Is China destroying the New Deal and Great Society?

When the Social Security system was set up, the ratio of workers to Social Security recipients was 28 to 1. The Federal governments budget in 1933  was approximately $4.5 Billion and the GDP was approximately $57 billion.  The Federal budget as a ratio GDP was 7.89%. Social Security was passed in 1935 and the first checks distributed in 1938. The Social Security budget as a percentage of both GDP and the Federal budget was inconsequential. It would grow by leaps and bounds over the next 77 years.

Now the ratio between workers and recipients is approximately 2.5 to 1.

Barack Hussein Obama is supporting a  2016 Federal Budget of $4 trillion. The current US GDP is forecast at $18.9 trillion.  This is 21% of GDP. Social Security spending is approximately $900 billion.  health, Medicare and Social Security outlays are well over $2 trillion or 10% of GDP.  As 300,00 baby boomers retire every month for the next 20 years, this percentage will grow significantly.

Meanwhile, the middle class is being destroyed by globalization and cannot afford to pay for food, shelter and energy, let alone more bloated Federal government.

The social contract between workers and recipients was based on a vibrant American economy. This Social contract has been shipped over seas. The loss of revenue that sustains these programs are lost to devalued currency and corporate off shoring. China’s artificial currency devaluation is wiping domestically made products off the shelves of every G20 nation.

Wages in America have stagnated since the mid 1980s. The mean income of American families is $50,000. Americans do feel that they have more money because of imported products from devalued currency, but the long term affect may be continued stagnating wages. This will have devastating affect on the New Deal and Great Society programs.

So, what is the answer?

(Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama will propose that U.S.-based companies pay a minimum 19 percent tax on their future foreign earnings, capturing profits that are now often beyond the government’s reach.

Obama will also seek a 14 percent mandatory tax on about $2 trillion in stockpiled offshore profits, said two people familiar with his budget proposals, declining to be named because the document won’t be made public until Feb. 2. Companies would pay that tax regardless of whether they bring the money back to the U.S., the two said, creating a revenue stream the president would use to pay for roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to provide incentives for  profit repatriation  rather than taking it for bloated federal revenue?




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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wants another Iraq war in Syria

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates quoted ”

“In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should ‘have his head examined,’ as General MacArthur so delicately put it,” Mr. Gates told an assembly of Army cadets here.

As a C-141B/C Flight Engineer in the USAFRES, I have been to almost every continent. There are very few military bases across the world that I have not landed on. With 4200 flying hours and 1600 sorties over a 20 year period, I have a robust knowledge of our world. In addition, I served from 1978 to 2006 and was activated for Iraq. My father served in the Strategic Air Command for 20 years and two tours in South East Asia.

Governor Scott Walker is now  attempting to win the “hearts and minds”  of the military industrial complex for campaign donations. According to Scott Walker, we must have boots on the ground in Syria and possibly Iraq. In essence, Scott Walker is  evolving into quite the obtuse war monger. It is clear that Scott walker cares more about committing our troops to other people’s problems and serenading special interest than focusing on the needs of America.  It is clear that Scott Walker prefers spending tax payer dollars 10,000 miles away in lieu of spending it here in America. Just like Bush and Obama, Walker wants to commit billions and trillions on Marshal Plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away. Apparently, Scott walker has not learned a thing from Beirut, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Vietnam.  We can only conclude that Scott Walker is quick to commit the lives of our troops without reflection.  Walker is a closet war monger in the mold of a Dick Cheney and must be eliminated from consideration and censured.

Meanwhile America’s Federal Aviation Fleet is 60 years old. The VA budget has ballooned 8 fold. There is a one million back log of VA claims. America has 1/2 million pieces of equipment in Afghanistan. Our bridges are falling into the river.



General Petraeus is getting the shit end of the stick

It seems that Eric Holder is dangling jail time over the head of David Petraeus for allegedly sharing classified documents with Paula Broadwell.

So, here we have an attorney general who stokes hatred in Florida and Ferguson while turning a blind eye to issues that cannot be construed as racist.  I mean, he says nothing about Jessica Chambers and how she was burned to death in Mississippi. I guess burning someone alive does not rank with racially charged issues. Now he is after a general who saved lives and got us out of Iraq?

Both Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder have looked the other way while the federal government absconds our 4th amendment rights. Neither have said a word about the Bill of Rights or how Bush and Obama have the American public under surveillance. They lie to the American people and sift through our emails, phone calls, social media and financial records without court order. It should be Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder going to jail and not David Petraeus.

General David Petraeus dealt with the Iraq Fiasco and bailed out Bush’s inept foreign policy.  Because of Petraeus, possibly thousands of American lives were saved and America saved a mountain of money.  Nothing David Petraeus has done has effected our national security whatsoever. So, instead of prosecuting  David Petraeus for a few stupid emails, how about focusing on the debt or the economy stupid.

Petraeus, David - Commander, International Security Assistance Force



Bush 43 incompetence: The gift that keeps giving

It was January 2003. At the time I was a  USAFRES flight engineer in the 730th Airlift Squadron 452nd Air Mobility wing. We operated one of the last two wings of the venerable C-141 Starlifter. I had volunteered for a mission that would stage out of Mildenhal RAFB, England. Our crew  was performing support flights to Kuwait International.  The first two flights consisted of brand new Toyota quad cab 4X4  pickup trucks with 50 caliber machine gun mounts in the bed of the truck. The trucks still had the dealer sticker on the window.

On the last leg of these 24 hour augmented missions, our aircraft suffered a loss of number 2 hydraulic system. We ran the appropriate emergency procedures and the aircraft landed safely. The next day, Bush attacked Iraq and we along with our squadron were activated for Iraq. I was 43 years old and had been serving in the military off and on since 1978.  I had been flying world wide in support of our national interest since 1991. At the time I had over 1300 sorties and approximately 4000  flight hours. Now I would shut down a successful small business I had operated for 8 full years ,and be part of a war. Being legacy Air Force and growing up on military bases, I supported the troops. Right or wrong, I supported the troops.

The last two Wings of 141s would be tasked with hauling wounded soldiers from Iraq to Germany and Washington DC. For 18 months I would have the honor to fly the C-141C in support of the wounded. I even had the opportunity to fly the “Hanoi taxi” down range. At the time, I believed in George Bush ,and thought we were doing the right thing.  Just like millions of Americans, I was subjective. I saw the towers fall and was on the mission that hauled Al Qaeda to Gitmo. I thought that our leadership was competent, but soon realized that the Bush presidency was both incompetent and a puppet for special interest backed political theater.


