Jay Inslee a national embarrassment

As we recall, it was Barack Obama that stated “No tragedy should go to waste!” From that day on, the Democrats attempted to harvest every single white perpetrated incident against people of color for political gain. In essence, every white person that did something wrong was considered a Tea Party or Republican conservative. There was Gabriel Giffords and the Ferguson riots and so on. The list is massive. The Democrats were quick to judge George Zimmerman as a Republican racist. The liberal yellow press and Obama pulled the trigger a bit too quickly without vetting Zimmerman appropriately, because he was a Hispanic Democrat that voted for Obama.

Today, the Democrats have continued to go down the racist labeling toilette. Donald Trump was blamed for a mass murder in New Zealand. Just the other day, he was blamed for a mass shooting in El Paso and Dayton. However, the race baiting left was quick to label the shooters as Republican leaning white supremacists. In reality, the El Paso shooter was an extreme leftist that supported Democratic Socialist campaign propaganda. The Dayton shooter is being called the first Antifa mass murderer.

The entire field of Democratic Socialist candidates are harvesting the El Paso and Dayton tragedies for political gain and fund raising. They have even gone so far as to blame a sitting president for the murders, even though it is the liberal yellow press and the Democratic Socialists that are spreading the hate whitey gibberish. In fact, the liberal left has engaged in an extremely negative propaganda campaign since Donald Trump was elected. Donald Trump tweeted a few things about Ilhan Omar, but the liberal yellow press has turned Trump Derangement Syndrome into a a leviathan industry of racist and bigotry labeling. 90% of the media fixates on race baiting.

At this juncture, Jay Inslee has become a nasty big mouth for the liberal left. He is a political mut mix of Primila Jayapal, Kshama Suwant, Alexandria Occasio Cortez, Al Sharpton, Benito Musolini, Al Gore, and Karl Marx. In other words, he is a race baiting commiserative ass. If Inslee is not calling Washingtonians white nationalists, he is lying through his teeth about his accomplishments.

Inslee made a fatal political error when he decided to run for president. He would fall quickly below 2% and the big pocket donors like Steyer and Bloomberg abandoned him. Now he is languishing at less than zero. Jay Inslee is getting copious free press from every single liberal network yet he cannot move the needle. Washingtonians are now embarrassed as Inslee’s vanity and judgement are becoming suspect.

It wont belong before Jay Inslee’s political career is hung in the square by its heels for all to see. He has been exposed completely. Washingtonians understand that Inslee is consumed with extreme aspects of a severe Narcissistic Personality disorder. Under these circumstances, a likable Dino Rossi style Republican candidate would win the Washington executive. Washingtonians are turned off by the insanity and race baiting of the liberal left. We can see it in the Seattle city council races.

Jay Inslee’s post debate bounce rolls into the gutter

You can see it in his face, eyes and demeanor. Even Jay Inslee knows that his candidate for president is an irrecoverable embarrassment to himself and Washingtonians. .

Today’s performance by President Trump was an embarrassing attempt to avoid responsibility for his own actions.” Inslee said in a statement released by his campaign.  “It’s time for Donald Trump to take ownership for his encouragement of hate and violence in America. From hateful chants at his rallies, to racist tweets, to praise for white nationalists, this president has done more to divide the United States than any leader in modern history.”

Of course, Jay Inslee does not even consider Obama stating that “if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” Inslee does not acknowledge the fact that the Democratic Socialist party survives on sparking , cultivating, corralling, and maintaining racial division. In truth, today’s focus on the term “white nationalist” is just a continuation of your standard race baiting Democratic Socialist rhetoric.

Never mind that the El Paso shooter was a severe self loathing socialist and an enviro-fascist in the political mold of Jay Inslee. Never mind that the Dayton shooter was the first wholesale Antifa mass murderer.

Jay Inslee is not only a soft in the head Green New Deal enviro-fascist nincompoop that worships AOC, he is a loose lipped and irrational Al Sharpton wannabe.

