Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: a tale of two leaders

As a child, my father taught me many things. He taught me how to  ride a bicycle. He taught me how to hunt , fish and field dress a mule deer. He taught me how to build things, and fix old cars. He also made me understand that our pillars of society deserve respect and support. Teachers, Mr. Policeman and the soldier deserve our respect. Those that dedicate themselves to excellence and make our society better deserve our respect and in many cases our allegiance. Solid role models must be elevated while bullshitters must be censured.

Nothing society can offer replaces the role of a father and a mother. This is why conservatives feel that strong families and strong family values are the foundation of America. Parents provide mentor-ship at a level that only  family blood can provide. The next level of mentor-ship for our children are teachers , coaches, and role models.

Growing up in Nevada, we learned to tell it like it is. We do not pull punches, enable others, or placate to the undeserved whims of the grandiose. In some cases our congeniality is lacking, but we always want to do the right thing. We acknowledge those that work hard and do society’s good work. We reward those that are meticulous and engage in thorough investigation .  We encourage vision, planning, and diligent execution. We like people who complete the task.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is a rare leader. Unlike Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Brian graduated from college and went on to achieve many positions of status. He was not rewarded status for lackadaisical behavior or dropping out. He was rewarded for hard work, tenacity, execution, personality and the ability to be competent in every job he was elevated to. His political and public service credentials include: State legislator, Federal judge, Gaming commissioner,  and State governor. This has provided him with demonstrative experience at the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. His legislative positions have given him experience on how to represent the public. His duties as a Federal judge demanded and cultivated excellent logic and critical thinking skills relating to law and the legal system. His current position as Governor of Nevada could be considered prep school for the presidency of the United States. The “Peter Principal” has not been one of his weaknesses. In fact, he has discharged every duty he has been commissioned with competence and tenacity. He was re-elected with 72% of the vote. Twenty percentage points higher than Scott Walker.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stripped his state’s education system of close to $900 billion.  Then he put several hundred million into a baseball stadium.  He also supports poverty level wages. So, not only does Scott Walker not support education for the children of his state, he feels that people should work for $7 an hour. At his core, he does not believe in empowering the individual through education , but exploitation people via poverty level wage structure policies. It is only a matter of time before his Chinese labor camp wage positions are picked up by the media.

Scott Walker is probably the most partisan Governor in the 50 states. Political associates either love him or hate him. If past is prologue, Scott Walker’s label would not work well in a gridlocked Washington DC. In fact, he will be labeled an extremist well before the primary season. He has already signaled that he believes that American soldiers should be boots on the ground in Iraq, Syria and everywhere else.. Americans understand that Scott Walker is anti education and pro unnecessary war. He seems to be  a John Boehner wet dream for president. Lastly, instead of answering questions directly, he skirts questions with absurd generalities. Scott Walker says Americans want “Boldness,” but he is not bold enough to answer any of the questions ask of him.

Meanwhile, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has boldly facilitated the relocation of countless alternative energy and new technology companies to Nevada. Under his leadership, Nevada’s unemployment has gone from 11% to 6.7%. Now Brian Sandoval is trying to bring Nevada’s 49th rated education system into functional respectability.  His bold vision is to arm Nevada’s children with  a solid K12 education, so they have a fighting chance for the American dream. He understands that Nevada’s future and economy depend on the children of Nevada.  Unlike Scott walker who cut education funding and then built a stadium, Sandoval wants to strengthen education and  build a University Medical center.  Unlike Scott walker who wants to exhaust more soldiers lives in a Sunni Shia civil war, Sandoval is supporting jobs for veterans in Nevada.

Sandoval is willing to reach across the aisle and synthesize the best policies of both parties.

Scott walker has already signaled that he supports the stagnate  foreign relation policies of Bush, Cheney and Obama. His vision is the same vision Bush shoved down our throats. He will boldly go where Bush has gone before. back to the Bush future. Nothing new here except  dogma gibberish and generalities..

Scott Walker says not to bet against him. Well, I would have to take that bet.  Nevadans know when a person is holding a bullshit hand. It is a certainty that Americans will find Scott Walker to be a self absorbed, college drop out ideologue that does not deserve further consideration.




Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates a breath of fresh air

Robert Gates transitioned America from the  “Shock and Awe shit ”  theatrical lunacy of Rumsfeld to the  DC insider ineptitude of Leon Panetta.