Bush 43 did not understand Middle East reality He did not realize that it takes strongman governments to maintain the insanity of Sunni and Shiite  antiquated lunacy.  In addition, sanctions and the Northern/Southern no fly zones were working to contain Hussein.

Bush and his incompetent cabinet had no idea how to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. He had no exit strategy either. I watched as an Inept Paul Bremer allowed “Mission accomplished” to devolve into a massive insurgency which ensured 4 more years of  costly war in Iraq. The war that was supposed to cost $10 billion became a full on $trillion dollar payday for special interest.

Bush 41 set legitimate mandates and left Kuwait after Desert Storm.

Bush 43 attacked an innocent nation that had nothing to do with 911. Then because of Bush 43 utter incompetence, special interest was handed two “wars of choice” to exploit. Instead a year’s worth of war like “Desert Storm” they helped themselves to heaping bowl fulls of perpetual war and slipped the bill to our children. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama would also ensure that Afghanistan stayed on the back burner for later exploitation. In the military, we called it shopping for wars. But, just as South Vietnamese soldiers ran from the “Highlands of Vietnam,” Iraqi soldiers would run from ISIS. The fall of Iraq would be similar to the fall of Saigon.

It seems that Bush 43, the history major that never showed up to fly at his Air National Guard unit, did not learn the sins of Vietnam. Oh, I forgot, he never served in Vietnam. Bush 41 brought the pride back to the uniform. Bush 43 exploited 911 for a “Tonkin style” pay day for special interest. He deployed each troop up to a dozen times in a war zone. Now 22 veterans kill  themselves everyday ,and there is a million claim VA back log.

The ultimate insult that Bush 43 perpetrated on the American people besides his extraordinarily inept foreign policy, was absconding our 4th Amendment rights.  I found it a “Catch 22” that our boys and girls were fighting and dying for Iraqi freedom and special interest profits while Bush 43 was actively violating our 4th Amendment rights. American soldiers would return to the a massive Bush 43 surveillance apparatus that actually collected data from everyone. To top this off, Bush 43 lied to the American people repeatedly. He had the audacity to called the surveillance of the American people, “The Patriot Act!”  I call it “Fedayeen George!” Of course, Barack Hussein Obama, the Bush protege, would go along with all things Bush.  Except for gay marriage, birth control, environmental issues, and expensive retail healthcare, they are cut from the same special interest mold. They cant get things done in Congress so they abuse the “War Powers Act!” In fact, Barack Hussein Obama doubled down on perpetual war and turned his back on the “Bill of Rights!” Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama has put our 1st Amendment rights and the free press under surveillance. Even General Patraeus, who bailed out Bush 43 for his utter incompetence, is being threatened with jail time for what amounts to unclassified email BS. This is what our Federal government has devolved to.

Bush 43 has done more to harm the freedom and privacy of Americans than all presidents in our history combined. Between Bush and Obama, our children have been slipped a $15 trillion national debt bill.

After the “Battle of Long Island, my Great Plus Grand Uncle General Daniel Brodhead help tend the fires at Brooklyn heights. He helped fool Howe’s army into thinking that George Washington and his forces were  still encamped, trapped and could be annihilated the next day. . That night, George Washington and his army would slip away across the East river and to the safety of Manhattan.  Brodheads would have Washington’s back.

While our forces were tending the inept fires in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush 43 stabbed our “Bill of rights” in the back and lied to our faces. He took the American people for fools as he sifted through our emails, social media, phone calls, and financial records.  He then build a massive KGB Gestapo like surveillance machine for the purpose of eves dropping in on all Americans without court order.  Of course Barack Hussein Obama lied to the Germans when he was actively sifting through Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone calls. It seems that lying to the public has become the norm. What assholes. To top this off, the Middle East is in turmoil. Way to go “Mission accomplished!” Now his brother wants to be our president?

Rove, Bush Jnr, Rumsfeld & Cheney.

The “Bill of Rights” is suffering from “Post traumatic Bush disorder”

Hillary Clinton could be accused of dropping the ball in Benghazi. The security protocols at the Benghazi embassy were inept which resulted in the deaths of four American patriots. Having said that, Hillary Clinton stood in front of Congress and the nation and took full responsibility. While her “What difference does it make”  was a bit inappropriate, she did accept responsibility for Ambassador Steven’s death. Bill lied about a blow job in the Whitehouse. Hillary took responsibility for Benghazi. George Bush lied to the American people about the NSA.

On the morning of 9/12/2001, I was on one of  only a handful of  military aircraft over the skies of the entire United States. We watched as the sun came up over the Eastern seaboard. We also saw the smoke from the collapsed twin towers from 100 miles and 35,000 feet. We were hauling FEMA assets and rescue dogs to McGuire AFB.

I was 41 years old and subjective. Just like Hillary Clinton was subjective concerning her vote for the Iraq war. In fact, all of America for the most part was subjective.

I thought the Palestinians were the cause of the 911 tragedy. I had stayed at the Kobar towers in Saudi Arabia in support of Southern watch missions. I did not realize that the Saudi Muslims wanted American bases out of Mecca so bad that they would bomb the world trade center to get our attention. The reason the towers were attacked was because America had bases in Saudi Arabia. Bush exploited 911 for the purpose of starting and maintaining unnecessary war.  LBJ used Tonkin to start a war in Vietnam. Bush used 911 to attack an innocent nation. Americans are now objective and we see how George Bush and Dick Cheney manipulated and exploited 911 for special interest. We are objective and now see how the Bush Doctrine destabilized the Middle East and enabled the rise of ISIS. The Bush Doctrine was an expensive and utterly useless endeavor.

George Bush turned the tragedy of 911 into a massive pay day for America’s military industrial complex. Iraq had nothing to do with 911 and was being successfully contained with  sanctions and Northern and Southern no fly zones. They were not a threat to our national security. So, if Iraq with a massive army and billions in oil revenue was not a threat to our national security, how could ISIS be? Unless of course they walk across our insecure southern border. Anyways, George Bush’s wars of choice will end up costing the American tax payer dearly. Some have the costs as high as $6 trillion. Currently there is a VA back log of close to a million claims.