Jay Inslee is a demonstrative extremist in every regard. He believes in extreme taxation measures, fee scams and outright swindle as it relates to the Washington state tax payer. The Washington voter can vote a tax measure or swindle down a half dozen times and Jay Inslee will attempt to push it through his democratically controlled legislature. They care little about the actual will of the people. To Inslee, “the end justified the means,” even if the end is simply irrational and unproven hog wash. In lieu of achievable carbon reduction milestones that are in harmony with our industrial model, Inslee is all about un-achievable and irrational extremes that only stupid and penniless Seattle liberals will believe.

It is time for Washingtonians to take ownership of the fact that Jay Inslee is a self serving extremist moron that needs to be put out of his political misery. !

Jay Inslee’s latest post debate bounce was more like a dog’s ball rolling into the gutter. All of the major polls do not even call out his name. It is quite easy to infer from his 0.0 support level that “nobody likes Jay Inslee!”

When Jay Inslee called Donald Trump a white nationalist, he crossed the line. He defined himself as a divisive fool and an Al Sharpton protege that will play the race card to elevate his status. In doing so, he labeled millions of Washingtonians as white nationalists. He proved that he is the supreme leader of the liberal gutter politics of Seattle.

It is time to dump the Jay Inslee political corpse into the hole along with all the Democratic Socialists that do his taxation bidding. We need a Republican governor that supports the will of the people, reduces taxation and bureaucracy, and supports the Electoral college. Jay Inslee represents the most extremist political positions in the country and is a danger to the melting pot and our cherished form of government.


Jay Inslee calls Trump a white nationalist as his campaign shits the bed

In the above picture, Jay Inslee looks like he just shit his drawers. A precursor shit before his campaign shits the bed.

Jay Inslee has adopted the Evergreen College method of “white shaming.” If one does not vote the Democratic Socialist party line, then one is considered a white nationalist. Jay Inslee feels that all Washington voters whether they be independent, libertarian or Republican, are white nationalists if they do not vote for Democratic Socialism. It is an attempt to shame the weak minded into joining the Inslee ranks so the labeling does not apply to them. The rational is if one votes Democratic Socialist, then one is cleansed of all racist sin etc. In lieu of being baptized in the name of Jesus, one is saved and absolved of sin via the politburo. We saw the same method used during the Obama era.

As it is, Jay Inslee and the Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are basing their entire campaigns on free shit and race baiting. They depend on ignorance to carry the lies and propaganda across the finish line.

Jay Inslee is a real piece of work. The incompetent narcissist is basically polling at nothing. In order to elevate his status, he flings insults at the President of the United States. Jay Inslee is actively calling Donald Trump a white nationalist. hence , he is calling all Trump supporters white nationalists. That means over half of Washington state are white nationalists according to Inslee.

While Jay Inslee is a cash sucking bureaucratic moron, Donald Trump employs about 22,000 people. Most of these individuals are minorities. We can then throw in the Trump tax cuts and $24,000 standard deduction. Taxation reforms that put a couple of thousand of dollars into the pockets of hardworking legal immigrants. These tax cuts also lowered healthcare exchange policy costs. In some cases, folks are paying hundreds less per month for health care when the subsidies are factored in. We must then consider the lowest unemployment for minorities in pretty much history. Jay Inslee, on the other hand, only knows how to tax hardworking Washingtonians and create more levels of State bureaucracy.

Jay Inslee leaves out a few inconvenient truths about the shooters in El paso and Dayton. One of the shooters was a Jay Inslee style full on socialist. The other was a Democrat. In their sickening manifestos and social media gibberish, we found that one believed in universal income, universal healthcare, and several items on the Democratic Socialist freebie bribe list. In other words, they were more closely aligned with Jay Inslee’s Democratic Socialist party and Antifa than Trump’s 60 million voter base. Hence, these nut case killers were and are Democratic Socialist white nationalists. In fact, they are not Trump Republicans in any regard whatsoever.

Most Americans are melting pot nationalists. Donald Trump could be considered a melting pot nationalist. He employs legal immigrants and hung out with several black celebrities like Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson. He was only determined to be a racist when he won the presidency. The racist labeling was simply an extension of what the media started when Obama was elected. One was considered a racist if one did not support big government or the Obama tax and spend control agenda.

Jay Inslee has no shame. He is now flinging insults in order to elevate his status via negativity.

Donald Trump is not a white nationalist or a racist.