Gates told it like it is. During Gate’s tenure, there were no marital affairs, emails, or ineptly caused killings in Benghazi. All Americans received from Robert Gates was a steady hand and  a common sense approach. And, unlike  go along to get along incontinent DC insider old guard democrat bureaucrats like Leon Pannetta, we got honesty from Robert Gates.

To the soldier in the field with his or her life on the line, this demands respect.

President Barack Obama’s goal to destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is “unrealistic“ and “unattainable,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says.
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Our objective should be to contain ISIS and allow the Sunni citizenry to come to their own consensus. This is their civil war.

In the scheme of things, Robert Gates deserves to wear the Flyers A1 jacket with honor.





Scott Walker and Lindsey Graham top contenders for Joseph McCarthy award

Wisconsin is known for several good things. Anyone that has ridden Highway 2 across Wisconsin is astonished by the beauty of the state. While I was stationed at KI Sawyer AFB in upper Michigan,  and serving in the Strategic Air Command, Green bay was considered an escape for cheap beer and good looking women. Several of us GIs would cram into a beat up rusted out old car and head for Wisconsin to party on the weekends. Strohs beer on tap was 40 cents. Then it was off to Appleton to hit every bar. When we returned to our 14 by 14 lead painted barracks rooms , we were broke for the next two weeks.  We had spent our $188 every two week military allowance.  That was 1978. Now, First term airman  with GEDs clear over $1000 a week and drive BMWs.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the college drop out that has never ran a small business or served in the military, believes that Wisconsin workers are worth about a 1/2 pound of cheese per hour with no benefits. Make that 2/5ths and forget the Strohs.. Walker supports a meager $7 something an hour minimum wage. So, when the kids are off to kindergarten, mom can look forward to $290 a week before taxes. The average cost of a one bedroom apartment in Milwaukee is between $800 and $900 a month. So, at approximately $1000 a month bring home pay, mom can afford a one bedroom apartment, but forget food, utilities, clothes for the kids and everything else. Oh, and forget health care too. The alternative living situation is a luxury cardboard box and trips to McDonald’s for the $1 dollar menu. Scott Walker stripped K thru 12 of close to a $billion dollars and then builds a stadium to put the drop outs in? Not only does he fell that children should live in squalor, they should not be afforded a sound education.

Wisconsin is also known for Joseph McCarthy. This fella was fixated on playing the communist boogie man card. He and a lemming like Congress attacked innocent Americans and called them “Communists” at the drop of a hat. Countless people from Hollywood to the military were labeled communists and their careers ruined. That is until he finally pissed off the press. Scott Walker labels people socialists for wanting a livable wage that pays the light bill and feeds the children.

Today, folks like Scott Walker and Lindsey Graham are actively playing the ISIS boogieman card. The second Iraq war was supposed to cost a few billion dollars. This figure was “mission creep-ed” to over $20 billion a month and a decade and a half in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, Bush was able to create, fund and mobilize a massive skunk works style domestic surveillance apparatus behind our backs and counter to our 4th Amendment rights. Only in America do we raise taxes in order wiretap every single  tax paying legal citizen, while illegals walk across the border and are welcomed for the Clinton vote.  Only in America do Republicans refuse to pay a livable wage while providing “Marshal Plans for Muslims” 10,000 miles away.

Joesph McCarthy would have loved our current NSA. From the safety of Bluffdale, Utah,  McCarthy  would have gone after judges, principals, teachers, politicians, police officers, public officials, corporations, movie stars, the press, and anyone that did not agree with the Federal bureaucracy. Anything one says or does is subject to surveillance and leakage to the press or government authorities. Getting a security clearance will now entail surveillance of the individual without court order. This means that only the rich and well connected that control every aspect of their electronic communication will get military college and officer appointments. Security clearances will become “invitation only” which will have the effect of consolidating  more power for the US government class.  America is becoming more and more like the Stalin Era. It will only take the streets of Munich 1933 to realize what Americans have allowed the Bush family to do to our 4th Amendment rights. Even the press are subject to surveillance for exercising the 1st Amendment rights of free speech and free press. Just ask Holder and Obama.

They who control information  and the media control society.

Lindsey Graham wants 10,000 troops in Syria? At $1 million per troop to deploy, the deployment would cost $10 billion. Fool me once shame on you comes to mind. Scott Walker will not support a minimum wage, but will serenade special interest and then seek to spend $10 billion on “Marshal plans for Muslims” 10,000 miles away? Scott Walker has zero foreign relations experience and has assimilated Lindsey Grahams twisted  Borg view of the world. This is dangerous idiocy from a man that leads the state of Wisconsin!