Hillary Clinton did not lie about Benghazi. George Bush on the other hand lied repeatedly to the American people concerning “The Program”, “Prism” and “the Patriot Act!”  George Bush lied straight to our faces while General Hayden and his KGB Orwellians absconded our 4th amendment rights. He lied to our faces while the Federal government put the entire American continent and most of the world under surveillance. George Bush created a massive KGB style bureaucracy that will sift through everything we do or say on the  internet  and telephone.  Nixon wiretapped Watergate. Bush wiretapped us all. Because of George Bush, America is one step closer to a Orwellian police state. As it is, the Bush family used 911 to attack an innocent country and then took America’s right to privacy. Low and behold, Barack Hussein Obama continued all of George Bush’s programs.

Now King Jeb Bush III wants to continue the Bush/Obama legacy.  Under a third Bush regime, Americans can look forward to  more shopping for wars. We can look forward to more NSA, and more “Department of Homeland Surveillance!” We can look forward to a Federal government that sifts through our emails, phone traffic and financial records without a court order. We can look forward to massive surveillance of tax paying citizens while illegals simply walk across he border. It is clear that the Bush family will trade America’s sovereignty for the vote. The Jeb Bush candidacy is simply special interest pay back for the Bush  perpetual wars of choice and his massive surveillance agenda apparatus.  Because of Bush, we now must contend with a  massive “Surveillance Industrial Complex” along with the “Military Industrial Complex!”  “Guns and Butter” have become  “Guns and Surveillance!”   The welfare warfare surveillance state on borrowed money? What difference does it make?

George Bush engaged this nation in unnecessary wars and almost bankrupted America. He took our 4th Amendment rights and then lied to our faces.  Now his brother wants to be president?

CIA nominee Hayden speaks in the Oval Office



For Harry Reid the war is truly lost

As we recall, Harry Reid said the Iraq war was lost. He said the surge would not work and gave “Aid and comfort to the enemy” when our Marines were fighting and dying in the streets of Fallujah.  Of course, Harry and Barack Hussein Obama then went on to abandon Iraq and  allow 3,000 ISIS fighters to undo  a decade of spilled blood and $6 trillion in war related costs .   I guess they wanted to prove a point or something.

Anyways,  It looks like Harry is seeing his last days in the senate. Republicans are chomping at the bit and encouraging Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to take him out in 2016. To me and probably many others, this is beneath the dignity of the two term governor.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval supports the cutting edge of alternative energy solutions.  While getting rid of Harry would be welcomed by the NRC, it does seem to be a Catch 22. The only thing standing between  environmentalism and special interest Republican environmental terrorism is the senate and democrat control of the executive. Should Jeb Bush beat Hillary Clinton, all bets are off. We would see the unraveling of alternative energy and an environmental catastrophe unfold.  I am thinking that  Nevada Republicans should run someone else against Harry and leave Brian Sandoval’s dignity in tact. In addition, Sandoval can impact the lives of fellow Nevadans much more as a Governor than as a senator in DC doing the RNCs dirty work.


A B-17 Story Part 18

“Pilot” , “Navigator”  “set your heading indicator bug to heading  one one zero and prepare to turn on my mark,  Paulo calmly tells the pilots over the aircraft inter-phone system! The pilot responds, “Heading set to one one zero”! The radio operator then tells the entire B-17 cell to prepare for a left turn.

“Three, Two, One, left turn heading One one zero”, Paulo commands. Walsh responds, ” turning left to one one zero”, and he banks the bomber into a shallow left turn. The radio operator briefs the B-17 cell.  Each bomber combat box will turn to heading 110 when they reach the turning point over Nancy.  One after the other, the B-17 combat formations make the turn at the appropriate point and stay perfectly in line and in order. The aircraft station keeping is almost perfect.

Forney the flight engineer speaks up over inter-phone and state’s .:enemy fighters at 12 o’clock high moving  from right to left at approximately 5 miles!”  Col. Walsh speaks up and tells the crew to man their stations and stay alert.



To be continued……




A B-17 story (Part 17) The Tuskegee Airmen

Needs edited and spell checked which takes forever

The Tuskegee Red tails attack ME262 base


Franz ran the half kilometer to the hole in the base perimeter fence. He attempted to light a stale unfiltered German cigarette.  His face grimacing as he breathed rapidly with the cigarette between his lips at the side of his mouth. The  stainless Steel Luftwaffe lighter  he had possessed since Spain was low on fluid,   was hard to light . and extinguished with the slightest little breeze.  Franz  gave up and stashed the lighter in his pocket for the time being. He re-positioned the cigarette between his lips in what looked like a kiss.  He would breath awkwardly through his nostrils for the remaining meters to the fence line. Once through the fence hole, Franz  pulled the Eckstein cigarette from his mouth, and bent over hacking and short of breath. His heart was racing. He was  dizzy. He had been a smoker since he was at the orphanage.  Almost every single Luftwaffe pilot he ever served with smoked.  During operations close to Stalingrad, the air field Ops building would be filled with smokers. Outside, it would be 30 below zero.

Retrieving his prized Luftwaffe “Condor Legion”  lighter  once again, he finally lit the crumpled cigarette.  He took a  long hard draw. The nicotine, like some sort of voodoo medicine, seemed to halt his coughing. Resuming his trot to the airfield, Franz retrieved an old bicycle he had stashed behind a hangar.  The ME262 he was to operate sat at a camouflaged area  in the tree line, at the west end of the ramp. It was a kilometer away. He was late. He was nervous and embarrassed, but no one in the command structure really cared.  Franz attended all the briefings and would always show up,  and  do his job. In some regards he was a celebrity. The flight line officer would not say a thing.  All the once strict and by the book officers had either been killed off or evolved and saw the big picture.

Franz jumped on the light brown sun rotted spring seat of the old bicycle. The tires were old , age cracked  and low on air pressure. He began to peddle the heavy steel bike. His body would bob up and down.  Slowly, the  heavy rusted old steel bike gained speed. He would take another long draw on the Eckstein cigarette which was  now half way gone.  The wind was in his face. His cigarette was gripped in the center of  his  stained teeth and pointing skyward.  The bike was now at it’s lumbering cruise  speed.

He could see the aircraft mechanics standing, searching and waiting for him in the distance. Franz could also see that two ME262s had already left their camouflaged revetment areas and were rolling down the taxi way toward the west end of the runway.  Franz recollected that these two were a newbie pilot and Col. Ludwig Vogler, the squadron training officer.  It wasn’t long before the inexperienced Luftwaffe pilot was on the runway with throttles advanced.  Even though the jet was a half kilometer away Franz could tell  take off power was set from the  copious black sooty exhaust smoke.  A micro second later the booming sound of full military would  reach his ears. The Airman was rolling.