Jay lnslee however, is a self absorbed racist labeling narcissist and an enviro-fascist moron. He does not represent or govern hard working Washingtonians. He only abuses people and raises taxation levels on low income hardworking families.

Jay Inslee isn’t a nationalist either. His is an open borders/ sanctuary city supporting globalist. One could say that he is a tax and spend anti American open borders enviro-fascist Democratic Socialist bureaucratic race baiting garbage mouth.

Jay Inslee is jealous that Donald Trump defeated both the Bush and Clinton dynasties along with the deep state, and Jay, himself, cant get one single drunk on Las Vegas BLVD to support his presidential bid. That makes Jay Inslee a really soar loser.

It is time to go on the offensive and rid the Washington State governorship of this quack. We can no longer afford this white globalist in the governor’s mansion.

Jay Inslee “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!”

Jay Inslee’s campaign for president is basically on a cold slab in the morgue. He flat lined several weeks ago. The sheet was draped over the campaign and his foot was tagged. At this juncture, we are waiting for the campaign to be shoved into the stainless steel body vault. Alas, Jay Inslee will not go quietly into the bright light of presidential aspiration obsolescence. He thinks that the heat of the Las Vegas sun will heat up the campaign corps and ease the rigor mortis of his un-likability factor..

If Jay Inslee is lucky, his round-table discussions in Nevada will net maybe a dozen people each. He will also gather zero campaign contributions because his campaign is dead. The Nevada Dems will simply hide the yawns and drink copious shitty coffee and wait for I-15 traffic to die down.

While Jay Inslee is the tax and spend moron governor from hell, Brodheads did copious in Nevada. We voted on and funded the Fremont/ Carson expeditions . We voted yea to the creation of the Utah territory. We authored the Senate bill that funded the topography survey for the transcontinental railroad. We funded the creation of the first telegraph across Nevada. We also brought the mail service before the Pony Express. Copious military roads were funded to include the updating of the Mormon trail that extends from Salt lake City to California. The road goes right through Las Vegas. A place where Jay Inslee’s presidential campaign corpse is decomposing in the sun.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would serve with Jesse Lee Reno in Mexico.

I grew up in Nevada and was weened on Nevada conservative politics. We learned what a good horse was. We learned to say things like they actually are. I can say that Nevadans simply do not like Inslee’s kind. We know he is just a carpet bagger that shows up when all the hard work is done.

Jay Inslee should simply put all his campaign money on 13 black in a stinking Nevada Casino. he would have a better chance at winning on the roulette table than achieving a 1% support level.

In essence, Jay Inslee is shitting in the tub after a peyote bender.

My uncle Doug would fly the Boeing B-29 over Groom lake nuclear tests while reporters filmed the nuclear explosions. He would fly the Boeing B-52 loaded with Nukes along the Russian border during the Cold War. He would die young at the Spokane VA center.

Meanwhile, My friends the Sheahans are getting their Groom mine taken via eminent domain.

My Uncle Mike would see the ruins of Hiroshima before heading to Korea and being taken prisoner by the North Koreans during the Korean conflict. He was a Marine and lied about his age of 16.

Nobody likes Jay Inslee in Nevada….

Beto O’Rourke blames Trump for progressive socialist shooting

Obama’s “No tragedy should go to waste” continues today!!!

Beto O’Rourke was quick to blame Trump for the El Paso shooting. But there is a Catch 22. The El Paso shooter is a progressive socialist that supports all the things that Beto O’ Rourke supports. Seems not only is the dude nuts, he supports, universal income, universal healthcare, and enviro-fascism. I guess it is all in his manifesto, but the liberal yellow press and Beto blame Trump for the unhinged behavior of a self loathing and delusional white nationalist? Of course, Donald Trump does not share any of these politcal positions with the lunatic, yet O’Rourke states that Donald Trump is responsible for his shooting people at a Walmart? WTF???

So, because of a lunatic white nationalist, we are supposed to condemn Trump and support the Democratic Socialist agenda? An agenda that the shooter himself supports? It is all in his manifesto. Some how, the delusional demon thought he was getting racist orders from Trump! WTF??? At least that is the idea that Beto O’Rourke and the liberal yellow press are pushing.