Yup, Lindsey Graham is the biggest military industrial complex ass kisser on Capitol hill. One can almost envision Lindsey Graham dropping to his knees while grabbing the belt lines of special interest donors. In fact, He seems like a back alley  K street military industrial complex  whore. Like the whores  in whisper alley close to Osan Air Base,  South Korea. Psssst, GI, “me love you long time!” Go figure!!!

Brodheads did not fight the Revolution, serve at Valley Forge and wipe asses ridden with  dysentery just to have the Bush family and Lindsey Graham steal our rights and engage is special interest perpetual war.

I believe the McCarthy award goes to Lindsey Graham.




Is China destroying the New Deal and Great Society?

When the Social Security system was set up, the ratio of workers to Social Security recipients was 28 to 1. The Federal governments budget in 1933  was approximately $4.5 Billion and the GDP was approximately $57 billion.  The Federal budget as a ratio GDP was 7.89%. Social Security was passed in 1935 and the first checks distributed in 1938. The Social Security budget as a percentage of both GDP and the Federal budget was inconsequential. It would grow by leaps and bounds over the next 77 years.

Now the ratio between workers and recipients is approximately 2.5 to 1.

Barack Hussein Obama is supporting a  2016 Federal Budget of $4 trillion. The current US GDP is forecast at $18.9 trillion.  This is 21% of GDP. Social Security spending is approximately $900 billion.  health, Medicare and Social Security outlays are well over $2 trillion or 10% of GDP.  As 300,00 baby boomers retire every month for the next 20 years, this percentage will grow significantly.

Meanwhile, the middle class is being destroyed by globalization and cannot afford to pay for food, shelter and energy, let alone more bloated Federal government.

The social contract between workers and recipients was based on a vibrant American economy. This Social contract has been shipped over seas. The loss of revenue that sustains these programs are lost to devalued currency and corporate off shoring. China’s artificial currency devaluation is wiping domestically made products off the shelves of every G20 nation.

Wages in America have stagnated since the mid 1980s. The mean income of American families is $50,000. Americans do feel that they have more money because of imported products from devalued currency, but the long term affect may be continued stagnating wages. This will have devastating affect on the New Deal and Great Society programs.

So, what is the answer?

(Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama will propose that U.S.-based companies pay a minimum 19 percent tax on their future foreign earnings, capturing profits that are now often beyond the government’s reach.

Obama will also seek a 14 percent mandatory tax on about $2 trillion in stockpiled offshore profits, said two people familiar with his budget proposals, declining to be named because the document won’t be made public until Feb. 2. Companies would pay that tax regardless of whether they bring the money back to the U.S., the two said, creating a revenue stream the president would use to pay for roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to provide incentives for  profit repatriation  rather than taking it for bloated federal revenue?




Stacks of coins with the letters VAT isolated on white background

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wants another Iraq war in Syria

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates quoted ”

“In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should ‘have his head examined,’ as General MacArthur so delicately put it,” Mr. Gates told an assembly of Army cadets here.

As a C-141B/C Flight Engineer in the USAFRES, I have been to almost every continent. There are very few military bases across the world that I have not landed on. With 4200 flying hours and 1600 sorties over a 20 year period, I have a robust knowledge of our world. In addition, I served from 1978 to 2006 and was activated for Iraq. My father served in the Strategic Air Command for 20 years and two tours in South East Asia.

Governor Scott Walker is now  attempting to win the “hearts and minds”  of the military industrial complex for campaign donations. According to Scott Walker, we must have boots on the ground in Syria and possibly Iraq. In essence, Scott Walker is  evolving into quite the obtuse war monger. It is clear that Scott walker cares more about committing our troops to other people’s problems and serenading special interest than focusing on the needs of America.  It is clear that Scott Walker prefers spending tax payer dollars 10,000 miles away in lieu of spending it here in America. Just like Bush and Obama, Walker wants to commit billions and trillions on Marshal Plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away. Apparently, Scott walker has not learned a thing from Beirut, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Vietnam.  We can only conclude that Scott Walker is quick to commit the lives of our troops without reflection.  Walker is a closet war monger in the mold of a Dick Cheney and must be eliminated from consideration and censured.