A few short moments later, the young pilot at 120 KPH  passed by Franz  from the opposite direction. Franz, was  only 20 meters away from the ME-262 when their eyes met. The newbie cast Franz a thumbs up as he passed. They knew each other and had sat at the same table during chow. They never really exchanged  many words, but Franz knew the man or the boy rather.

Franz had heard all the stories.  He had shared mess with pilots from Spain to the steppes of the Ukraine.  He had seen hundreds of ego driven big mouthed pilots come and go.  Some were quiet and reserved. Some preferred to listen. Some were close friends.  Many were obnoxious, self absorbed, and extremely competitive.  Either way, if a pilot made one little mistake or was incompetent, he would not  last long. Franz had seen it time and time again. Sitting down for chow with his fellow airman became a silent event for  Franz. To him it seemed like the orphanage all over again. One day he would have a friend that he sat to eat dinner with, and the next day his friend would be chosen by a family and gone.  Now, death would choose the pilot. Chow time became a constant reminder of this reality.  Instead of making friends, Franz chose to remain quiet, polite and distant. The equation was simple, this new pilot was one of dozens that came, flew and may die. It was best to not make him a friend.

Franz wondered if the boy would make it back to the base without being shot down or killed. Franz  postured upright on the bicycle, coasted, pulled the cigarette from his mouth,  and threw it to the tarmac. He then turned his body and saluted his fellow airman in a show of respect. 

The smell of jet exhaust and  the brain rattling noise reminded him of where he was, who he was, and what he  was about to do for the Fatherland. He was a Luftwaffe pilot and a Luftwaffe Ace.  Above all, he was a German. A German fighting for his country.  The  familiar smells and sounds of the flight line filled him and strengthened his courage.  The juices of aviator competence began to flow.  His mind was now saddling up for the journey ahead, and he was ready to fly. He was now fully into his role as an air warrior, and his new jet was chomping at the bit waiting for him. The freshly painted fighter would come straight from the factory.  A product of German technology, engineering, quality, craftsmanship and pride.

The engines had been ran up and tuned at the test cell, but the virgin aircraft had never left the ground.  Several mechanic would inspect every bolt as soon as the fighter was delivered via rail and hoisted to the ground. It was a  German made aircraft, and he could depend on it with his life.

Airplanes, the flight line, all the noises, smells, people and purposeful interaction had become Franz;s only home. It had replaced the orphanage. On this day, he was no longer the quiet and withdrawn boy that nobody wanted, he was a well respected German ACE ,and the pride of the squadron.

Franz had just made love to his gal in the forest. Her scent and juices remained. His first love,  however, was sitting on the tarmac and waiting for him under camouflaged vale.  The ME262 had never been with a pilot before. This was to be it’s first time. Franz trusted the jet and all the solid German mechanics that massaged her being. The ME262 mechanics were the best that Germany had to offer. Many were older and had wrenched on fighters in every theater. Some may have worked on fighters in two feet of snow at 40 below zero at the airfields outside of Stalingrad, Leningrad and Moscow. Some had worked the  120 degree flight lines of North Africa from Tunis to Benghazi. . On this beautiful July day in 1944, these superb Luftwaffe technicians had made certain that this aircraft was airworthy. A salute from these fellas meant that they had done all they could for the pilot. This air machine was safe to fly.

Suddenly from out of a low hanging cloud bank and over the west end threshold of the airfield, a Red-Tail Mustang appeared,  the propeller boring and whisking a hole into the remnants of the mist .  He could now hear the 12 cylinder engine as the supercharged Merlin powered P-51 Mustang quickly descended into firing position. He was lined up on the new guy. Franz  glared as the Mustang passed the same location that his fellow airman had passed only seconds before.  Franz could hear every cylinder firing on the Merlin engine in a  flowing  combustion chorus of sound. He turned his attention to his friends ME262 as the Doppler effect changed the sound and orchestra of the Mustang’s power plant and propeller.  Franz flicked his eyes back to the Mustang and gazed at the first black pilot he had ever seen. The pilot was a black Tuskegee airman and he  was occupying the same location his friend had occupied a moment before. Instead of a thumbs up, Franz received the finger as the American airman  took a gander at Franz and then turned back to focus on his his prey. Franz had thought the warning horn was for the B-17s that were approaching. How did these Mustangs make it to the airfield without encountering the ME109s and FW190s that were already in the air.  Apparently, this fella had flown on instruments  through uninterrupted low hanging cloud cover to the field. He did not give himself away until he was making the kill.

Franz had heard of  blacks flying planes, and this was his first experience with one.  According to German NAZI  white supremacists Africans were “Untermenchen” and only good for military slave labor. Even in America,  German prisoners of war could use a white man’s bathroom and drink at a public fountain when on work details away from the prisoner camps. White NAZI prisoner’s of war could eat in a public establishment while Black soldiers, pilots and officers could not?  In America on this July day 1944,  Black American patriots  that were fighting and dying for the freedom of  all America were subject to Jim Crow laws.

On this gorgeous and green German day in Bavaria, this Tuskegee airman  was fighting NAZIs. He was not thinking about sitting in the back of the bus or working his father’s share cropper land in  Carolina. He  was focused on making a kill.

Unaware, the  student Luftwaffe pilot  approached rotate velocity and scanned his instruments. This was his 10th flight in an ME262 and he  did not have the presence of mind to  check his 6. The tower would eventually warn him, but it was too late and would not have mattered anyway.


The Red Tail Mustang pilot was an experienced killer and knew his aircraft. This African American pilot was initial cadre of the Tuskegee airman.   He was now part of the 99th fighter squadron and had cut his teeth in North Africa. From the beginning, he had to be better than his white counterpart. He had to dress sharper, conduct and communicate better, be smarter, work harder , and operate an aircraft in superior fashion. Moreover, he had been trained by the best Air Force in the world.

In the field, he was on his own. In many cases, he could not trust the military intelligence from some  of the white pilots because the communication was strained  and ridden with the underpinnings  of conditioned racism.  Racism that had been  taught and re-enforced for centuries.  The only fellas that truly had his back were his fellow Tuskegee airmen. He saw racism at home and racism in the Air Force. Captain Marvin Mitchel would become an ACE during WWII only to return to the racism and segregation of the South. The WWII Tuskegee airman would fight and die for  our freedoms, but could not eat in a white owned restaurant and use a public bathroom. The Tuskegee Airman would go on to help defeat segregation and become the catalyst for change.