The reality is that this guy was a bullied and an alienated self loathing defeatist nerd that everyone in his school thought was weird. The guy spent 8 hours a day on the computer. The dude is a mentally damaged and deranged killer. The total opposite of Donald Trump.

So, because of a piece of shit, we are supposed to give up our guns, and support Venezuelan Socialism?

One has to wonder how our society is evolving in the face of social media and the internet age. There are folks now that were born into the internet age. They only know how to interact via digital avenues. Many watch violent video games from the time they leave the school until they go to sleep. All of the behaviors of the past have been consumed by the sedentary computer virtual reality. Violent video games cultivate isolation and create abnormal views of reality. Instead of confronting society and communicating, they withdraw and develop zero coping skills. Then, when they cannot function in society, they become disgruntled and mental unhealthy. They take their self loathing out on others and society in general with guns.

I do not think Donald Trump tweeted this guy and told him to go to Walmart. The yellow press and social media told him to.

Image result for el paso shooter

Bronco Rypien gives Fangio his first win as head coach.

While I did not have visions of Paxton Lynch when Drew Lock was throwing the pigskin, the first round draft pick wasn’t the greatest in the 2019 Hall of Fame game. Drew Lock had over 2 quarters to move the football, but his accuracy was worse than Tebow. The good news is that he was happy go lucky and had fire in his eyes. He did not cry on the sidelines. He will get another chance to prove himself.

The Broncos put in Brett Rypien with 11 minutes remaining. The Falcons were up 10 to 7. It was immediately apparent that Rypien runs a much more disciplined game than Drew Lock. He is much more accurate as well. Had it not been for Austin Fort dropping perfectly thrown footballs, Rypien would have stayed on the field on his first drive attempts. As it was, dropped balls forced him to the sidelines.

Fangio seemed to be on pain medication or his pain threshold for kidney stones was inhuman. He gave Rypien the go ahead on 4th and 10 and the Rypster delivered.

Rypien may not have Drew Lock’s cannon arm, but he is way more accurate and throws a Siemianesque spiral. .

It is clear that Rypien has more experience from under center as well.

At this juncture, it is going to be a pre-season shootout between Lock and Rypien. It will be interesting to watch the un-drafted Boise State Bronco put a high dollar almost first round draft pick in the practice squad. .

Jay Inslee’s campaign on death watch

Jay Inslee engineered one final outburst at the latest Democratic Socialist clown show debate. Joe Biden had just stated that he would build 500,000 electric car charging stations and eliminate fossil fuel cars by 2030 something. Of course, he made no mention of the reality that there is not enough lithium mining in the USA to support any large scale manufacturing of electric vehicles. Jay Inslee countered with a debate outburst and declared that we must outlaw coal. At this juncture, Jay Inslee is desperate to maintain relevancy. For the last several weeks, Jay Inslee has been polling at zero. In fact, All major polls do not even have him on the charts or even the side-notes.

For all practical purposes, Jay Inslee’s bid for presidential power crashed and burned. His political selection scale ranking on the national stage was determined to be zero. Not .5 percent. Not .1 percent, but zero.

Jay Inslee’s political power base has been shaken to it’s core. Jay Inslee will now focus on getting re-elected to a 3rd term in his state of Washington. The bad news is that his reputation has been fatally injured.

The current Democratic Socialist clown-show is the most un-electable bunch of political nincompoops we have every seen. Their platform is to eliminate the transportation grid, eliminate private sector health care, and eliminate our national sovereignty. “You can keep your doctor,” has become “You can keep your country!” These Democratic Socialists support the popular vote which gives away an entire state’s say in a national election. Hence, places like liberal New York and illegal immigrant overrun California would dictate who is president.

Jay Inslee could not even establish himself at 1 percent in the worst field of Democrat presidential candidates in our nation’s history.

Jay Inslee got stomped on by un-electable lime light seeking morons. Now the pathological narcissist will have to face electability questions here at home.

Soon, very soon, the liberal yellow press will pull the plug on Jay Inslee’s enviro-fascist vanity bid for president. All we will hear is the tone of the flat line and little Bobbie Ferguson licking his chops. .

Jay Inslee has about as much voltage as a solar panel on the “Dark side of the Moon.” It couldn’t happen to a better vanity ridden tax and spend enviro-fascist narcissistic moron bureaucrat. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!




