Navy veterans despise “little Bobby Ferguson”

We have lost that “loving feeling”!!!

I grew up on a Naval Base. It was called the the Hawthorne Naval ammunition Depot and was the largest depot in the USA. Before it was BRAC listed, the lawns and old brick buildings were maintained with Navy pride. In the evenings, the sound of copious water sprinklers would ease the soul. The tree lines that protected housing from strong Nevada dust storms would get irrigated on a regular bases. The large leaves of the trees would clap as one big orchestra when the wind would blow.

The little base was an oasis in the high deserts of Nevada. Sage and sand would give way to the lush greenery of freshly cut grass. The sound of 2 stroke gas powered lawn equipment was a daily occurrence.

The little town of Hawthorne, Nevada was going great guns during Vietnam as the bombs came in and went out on rail cars. However, once the war was over, the base struggled to maintain it’s relevance. It wouldn’t be long before it would be BRAC listed and then transferred to the Army. The thousands of Navy,Marines, Air Force and Army troops would become a dozen Army folks. Thousands of federal employees would lose their jobs as the base went into care takers status. The once well kept housing and lawns on the base would start a journey back into sage and sand. The town of Hawthorne would lose population and small business. The Federal housing area of Babbitt Nevada would be sold off and disappear.

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station has the opportunity to maintain relevance for the next 40 years with the F-18 Growler. However,in order for F-18 crews to maintain proficiency, they must be able to take advantage of the Olympic Peninsula for training sorties. The 6th Distinct has copious logging roads that allow for mobile radar sites. These assets can be moved around in a cat and mouse construct. The F-18 crews then must find these simulated enemy assets while on a training sortie. These training missions increase mission readiness as well as proficiency.

During war time, enemy radar sites must be identified and reduced before complete “air superiority” can be established over the battle field.

North Korea has a massive anti aircraft radar grid that supports thousands of anti aircraft missile systems. The radar allows the missile defense operator to follow and launch on an aircraft. The radar navigational command aspect then plays a secondary role as the missile acquires an infrared heat signature via I/R homing or “infrared homing.” During Vietnam, many B-52s were shot down by the Soviet made SA2 surface to air missile system. The war with Vietnam ended before the North Vietnamese could bring in the SA3 on line enmasse. . The SA3 surface to air missile system had I/R homing capability. The B-52 only had electronic countermeasures and chaf dispensing systems that could defeat radar guided weaponry. The SA3 would have devastated the B-52 . The radar aspect would bring the missile into the flight regime and the I/R capability would hone in for the kill.

The first aspect of air superiority is locating enemy radar and destroying them. To do this, the F-18 Growler crews must have countless different training sortie scenarios available to them. The Olympic peninsula mirrors the terrain of North Korea.

Instead, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the Navy over noise complaints and environmental impact. Instead of allowing Bob Ferguson and Jay Inslee to sue over the F-18 and drive the military out of the Northwest, we should simply vote them out of office.

Inslee and Ferguson got to go.

Get it on!!!!