When he was in the air  “Mitch” was one with his flying machine. Like a cowboy on a quarter horse. In fact, he owned the sky and was a fully competent pilot. In 1936, Hitler looked on as Jessie Owens became the fastest black man on the planet.  Now the fastest black pilots in the world were killing off Herman fat boy Goering’s prized Luftwaffe.  Air superiority does not care what color the warrior is.

Mitch  had flown fighter escort from Sicily this day in support of the 8th Air Force. He and his small flight of fighters were strafing targets of opportunity on there way back from the bomb run. The first causality that day was a radar Jadwagen that had been giving radar information. By the time he had lined up on the fresh Luftwaffe pilot he had been flying since mid 1941 and had several hundred combat mission under his belt.

Calmly, the Red Tail Ace lowered his nose and started a descend to  approximately 50 feet from the runway surface.  He was oblivious to the antiaircraft  guns directing fire on his aircraft.  All he cared about was bringing the sites of the  Mustang onto the tail of the smoke laden ME-262 in front of him. At 400 knots, the entire 1.5 kilometer long runway would be in his rear view in short order  He only had a few seconds to make the kill. The Red Tail  pilot efficiently  adjusted his angle of attack. He pulled the trigger on his yoke.  There was no leading this target. It was an easy shot. With the touch of the trigger, the guns blazed on the  fully loaded and fully fueled  15,000 pound jet fighter.  Hundreds of rounds would hit the  ME-262  just as it  eclipsed take off speed.

The right engine was hit in the  turbine section causing the turbine wheel to unbalance, disintegrate , and explode through the side of the engine case. The gyro effect would sling the turbine blade assembly several meters into the air..  Jet fuel under high pressure gushed forth into obliterated burner cans.  Still functioning spark igniters and the red hot void of the tail pipe would create a massive fire plume 5 to 10 meters long. Both wing tanks were penetrated and began to explode . Raw Jet fuel began spewing aft ward igniting on the burning engine.  Satiated with the kill, the Red tail Ace pulled back on his yoke, and climbed  back into a cloud bank to avoid anti-aircraft fire.

The mortally wounded  aircraft rolled to the right, nosed down,  struck the ground cartwheeling, burning  and leaving a trail of burning debris. When the aircraft came to rest on it’s belly, the cockpit area was undamaged save the loss of the glass canopy.  Franz could see the young pilot jumping from the now open cockpit. He too was on fire. Instinctively, the pilot  ran several meters from the burning wreckage, dropped to the ground and rolled to extinguish the flames.  The fire would burn every part of his body that was not covered. He would go through the rest of his life with  goggle like burn rings around his eyes where his goggles once were. His neck and face  were badly burned.  Shrapnel had also severed the bone and muscle of his left collar.   With the fires burning on his uniform extinguished, the adrenalin  quickly subsided. He began to feel the excruciating pain of his burns.  He laid on his back on the cool grass next to the runway. It was giving no relief.   The young man felt cheated.  He writhed in excruciating pain. He  gazed skyward as the wasp nest of Red Tail killers swarmed over him. The last thing he  heard  before he passed out was the sound of supercharged Merlin engines moaning and groaning above him and the intermittent burst of guns and AKAK .  Unlike the utter thousands of German pilots that would die in air battle, this young fella would finish out the war in the hospitals of Munich. He would not be among the 12 million German soldiers and airman that gave their lives for Hitler. He would live to be an old man and cherish every single day with family and friends. He would become a leader in a New Germany.

About this time,  a second Red Tail appeared lined up on the squadron training officer  about to take the active, and unloaded it’s guns.  It was a raking broadside hit. Two dozen rounds of ordinance hit the right wing. The salvo would  then  walk it’s way to the on looking, terrified and screaming Col. Ludwig Vogler. The  officer was hit with a half dozen 50 cal rounds to the torso and head  which bloodied and blew out the cockpit canopy glass and structure. The aircraft exploded into a massive ball of fire.

Franz skidded the old black bike to a stop at his new ME262 that was fresh from the factory. The engines were running as he threw on his chute, goggles and helmet. A moment was spent talking with the mechanic and the flight line officer. Franz  only needed a the heading and location of the B-17 cell. He had flown over Germany  since the early 1930s and  knew every airfield and every landmark. He could navigate Germany like the back of his hand. It did not matter if it was dark, overcast or clear in a million.  All he needed to find the B-17s was their latitude, longitude and heading, and he would stalk them for the kill.

For the moment, it seemed  the P-51 air assault was over.  The tower gave the thumbs up for take off. Franz and his aircraft were exposed and he had no choice but to take off.

Franz advanced the throttles and went across the grassy area between the taxi way and runway. The front tire skidded, skipped  and struggled to turned onto to the active runway. Once aligned, Franz fire walled the throttles. He checked the RPM and EGT and vowed to recheck them when he was airborne. He understood the limits of the engine, but for now, he was pouring the coals to it.   At best, the the Jumo 004 engine was good for 25 hours of operation. This virgin aircraft was now his bitch and he would ride it hard.

Unlike the ME109 he had flown in Russia, the ME262 took copious runway and was slow to accelerate.  Franz inpatient, looked over his shoulder and scanned for another fighter. He then checked his gauges and  airspeed . Franz would hold the aircraft on the runway until he could lift off with authority. At 10 knots above rotate, Franz yanked the yoke and left the runway at a 30 degree angle.  He again checked his six with a much better view.  Franz could see that 3 more P-51 Mustangs were descending on the field and hitting everything  in their path.  One Mustang pilot had his guns trained on Franz and released a burst of his guns .  A dozen rounds dug up the runway behind his aircraft  missing the German fighter.  Another P-51 moved to the left to support the attacking P-51 . The third P-51 tucked in behind.

Franz  was a sitting duck with limited  airspeed. Accelerating straight ahead would allow the 3rd P-51 an unimpeded kill shot.   He knew he could not go vertical and let the fighters rush past underneath him. He did not have the airspeed. Franz opted to  hard bank to the right and  head for a tree line that paralleled the runway.

At 400 knots, the  first Red tail went vertical when Franz banked. The second  Red tail was not in position for firing and continued the runway heading. The third P-51 moved to the rights and lined up on the floundering ME262.  This third Tuskegee was able to get a small burst off, before Franz turned behind the column of trees. The  P-51  machine guns caught the tail of the ME262 causing damage to the rudder and right elevator skin.