Denny Heck makes fatal political error in military dense 10th District

Congressman Denny Heck just joined the TDS ridden lunatic fringe of the Democratic Socialist party. He just called for an impeachment vote on Donald Trump. WTF? This would be considered a fatal political mistake in a military heavy district.

Then there is Susan Delbenne, the millionaire who bought her seat and won a toss up election against “Vote for Pedro!”

Ok lets get this straight , shall we? It was a large group of Clinton supporting DC entrenched bureaucrats in the FBI, and the NSA that initiated and obtained a FISA warrant in order to spy on a presidential candidate. This was a total abuse of the 4th amendment and an illegal bastardization of the Patriot Act. The Steele Dossier was Clinton opposition research. In fact, the so-called dossier, according to Dan Bongino, was written years before and then taken out of a mothball status. Hence , the dossier was a hoax from the beginning. The FBI then used the illegal FISA warrant to look into other aspects of Donald Trump’s personal life. They sweated his attorney and other folks with isolation in a prison ward to get them to roll on Donald Trump. They then accused Donald Trump of obstruction when he reminded his Lawyer about attorney client privilege.

The Mueller report found nothing.

As we recall, the head of the NSA and Obama lied to our faces about the surveillance of the American people. They , then used government assets to spy on a presidential candidate and Obama knew about it. WTF?

The FBI and Democratic Socialist operatives used the Steele Dossier hoax to obtain FISA warrants in order to spy on a law abiding private citizen.

Instead of calling for Trump’s impeachment, Denny Heck should be calling for an investigation into an event that makes “Watergate” look like a parking ticket.

Denny Heck does not support the 4th Amendment or the rule of law. He believes in justice along partisan hack lines. He should change his name to Denny Hack.

The real story is how the Clinton’s abused their status for Clinton foundation donations. The real story is the pay to play politics. The real story his how Bill Clinton was a close friend of Jeffery Epstein and flew frequently on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s private Caribbean sex Island.

The best story, Mr. Heck, will be when William Barr gets to the bottom of the Fisagate/ Spygate fiasco. According to Judicial watch, those involved with this heinously illegal activity, might go all the way to the Obama cabinet.

Lastly, Russian interference in the election happened during Barack Obama’s watch. He did nothing. It is not Donald Trump’s fault that the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections.

In the final analysis, Denny Heck is aiding and abetting those that have done great harm to our Bill of Rights. He is running interference for those that have engaged in illegal activity and dishonored our country. Denny Heck is giving aid and comfort to those that are an enemy to the rule of law, our Constitution, and the Republic. He is just a propagandist for the “Deep state.” We can not trust Denny Heck to appropriately represent Washingtonians. It is very clear that Denny Heck believes in illegal surveillance and justice along political lines. He is a traitor to “We the People!”

His days in the House are now numbered.


Elijah Cummings is a contemptuous race baiting commiserative ass

I served in the Air Force and Air Force reserves from 178 to 2006. I saw the Air Force, and specifically, the Strategic Air Command grow from a racist organization to extreme intolerance for racism. For many of us, we cherished minorities that competed everyday from content of character. Folks that worked hard and rose in the ranks without commiserating. They led by example and garnered respect because they did their best and adhered to the strong principles of positive interaction. Of course, mentor-ship is an extreme part of complete social integration. However, role models within strong family units are the foundation to strong self concepts. Generation after generation of strong families pass on good and functional relationships,interaction skills, coping skills, kinesthetic learning skills, personality, and simply a whole slew of behaviors that help create a positive individual that competes well in society.

The leader of an organization creates the tone of an organization. A good Air Force squadron commander creates a positive environment that allows everyone to successfully integrate and grow their human potential. A social laboratory where folks can hone both their professional and craftsmanship skills and interaction skills. The military transfers only the folks that have risen to a performance standard that is acceptable. Hence, other organizations grow in a positive direction and the synergy expands in a positive manner. It is called a force multiplier.