Meanwhile America’s Federal Aviation Fleet is 60 years old. The VA budget has ballooned 8 fold. There is a one million back log of VA claims. America has 1/2 million pieces of equipment in Afghanistan. Our bridges are falling into the river.



General Petraeus is getting the shit end of the stick

It seems that Eric Holder is dangling jail time over the head of David Petraeus for allegedly sharing classified documents with Paula Broadwell.

So, here we have an attorney general who stokes hatred in Florida and Ferguson while turning a blind eye to issues that cannot be construed as racist.  I mean, he says nothing about Jessica Chambers and how she was burned to death in Mississippi. I guess burning someone alive does not rank with racially charged issues. Now he is after a general who saved lives and got us out of Iraq?

Both Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder have looked the other way while the federal government absconds our 4th amendment rights. Neither have said a word about the Bill of Rights or how Bush and Obama have the American public under surveillance. They lie to the American people and sift through our emails, phone calls, social media and financial records without court order. It should be Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder going to jail and not David Petraeus.

General David Petraeus dealt with the Iraq Fiasco and bailed out Bush’s inept foreign policy.  Because of Petraeus, possibly thousands of American lives were saved and America saved a mountain of money.  Nothing David Petraeus has done has effected our national security whatsoever. So, instead of prosecuting  David Petraeus for a few stupid emails, how about focusing on the debt or the economy stupid.

Petraeus, David - Commander, International Security Assistance Force



Bush 43 incompetence: The gift that keeps giving

It was January 2003. At the time I was a  USAFRES flight engineer in the 730th Airlift Squadron 452nd Air Mobility wing. We operated one of the last two wings of the venerable C-141 Starlifter. I had volunteered for a mission that would stage out of Mildenhal RAFB, England. Our crew  was performing support flights to Kuwait International.  The first two flights consisted of brand new Toyota quad cab 4X4  pickup trucks with 50 caliber machine gun mounts in the bed of the truck. The trucks still had the dealer sticker on the window.

On the last leg of these 24 hour augmented missions, our aircraft suffered a loss of number 2 hydraulic system. We ran the appropriate emergency procedures and the aircraft landed safely. The next day, Bush attacked Iraq and we along with our squadron were activated for Iraq. I was 43 years old and had been serving in the military off and on since 1978.  I had been flying world wide in support of our national interest since 1991. At the time I had over 1300 sorties and approximately 4000  flight hours. Now I would shut down a successful small business I had operated for 8 full years ,and be part of a war. Being legacy Air Force and growing up on military bases, I supported the troops. Right or wrong, I supported the troops.

The last two Wings of 141s would be tasked with hauling wounded soldiers from Iraq to Germany and Washington DC. For 18 months I would have the honor to fly the C-141C in support of the wounded. I even had the opportunity to fly the “Hanoi taxi” down range. At the time, I believed in George Bush ,and thought we were doing the right thing.  Just like millions of Americans, I was subjective. I saw the towers fall and was on the mission that hauled Al Qaeda to Gitmo. I thought that our leadership was competent, but soon realized that the Bush presidency was both incompetent and a puppet for special interest backed political theater.


Bush 43 did not understand Middle East reality He did not realize that it takes strongman governments to maintain the insanity of Sunni and Shiite  antiquated lunacy.  In addition, sanctions and the Northern/Southern no fly zones were working to contain Hussein.

Bush and his incompetent cabinet had no idea how to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. He had no exit strategy either. I watched as an Inept Paul Bremer allowed “Mission accomplished” to devolve into a massive insurgency which ensured 4 more years of  costly war in Iraq. The war that was supposed to cost $10 billion became a full on $trillion dollar payday for special interest.

Bush 41 set legitimate mandates and left Kuwait after Desert Storm.

Bush 43 attacked an innocent nation that had nothing to do with 911. Then because of Bush 43 utter incompetence, special interest was handed two “wars of choice” to exploit. Instead a year’s worth of war like “Desert Storm” they helped themselves to heaping bowl fulls of perpetual war and slipped the bill to our children. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama would also ensure that Afghanistan stayed on the back burner for later exploitation. In the military, we called it shopping for wars. But, just as South Vietnamese soldiers ran from the “Highlands of Vietnam,” Iraqi soldiers would run from ISIS. The fall of Iraq would be similar to the fall of Saigon.

