course after the Meuller Report showed zero Russian collusion, the grotesque Congressman Nadler wants to keep it alive in order to run interference for Barack Obama’s administration and its role in Spygate. As we recall, Watergate had a devastating affect on the presidency. At a minimum, the greatest legislative body must catalog history and document the Obama administration’s role in the violation of the 4th Amendment by rogue deep state entities in his administration for the Congressional record.

As a world traveler with 1.76 million miles flown as a C-141 Flight Engineer in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves, I have been to hundreds and hundreds of international cities. Some were in Arab shitholes. Others were in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the socialist countries of northern Europe. In my travels, I have noticed that Chinese products dominate the shelves. That German cookoo clock and lederhosen replaced by a Chinese clone. German hand tools that were once the pride of the German auto mechanic replaced with made in China.

The Chinese were the folks that employed 10,000 peasant workers with picks and shovels to build airfields for the Flying Tigers. Today, in many areas of China, workers basically work for what would amount to 3 bowls of rice and a shitty little apartment. The Chinese have pegged their monetary evaluation at 15% compared to the American dollar. For years, the American workers and all G20 nations have had to compete with an 8 to 1 worker ratio. It is clear that China will not accept a level playing field. In fact, China relies on a combination of state run economy and artificially devalued currency. So, while their economy continues to grow, the rest of the world’s economy stagnates.

It does not help that the American education system caters to the liberal arts stoner degree while passing on massive student loan debt. Instead of pushing a technology and clean energy agenda, school systems are fixated on liberal indoctrination, gender pronouns, and allowing dudes with razor stubble and fake tits to use the little girls room. Then again, China’s labor camp wages are conducive to cheap products for stoners and their penchant for $1100 I-phones. Of course, they will blame Trump because their liberal arts degree is worth less than waiting tables at a low end spaghetti factory eatery.

China will eventually build a massive military and a massive manufacturing base off of devalued currency. They will become the arsenal of communism with every single citizen under constant surveillance. Even now, China has 3 million Muslims in concentration camps. This could be compared to Hitler’s Germany and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Japanese internment camps. Why is it that democrats, socialists and communist have traditionally been totalitarian assholes?

Donald Trump is re-introducing a level laying field.

As far as North Korea, Robert, we must slow walk the negotiations. We must be both patient with China tariffs and North Korean sanctions. As far as Iran and carriers in the Persian Gulf, that used to be a policy before Geedub and his Mission Complete BS. Iran used to routinely threaten the oil shipping lanes. Iran must withdraw from Syria and stop harassing Israel. America is ready for an Iran that welcomes peace and prosperity. It is up to them.

Let us stay the course shall we! North Korea must commit to reducing it’s nuclear aggression and Iran must stop as well. North Korea must work towards demilitarization and Korean reunification. However, Kim Jog un is a coward. Slow walking Kim Jong Un will lead to a revolution in North Korea. It is just a matter of time before his military turns on him.

Margaret, this was the best show of the year. Robert Gates is an engaged common sense titan and you really acquitted yourself well…. Even Glasser and Yakisoba did a good job this week…

Gates is a foreign relations stud.

I guess it is time to abandon the non value adding liberal airhead freaks in favor of moderates that present both sides of the argument void of TDS. Nice!! Good show….