Franz  then continued the bank into a a narrow  6 kilometer long access road  within the dense forest adjacent to the runway. The belly of the aircraft and the left engine hit the branches of trees at the apex of the turn. The left engine ingested some pine needles and a few soft tiny branches, but avoided any catastrophic failures for the time being.  When Franz rolled the aircraft level, the right wing tip struck a tree knocking off a half meter of  the wing tip. The  heavily loaded Me262 had bled off several  knots of airspeed  in the turn and was now right above stall speed with  full flaps and gear.  Franz lowered the nose, threw up the gear handle, retracted the flaps and rechecked his EGT and RPM. Everything was within specification and the ME262 unburdened by the gear and flaps started to acclerate.

Franz leveled the ME262 off at 10 meters  from the ground and waited  frantically for the airspeed to come up. 130, 170,  200 ….. Franz checked his 6 again. The first P-51 that had  gone vertical, went inverted and inside looped. The Tuskegee Ace was now rolling his aircraft to upright and descending to line up on Franz. It was only a matter of seconds before the black man would unload. Franz knew  he was caught dead  to rights. The access road that had saved him was now his coffin. Franz scanned his 6 and the P-51 was right on his tail 200 meters away.  Franz was now accepting his fate. He was done. The sober reality is that he could not climb out of this trench because the entire silhouette of the aircraft would be an easy target.  Resolved and sober, Franz waited to be killed.  It was over.

At approximately 100 meters, the Tuskegee airman cut lose. Franz ,  with head turned to the rear, looked on.  Franz had anticipated the distance the Mustang pilot would fire at, and yanked the yoke back and forward which porpoised his aircraft.  The ME262 was now at 30 meters above the groun The P-51 gun  ordinance pattern  flew underneath him. He missed. Franz braced for the next shot.  About this time, an ME109G  from above made a visit.  The ME109G could see the entire silhouette of the P-51 on Franz’s ME262.  The Tuskegee airman was so focused on the kill that he did not check above for the enemy and thought there were no other German fighters in the area. He was wrong.  From an altitude of 5,000 feet, The ME109G was vectored  back to the field by German combat controllers when the first P-51 had downed the student pilot. The ME109G pilot saw the  second set of Mustangs and began a dive. He also saw the ME262 avoid the hit and turn into the forested area.  With a  only few adjustments, The ME109G  dove at 400 knots, led the nose of the P-51. and salvoed.  The fire from the ME109Gs guns strafed  from the front to the the back of the unsuspecting P-51.  The Tuskegee airman was inundated with fire and 108 cannon ordinance. It wasn’t his day to fly. One of the 108 cannon projectiles hit the cockpit of the P-51 obliterating the pilot and cutting  the fighter in half.

250, 300, 325  knots as Franz waited nervously. The  once distinguishable individual trees of the 50 meter high tree line became one continuous  blur of darkness, blue sky, and blurry motion. . The effect was enchanting and  lulled Franz into observing a magic tunnel of color, light and speed. Franz thought of Maria and how he was in love with her. During Spain, France, England and Operation Barbarossa he never had the love of a woman.  He wanted to spend his last seconds on earth thinking about the woman he had fallen in love with. He struggled to put her out of his mind and focus on his air speed indicator. He could not believe that he was still alive.  The P-51 behind  him had to have closed to within 50 meters.  He rechecked his 6 for the P-51 only to find it gone. “What the fuck” he muttered to himself. His questions would be answered when the forest behind him erupted  into flames, and an  ME109G  flew overhead  rolling and dipping its wings.

At 350 knots, Franz pulled the yoke back and nosed the aircraft upward at a 60 degree angle. The jet exploded from the tree line.  Franz scanned the area for the other Red Tails, only to find one at  25 meters below and 150 meters to his left and rear. This was Mitch again. Mitch was the flight leader and had instructed his men to spread out for the kill.  The a second P-51 was at a flt level 200 meters and  600 meters away.  Still a fourth Tuskegee P-51 was climbing above him at approximately 1000 meters. Mitch instinctively followed the tree line and assumed wing man position.  Mitch watched as the ME109G  instantaneously appeared from out of no where and killed his associate. Mitch winced with emotional pain at the site of his friend exploding into bits, and waited for the ME262  to climb and show itself.   Mitch compartmentalized the death of his friend. He would grieve later.   Mitch radioed the fourth P-51 to engage the ME109G.   These fellas were not ill prepared aviators, they were more like a team of wolves attempting to run down an elk or deer.   They were working as a well oiled killing  machine.  Mitch had carefully studied the Intelligence and Arial reconnaissance  photos relating to this airfield prior to the mission.  He vaguely recalled the access road  and how it ended a few kilometers beyond the west end of the runway threshold. He knew that the German pilot would have to show himself  there and he turned the P-51 to intercept at the top of the tree line. Mitch was on  a  parallel course  to the west end of the  runway threshold  climbing  slightly to intercept and align his guns when the almost vertical  ME262 shot out of the  tops of the trees. This was a different animal now.  According to Mitch’s thought processes, this was supposed to be a point blank range kill.  He would catch the ME262 as it rose from the tree line and obliterate it.  Instead, Mitch was dealing with a German ACE that had been flying gliders and airplanes since he was a boy.  Franz  yanked the yoke to his left and banked  into and over the Red Tail just as it gave a burst of the of it’s M2 Browning machine guns. The volley completely missed the ME262.  Mitch looked above as the now inverted ME262 blasted by him. . Franz then  rolled the aircraft upright,  banked right, lowered the nose  and  continued to accelerate.  He passed under the third  P-51. and lined up on the fourth P-51 that was now crossing his path to engage the ME109G.  Franz gave a burst of his 108 cannons striking the propeller of the  Mustang and blowing the entire propeller assembly off the aircraft. Too low to parachute out, the Alabaman simply lowered the gear and landed his Mustang on an open Bavarian meadow.  He would live out the war in a POW camp.

Mitch banked hard left attempting to bring his guns to bare, but  opportunity had passed.   Franz was now off to his right, 2 kilometers away and accelerating to 430 knots. Mitch, radioed his airman to give up the chase and his remaining fighters limped back to Sicily. The battle was a two for two fighter exchange while several Air Base buildings burned to the ground

Had Franz simply exited the treeline and continued parallel to the runway, all three Tuskegee fighter pilots had a clear shot at him. Franz had learned how to roll an aircraft and do an inside loop on the JU87, and the ME262 was a piece of cake.

