Margaret Brennan lays waste to Dick Durbin

Senator Dick Durbin has made a career out of twisting and manipulating the truth in order to support Democratic Socialist objectives. The bottom line is that he manipulates truth to such an extent that he can be considered a repetitive liar. Margaret laid waste to Dick Durbin’s lying gibberish and made him look like the fool that he actually is.

Margaret Brennan of ” Face the Nation” is probably the most non biased politically neutral reporter since Walter Cronkite. As we recall, Walter Cronkite only delivered the news on Vietnam and allowed the viewer to come to their own conclusion. Of course “The Vietnam body count” was always on the screen. He was so popular that if he made a stance on an issue, it affected the entire nation’ s thought processes. When Walter Cronkite stated that the US must withdraw from Vietnam, it had massive political consequences. His positions led to LBJ announcing he would not run for president again. The press had basically called it quits on Lyndon Baines Johnson. This paved the way for the rise of Robert F. Kennedy and a complete reshuffle of the political deck. Sadly, the status quo political deck would be restored when RFK was gunned down at the Ambassador hotel.

At this juncture, Margaret cannot dumb herself down enough to pay credence to the liberal stupidity that inundates the Democratic party. Just as Walter made a stand, Margaret has to stand on common sense, credibility and non-biased intelligence. She is nobody’s fool.

Today, the massive border crisis is a Vietnam body count of sorts. The Democratic Socialists refuse to fix the border, and enforce deportation of illegals. They have gone so far as to ask for the elimination of ICE and the decriminalization of border crossings. To them, the idea of a national sovereignty is racist. In California, illegals now get free healthcare.

Democratic Socialist candidates are exacerbating the border crisis with their open borders rhetoric. Meanwhile, folks like Dick Durbin refused to acknowledge that there was a border crisis for 2 and 1/2 years. In addition, the liberal yellow press is blaming Trump for policies and facilities put into place by previous presidential administrations. Margaret Brennan skewered Durbin for his outright manipulations. By the end of the interview, he was polishing Trump’s shoes on border enforcement.

It seems that the Democratic Socialist are doing all they can to corral the Hispanic vote and play to the rhetoric of “the Reconquista!” They do not want to fix the illegal immigration problem.

It is a good thing that Margaret Brennan is on Face the Nation. She applies her non-bias, experience, knowledge and logic and critical thinking skills to our important current events. She gives no quarter when it comes to truth. This is crucial to the survival of truth in the political arena. She would make a better evening news host than Norah O’Donnell, the TDS disease ridden liberal yellow press tart. Norah O’Donnell exhausted her credibility on TDS. Nobody believes her anymore. She should work at CNN.

It is clear that Donald Trump is doing all he can to protect the border and reduce illegal immigration. A full 1/3 of the children crossing the border are “rent a child”. A full third of women are raped while attempting the journey. When an illegal is able to gain status with an anchor baby, a full 70% will be on life long entitlement and refuse to assimilate. They get full government subsidizing while working under the table. This reduces wages for legal Hispanics to poverty levels. In reality, the Democratic Socialist positions on open borders and decriminalizing illegals is a form of slavery for legal law abiding Hispanics who play by the rules. It is such a catch 22 when Democratic Socialists support extremely expensive union wages while relegating legal Hispanics to competing with government subsidized Illegals that never fill out tax returns or pay taxes. They then offer them every manner of freebie with no questions asked. Will these folks ever pay into the Social Security system or just get freebies for life free of charge for the vote.

Oh an Durbin’s letter from so-called Guadalupe is all gibberish. It was a low level pathetic attempt at symbolizing Guadalupe Hidalgo. What an ass.

Durbin is too stupid to know the difference between an illegal and a legal immigrant. Below, he lumps them all together. It is the Democratic Socialist’s fault that the borders are being over run. Now they blame Trump.

As always, Margaret was beautiful, no biased, intelligent and effective. I get lost in her beautiful eyes, genuine smile, and wholesale journalistic integrity. She is the glue that keeps political reality from debilitating to propaganda and delusion.

In the final analysis, the Democratic Socialists have shifted to representing illegals and outright socialism. They cannot compete with the Trump economy, so they have shifted to a border crisis that they themselves created.

My Grand Uncle’s senate Bill when he was on the committee for the Capitol Extension.

Bill 460 of 647,