Congressional candidate adopts Vote for Head as campaign slogan

Brodhead For Congress has declared his candidacy for 2016. His campaign slogan is

“Vote For Head”

When ask by the Colbert Report about why he chose “Vote for Head” as a campaign slogan, the unknown candidate replied,” Everyone likes a little head”. Plus given that Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are serenading sodomy for the vote, voting for head would be considered a conservative position. 


Obama’s Inept Response to ISIS in Iraq

Not only is Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy collapsing, he has done nothing to build a “Rapid Reaction Force!”

The President’s response to ISIS in Iraq is down right lackadaisical.

If our president and his SOD Chuck Hagel were competent, an air armada of B2 and B-52 bombers would have already been to Iraq and back.  In addition, 3 naval carriers would be in the gulf now along with a contingent of surveillance and attack drones.. 

Where are the Joint Chiefs on this?

Someone needs to  be fired starting with Chuck Hagel…