Behind him the airfield  buildings were on fire. Several  junk  and non operational ME262 decoys were burning on the tarmac.  A total of 5 ME-262s would leave their tree line camouflaged revetment areas and become air born once the Mustangs left. Crash , fire rescue would retrieve the the burned airman and take him to a Munich hospital close to the Wehrmacht head quarters.

Franz scanned his gauges, cleaned up his checklist items, and headed for the B-17 air armada.   The aircraft did not need the right wing tip. and was fully operational.   At a safe distance and away from the attack, the emotional sting of losing the squadron training officer enveloped his mind and Franz began to sob. Franz had known this fella for several months and shared more than a few beers with him. Franz remembers the time when he was invited to Vogler’s  home to celebrate his son’s one year birthday. He remembered Renate and how she welcomed him to the home. She was  a splendid host.  He remembered how good the schnitzel was.  He had cherished the  welcome,  and the nourishing conversation.  He enjoyed strong coffee and German chocolate cake next to the warmth of the fireplace. Vogler was the first friend he had after Stalingrad and his stay at a hospital in Berlin . Vogler had  trained him on the ME262.

Franz had been shot down over  a snow covered Russia, and was not rescued from the cold and snow for a few days. In fact, Franz spent two full days walking west until he was picked up by a Panzer division on a tactical assault mission.  The only thing that saved him  from the 20 below zero night was the confines of a blown up half track, and burning emptied ration boxes in the cab of the vehicle.

The warmth of  Maria, the German summer and Vogler  family was a stark contrast to two days on the Russian steppes and frost bit feet and hands. The emotional and sensual divide between love and war was hard for Franz to resolve. Franz was fighting for the country he loved under a dictator he despised. Instead of laying in the loving arms of a beautiful woman, he was killing others for Adolf Hitler. Franz had seen the ruins of the 6th Army from 5000 feet. He saw the destruction and the bodies strewn across miles of snow covered  barren land. He understood that Germany had lost 10 million German boys to war.

Franz was oblivious to the slight vibration and rise in EGT. He  looked at his compass  and turned his fighter to a 240  heading and began a climb to 35,000 feet. The German controllers would update him on the B-17 bomber force and its location.  Franz’s sorrow quickly turned to the need for revenge. He was now in the hunt for the biggest trophy of all: the lead B-17 of a a massive cell of bombers. Franz had flown over countless cities that had been gutted by American and British air power. He had  been to see the massive swaths of destruction in Munich.  Franz figured every B-17 he shot down meant hundreds of German men women and children would live. He wasn’t fighting for Hitler, he was fighting for the German people.

An hour had passed and the Tuskegee airmen were flying over the Austrian Alps at 30,000 feet.  The sky was clear and the sun was shining . The Austrian alps were bathed in light and the brightness of snow reflecting the sun’s  rays. The effect was refreshing to the senses. Not this day. Mitch was now grieving the loss of his fellow airman. I guy he had known since 1940. A fella he had learned with, bunked with, ate with, served in combat with, and shared the joys of life with. His friend was now gone, disintegrated into a million pieces.  Mitch attempts to remember his face, his smile, and the laughter.  He remembers the good times in Tuskegee, Alabama and how Leon was a good and honest fella. He was hard working an proud to be an American aviator. Together they had served as brothers in arms against NAZI tyranny. Now he was gone. Tears streamed down Mitch’s face.  The silence was violated when one of the other airman spoke up on the radio and in a crying voice stated, ” son of a bitch we lost Leon and Howard”!  It seems that everyone was on the same page and were crying and grieving for the fellas that they grew to love. Mitch keyed the mike and replies, ” yall no your radio discipline. We will brief the mission on the ground stay alert now!” It seems even when the Tuskegee airman would lose brothers, they maintained the highest levels of conduct, discipline and airman ship….

Maria rises from the homes spun knitted blanket. It was made by her mother during  long cold Bavarian nights. She folded the blanket with care and placed it in her cotton shoulder bag. She could hear the familiar sounds coming from the base only a kilometer away. She paid little attention to the airfield noises. Maria began the walk back to the store, but not before she picked some edible mushrooms and wild asparagus at the edge of the meadow. She had been picking these delectable treats since she was a child. She would make a cheese sauce and feed the fresh delights to her boys that evening.

Maria sensed a new sound coming from the airfield and the eruption of gun fire. She turned to listen to munitions fire when an unfamiliar fighter with a Red tail flies right over the top of her. She is startled when she hears a massive explosion and then observes as a black plume of smoke climbing from the top of the treeline before her. On no! Is this Franz she wonders. Maria turns and runs back to the store to check on her boys.



A good RV solar system for the money

My wife and I like to travel in our newly acquired 2007 Dodge Sprinter shuttle bus.  I picked the van up for $15,000 with a bad piston and cylinder head.  We went ahead and yanked out the passenger seats and installed a nice set of Amish made RV furniture. I was able to find a knife bed, dinette and two captains chairs for $2300 shipped.

After a few shake down cruises, we decided that we needed a microwave, and electric tea kettle.  In lieu of starting up a noisy generator to heat water, we decided to purchase an entry level solar system. I then went about googling solar systems and determining the best entry level combination. I settled on (2) 100 watt solar panels  $300 shipped , (1) 30 amp solar charger, (2) 235 amp hour 6 volt golf cart batteries ($200 budget batteries )  and a Xantrex true  sine wave sw 2000 inverter  $355 shipped . So, for about $900 our power needs while travelling are met.

Dont bother with a cheap modified sine wave inverter. They will not run a microwave very well .  The best deal on golf cart batteries is at Sam’s club. If you have the room, (4) Sam’s Club batteries in series parallel would be  awesome. Anyways, I think this is the best combination for the money.

When the sun is out, one can operate an electric tea kettle and microwave several times a day without running the batteries down.  If it is overcast, the solar panels cannot keep up as well with only two golf cart batteries, hence, the suggestion for 4 batteries. One can also purchase a Xantrex alternator kit which ties the vehicle alternator to the solar batteries when the ignition key is in the on position. This would have the tendency to wear the alternator brushes prematurely.

If a person wants a premium system, a set of (2) American made  270 watt Solar panels will cost about $600. A premium 40 watt solar charge controller might cost $115.  Four Sam’s club batteries $400 and the Xantrex  Prowatt SW2000 $350.  This system would cost at least $1500. We are talking 540 watts of  solar power  and 470 amp hours of batteries which could  run a 1200 watt microwave, a $98 dollar 5000 BTU A/C unit , or a 1500 watt heater.  But, for  inverter longevity, it is best to run the smallest most efficient appliances available. There you have it.