It seems that Bush 43, the history major that never showed up to fly at his Air National Guard unit, did not learn the sins of Vietnam. Oh, I forgot, he never served in Vietnam. Bush 41 brought the pride back to the uniform. Bush 43 exploited 911 for a “Tonkin style” pay day for special interest. He deployed each troop up to a dozen times in a war zone. Now 22 veterans kill  themselves everyday ,and there is a million claim VA back log.

The ultimate insult that Bush 43 perpetrated on the American people besides his extraordinarily inept foreign policy, was absconding our 4th Amendment rights.  I found it a “Catch 22” that our boys and girls were fighting and dying for Iraqi freedom and special interest profits while Bush 43 was actively violating our 4th Amendment rights. American soldiers would return to the a massive Bush 43 surveillance apparatus that actually collected data from everyone. To top this off, Bush 43 lied to the American people repeatedly. He had the audacity to called the surveillance of the American people, “The Patriot Act!”  I call it “Fedayeen George!” Of course, Barack Hussein Obama, the Bush protege, would go along with all things Bush.  Except for gay marriage, birth control, environmental issues, and expensive retail healthcare, they are cut from the same special interest mold. They cant get things done in Congress so they abuse the “War Powers Act!” In fact, Barack Hussein Obama doubled down on perpetual war and turned his back on the “Bill of Rights!” Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama has put our 1st Amendment rights and the free press under surveillance. Even General Patraeus, who bailed out Bush 43 for his utter incompetence, is being threatened with jail time for what amounts to unclassified email BS. This is what our Federal government has devolved to.

Bush 43 has done more to harm the freedom and privacy of Americans than all presidents in our history combined. Between Bush and Obama, our children have been slipped a $15 trillion national debt bill.

After the “Battle of Long Island, my Great Plus Grand Uncle General Daniel Brodhead help tend the fires at Brooklyn heights. He helped fool Howe’s army into thinking that George Washington and his forces were  still encamped, trapped and could be annihilated the next day. . That night, George Washington and his army would slip away across the East river and to the safety of Manhattan.  Brodheads would have Washington’s back.

While our forces were tending the inept fires in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush 43 stabbed our “Bill of rights” in the back and lied to our faces. He took the American people for fools as he sifted through our emails, social media, phone calls, and financial records.  He then build a massive KGB Gestapo like surveillance machine for the purpose of eves dropping in on all Americans without court order.  Of course Barack Hussein Obama lied to the Germans when he was actively sifting through Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone calls. It seems that lying to the public has become the norm. What assholes. To top this off, the Middle East is in turmoil. Way to go “Mission accomplished!” Now his brother wants to be our president?

Rove, Bush Jnr, Rumsfeld & Cheney.

The “Bill of Rights” is suffering from “Post traumatic Bush disorder”

Hillary Clinton could be accused of dropping the ball in Benghazi. The security protocols at the Benghazi embassy were inept which resulted in the deaths of four American patriots. Having said that, Hillary Clinton stood in front of Congress and the nation and took full responsibility. While her “What difference does it make”  was a bit inappropriate, she did accept responsibility for Ambassador Steven’s death. Bill lied about a blow job in the Whitehouse. Hillary took responsibility for Benghazi. George Bush lied to the American people about the NSA.

On the morning of 9/12/2001, I was on one of  only a handful of  military aircraft over the skies of the entire United States. We watched as the sun came up over the Eastern seaboard. We also saw the smoke from the collapsed twin towers from 100 miles and 35,000 feet. We were hauling FEMA assets and rescue dogs to McGuire AFB.

I was 41 years old and subjective. Just like Hillary Clinton was subjective concerning her vote for the Iraq war. In fact, all of America for the most part was subjective.

I thought the Palestinians were the cause of the 911 tragedy. I had stayed at the Kobar towers in Saudi Arabia in support of Southern watch missions. I did not realize that the Saudi Muslims wanted American bases out of Mecca so bad that they would bomb the world trade center to get our attention. The reason the towers were attacked was because America had bases in Saudi Arabia. Bush exploited 911 for the purpose of starting and maintaining unnecessary war.  LBJ used Tonkin to start a war in Vietnam. Bush used 911 to attack an innocent nation. Americans are now objective and we see how George Bush and Dick Cheney manipulated and exploited 911 for special interest. We are objective and now see how the Bush Doctrine destabilized the Middle East and enabled the rise of ISIS. The Bush Doctrine was an expensive and utterly useless endeavor.

