Marsha Blackburn and the IRS are going after the Clinton Foundation for “Pay to Play”

The same fella that went after conservative groups is going after Hillary’s “pay to play”  Clinton Foundation corruption.  Even worse for Hillary Clinton, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has picked up the scent. This is going to be ugly. I met this woman in 2008 and she does not play around. She has the political demeanor of a pitbull. In fact, she gave me the dirtiest look for no damn reason at all. It was like I was the worst snotty nosed kid in the classroom.  I guess she must be a good judge of character or so she thinks.

Blackburn is going to treat this Clinton corruption event like an MMA fighter treats a cage fight. As it is, Democratic operatives have shielded and insolated Hillary Clinton as long as she has been in politics.  Hillary has never been taken down. The fifth round is starting  and Marsha Blackburn is going for the takedown and then some good old fashioned ground and pound. Once she passes Hillary’s guard, expect a bloody beating and  a rear naked choke out submission just before the bell rings. When  the cage fight ends, Hillary’s political career will be over. She is finished. Blackburn will then be elevated to house speaker or any position she wants.

This was the last person that Hillary Clinton wanted on her tail. OH, my word!!!

Hillary Clinton has basically put Obama’s entire healthcare legacy on the chopping block. If Trump is elected, America can kiss Obamacare goodbye. All Obama will have to show for is a few gay rights, some poddy politics, and $20 trillion in national debt.

Even if Hillary Clinton wins the election, she can still be impeached if she is found to have engaged in corruption while SOS.


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