Barack Obama and Bill Clinton: No crisis or other people’s tragedies should ever go to waste!

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton: No crisis or other people’s tragedies should ever go to waste!

Previous to the Obama administration, presidents basically dealt with federal issues that were worthy of a president’s time. We did not expect our president to react to issues that were beyond his control or could be dealt with at the state and local level. Issues related to crime, and murder, were left to local authorities to sort out. In many cases however, such as Columbine high school or Gabriel Giffords, we expected consolation and reassurance from our president. We expected that this message of consolation be void of political rhetoric. We never expected our president to exploit the deaths of children to attack our 2nd amendment rights.  

Obama has elevated the tragedy of the individual to a fund raising event. 

Bill Clinton linked a tweet on Twitter  concerning Mario Cuomo’s death to a Clinton Foundation fundraising site.  Who sends a twitter  condolence to a grieving family with a donation link attached? 

As we recall, it was during the 2008 presidential elections when Barack Obama’s grandmother passed away. We remember how Barack Obama took time out of a rigorous campaign schedule to visit her. We encouraged and supported the dedication to family. It was the right thing to do. It was a good and loving thing to do.  

Of course, in the fall of 2008, given the economy tanking from all the mortgage defaults and derivatives, the Democrat mantra then became “No Crisis should go to waste”! The “Yellow press” then pushed the idea that a fresh one term senator with zero small business experience could fix the economy.  Now with $10 trillion in added Obama national debt, stagnant wages,  Open-ended QE, serial $1 trillion deficits, massive student loans, stagnate employment, and a federally subsidized stock market, we know this to be a fallacy. Sadly only 1/3 of baby boomer attrition jobs are being replaced.  Meaning, for every 300,000 lost  boomer jobs , an average of 100,000 new jobs per month are being created. 

The penchant for exploiting crisis became selecting and harvesting  other people’s tragedies for political gain. We saw this when Barack Obama paraded Teddy Kennedy around the Senate chamber as a poster boy for Obamacare. We saw this when the Democratic Party and the Yellow press sought to link the Gabriel Giffords shooting to the Tea Party. We saw how the death of the young Tucson girl who was born on 9/11 was exploited for political gain. 

We listened as Janet Napolitano suggested that  all returning Iraq veterans were Timothy McVeigh style terrorist that demanded watching while 22 Iraq veterans a day commit suicide. 

We suffered through Democrats calling  the Republican party “the old white racist party”! Moreover, according to Obama’s Democratic party, 70% of Americans are borderline white supremacists. Their behavior would also suggest that they feel that all white cops are racists with a license to kill. 

It then seemed that ‘No crisis should go to waste” was elevated to “Race baiting” for the purpose of harvesting free national press and free televised fund raising.  Americans were exposed to this “Racial button pushing” during the “Beer Summit” with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge police Sgt. Jim Crowley. The Beer Summit has  devolved into  a social gathering, rioting and looting small business for NIKEs, I pads and flat screen TVs.. 

Of course Barack Obama nationally televised his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin tragedy before all the facts had been analyzed. They were quick to elevate Zimmerman to a white racists even though he is a card carrying Hispanic Democrat that voted for Obama.  In fact, Barack Obama’s rush to judgment on the Martin /Zimmerman event, is  strikingly similar to his rush to judgment on the Gates/Crowley event. I guess it is “Cry racism first and sort it out later”!  Obama solidified this trend when he sided with Michael Brown over a police officer in Ferguson who was assaulted in his own patrol car. Obama. Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton would have looked the other way had Michael Brown succeeded in taking Wilson’s gun and killing the officer. 

With this trend in mind, it seems that any tragedy or perceived racial injustice is immediately elevated and harvested for political gain. Because the Martin/Zimmerman event happened in Florida, and because it could be perceived as racially motivated, Barack Obama acted on this intelligence. He saw the Florida Electoral College first, and “Free press” and a free nationally televised racial button pushing fund raiser second. Next and in response to Jeb Bush’s ” Actively seeking announcement,” Obama chummed the Cuban political waters by kissing Castro ass. Of course Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton took the bait hook, line, and sinker. So, in order to win the Florida voter, Obama has regressed to race baiting and siding with dictators? This is quite obtuse. 

This is not about Trayvon Martin getting shot, or Cuba’s liberty; it is about race baiting, emotional manipulation, and harvesting free press for fund raising. Of course Obama’s race baiting  domestic agenda  now includes Al Sharpton as point man.  The new paradigm put forth by old Al and Barack suggests that policemen should not have the right to defend themselves when confronted by any black man pointing a 9mm. If the person is white, Hispanic or Asian it is politically ok  for a police officer to shoot them in self defense.   

Al Sharpton owes $4.3 million to the IRS, while the IRS attacks conservative groups?   It seems Al Sharpton has chosen the ghetto of media race baiting over Martin Luther King’s content of character. Al Sharpton prefers the gutter of the “Yellow press” over the view from Martin Luther Kings  mountain top.  Al Sharpton seeks to chain the black man to the loom of alienation in order to feed his own narcissistic personality disorder agenda.

There are approximately 17,000 murders a year in the USA.  That’s about 45 to 50 homicides a day. Most of these homicides involve Black American on Black American violence, but instead of elevating this tragedy to the national stage, Democrats  prefer to push the racial button instead.  When a  white girl is killed by blacks and stuffed in a trash can, Obama looks the other way. When a general is killed in Afghanistan, Obama looks the other way.  When two police cops with families are executed in New York, Obama says nothing and Al Sharpton is silent. 

We were promised   “line by line”, “Transparency”, and a “New era of responsibility”, instead, we get $10 trillion in more national debt by January 2016, an inept foreign policy, and a widening racial divide. This was the change? For 6 years now, Obama and his racial button pushing cronies have exploited racial division. Obama’s domestic agenda has become a commiseration session with Al Sharpton. Obama foreign policy failures are second to only George Bush’s

The question is? Will Hillary Clinton continue this ridiculous trend. If Bill Clinton will link a fundraising site to a Twitter condolence relating to Mario Cuomo’s passing, the Clinton’s will resort to anything. I guess they will seek to exploit the tragedy of the Obama presidency for political gain. That is after Chelsea passes the hat at Mario Cuomo’s funeral. RIP Mr. Cuomo