George Bush turned the tragedy of 911 into a massive pay day for America’s military industrial complex. Iraq had nothing to do with 911 and was being successfully contained with  sanctions and Northern and Southern no fly zones. They were not a threat to our national security. So, if Iraq with a massive army and billions in oil revenue was not a threat to our national security, how could ISIS be? Unless of course they walk across our insecure southern border. Anyways, George Bush’s wars of choice will end up costing the American tax payer dearly. Some have the costs as high as $6 trillion. Currently there is a VA back log of close to a million claims.

Hillary Clinton did not lie about Benghazi. George Bush on the other hand lied repeatedly to the American people concerning “The Program”, “Prism” and “the Patriot Act!”  George Bush lied straight to our faces while General Hayden and his KGB Orwellians absconded our 4th amendment rights. He lied to our faces while the Federal government put the entire American continent and most of the world under surveillance. George Bush created a massive KGB style bureaucracy that will sift through everything we do or say on the  internet  and telephone.  Nixon wiretapped Watergate. Bush wiretapped us all. Because of George Bush, America is one step closer to a Orwellian police state. As it is, the Bush family used 911 to attack an innocent country and then took America’s right to privacy. Low and behold, Barack Hussein Obama continued all of George Bush’s programs.

Now King Jeb Bush III wants to continue the Bush/Obama legacy.  Under a third Bush regime, Americans can look forward to  more shopping for wars. We can look forward to more NSA, and more “Department of Homeland Surveillance!” We can look forward to a Federal government that sifts through our emails, phone traffic and financial records without a court order. We can look forward to massive surveillance of tax paying citizens while illegals simply walk across he border. It is clear that the Bush family will trade America’s sovereignty for the vote. The Jeb Bush candidacy is simply special interest pay back for the Bush  perpetual wars of choice and his massive surveillance agenda apparatus.  Because of Bush, we now must contend with a  massive “Surveillance Industrial Complex” along with the “Military Industrial Complex!”  “Guns and Butter” have become  “Guns and Surveillance!”   The welfare warfare surveillance state on borrowed money? What difference does it make?

George Bush engaged this nation in unnecessary wars and almost bankrupted America. He took our 4th Amendment rights and then lied to our faces.  Now his brother wants to be president?

CIA nominee Hayden speaks in the Oval Office



For Harry Reid the war is truly lost

As we recall, Harry Reid said the Iraq war was lost. He said the surge would not work and gave “Aid and comfort to the enemy” when our Marines were fighting and dying in the streets of Fallujah.  Of course, Harry and Barack Hussein Obama then went on to abandon Iraq and  allow 3,000 ISIS fighters to undo  a decade of spilled blood and $6 trillion in war related costs .   I guess they wanted to prove a point or something.

Anyways,  It looks like Harry is seeing his last days in the senate. Republicans are chomping at the bit and encouraging Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to take him out in 2016. To me and probably many others, this is beneath the dignity of the two term governor.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval supports the cutting edge of alternative energy solutions.  While getting rid of Harry would be welcomed by the NRC, it does seem to be a Catch 22. The only thing standing between  environmentalism and special interest Republican environmental terrorism is the senate and democrat control of the executive. Should Jeb Bush beat Hillary Clinton, all bets are off. We would see the unraveling of alternative energy and an environmental catastrophe unfold.  I am thinking that  Nevada Republicans should run someone else against Harry and leave Brian Sandoval’s dignity in tact. In addition, Sandoval can impact the lives of fellow Nevadans much more as a Governor than as a senator in DC doing the RNCs dirty work.


A B-17 Story Part 18

“Pilot” , “Navigator”  “set your heading indicator bug to heading  one one zero and prepare to turn on my mark,  Paulo calmly tells the pilots over the aircraft inter-phone system! The pilot responds, “Heading set to one one zero”! The radio operator then tells the entire B-17 cell to prepare for a left turn.

“Three, Two, One, left turn heading One one zero”, Paulo commands. Walsh responds, ” turning left to one one zero”, and he banks the bomber into a shallow left turn. The radio operator briefs the B-17 cell.  Each bomber combat box will turn to heading 110 when they reach the turning point over Nancy.  One after the other, the B-17 combat formations make the turn at the appropriate point and stay perfectly in line and in order. The aircraft station keeping is almost perfect.

Forney the flight engineer speaks up over inter-phone and state’s .:enemy fighters at 12 o’clock high moving  from right to left at approximately 5 miles!”  Col. Walsh speaks up and tells the crew to man their stations and stay alert.



To be continued……