Elijah Cummings is not a role model. All he does is commiserate and run interference for the Democratic Socialist party. He is not a role model for the children of Baltimore. He may have been at one time, however, today, he is just a self absorbed power lusting Tammany Hall style political moron. His apathy for his district and fixation on race labeling and the Russian collusion hoax does nothing to elevate the community he represents. In fact, he is just a lost old dude going through the motions. He is afraid to retire and make the transition. The coward wants to basically die on the House floor like John Quincy Adams. I believe he loves this country, but his leadership is at a quality level of Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and that Jackson gal. It is really time for Cummings to hang it up and elevate a positive role model to his post.

Both Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings are letting their districts collapse. While they are fixated on Trump collusion, people are shitting in the streets in San Francisco and setting up Pelosi villages.

I am a student of Demarcus Ware. He is a positive role model to his fans and most of all to his children. In the Air Force, this is the kind of citizen that we elevated and followed. This is the standard that we are used to. Anything less and it is just a bummer.

I learned copious from transnational analysis, Johari’s windows, Maslow, and William Glasser. I also had wonderful parents. Sadly, Baltimore and many places like it do not benefit from a strong father figure. Oh in Baltimore, the school system infrastructure is in shambles as well. meanwhile, Cummings fixates on Trump. WTF?

Baltimore would benefit from more Demarcus Wares and less Elijah Cummings. Just saying.

I need Elijah to sit down with Trump and the head of the Baltimore school system and work out a deal. Let us move on….

Oh and Brodhead was present when on the House floor when John Quincy Adams collapsed. Brodheads were Democrats since Jackson, however, today, the once great Democratic party has been absconded by race baiting idiot Marxists that fixate on division and social wedge issues. I am part of the party of Lincoln and Martin Luther King. I am a republican.

Pelosi propaganda is sinking the Democrats chances in 2020.

It is time to lower the boom on Pelosi, Cummings, Nadler, Schiff, and a whole slew of incompetent race baiting representatives that have lost touch with reality. I mean really, for the love of Pete, America has to pull the plug on these folks because they are doing a disservice to their districts.

Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. Her mental demise is being displayed in great detail on the national stage for the entire world to see. She is having problems formulating simple speech segments. In addition, she bases her conclusions on unrelated politically expedient buzz word ramblings. Her articulation skills have become a shell of her former prowess. Instead of deep subject matter content, Americans are treated to simple regurgitated non nonsensical hogwash. We get stumbling, desperate and irrelevant compartmentalized Cliff notes gibberish from Nancy Pelosi. It is like one day she is “sun downing,” and ready for the old folks home, and the next hour, she is on an Adderall binge. It is clear that Nancy Pelosi has lost the physical and mental capability to mange a House for over 300 million people. Very soon, her obvious health distractions will exacerbate and accelerate. Nancy Pelosi’s speaker-ship of the House is a public relations disaster.

Cummings is just an old and obsolete race baiting commiserative jackass. He only represents his own lust to stay in power. His district is in shambles.

Nadler is abusing his position as the chair of the House Judicial Committee. He is more about Trump derangement Syndrome than overseeing the rule of law. Nadler has made a fool of himself on the national TV. Everyone views the partisan hack troll with contempt.

Adam Schiff is a lying and conniving limelight seeking propagandist that needs his ass kicked. he has abused his chair of the House Intelligence Committee and is viewed as an unhinged fool and an embarrassment.

The Trump witch hunt is much like the 1973 Arab- Israeli war or Yom Kippur war. Golda Meir chose not to do a pre-emptive attack on both Egypt and Syria even though they were mobilizing. This gave Egypt and Syria a strategic and tactical advantage.

Trump has allowed the Russian collusion witch hunt to go on without interference for 2 and 1/2 years. He allowed the idiots on capitol hill to spend all their ordinance on a public relations disaster. The Democratic Socialists were able to make propaganda advances into the Sinai desert of the Yellow Press. They attacked the Golan Heights as well. Now that the Mueller report has been deciphered like an enigma machine, and found to be an orchestrated and fraudulent circus, it is time for Donald Trump to take the offensive. It is time for William Barr to take a division of heavy armor and air support into all aspects of “Spygate.”

Many of the Yellow Press heavy armor divisions have been depleted. In some cases, severely depleted. CNN, for example, has been reduced to a shadow of its former existence. They say there are more prostitutes in the US than folks that watch CNN. CNN was the litmus test for the Yellow Press fake news industrial complex. It symbolized that countless millions of Americans gave up on the TDS fake news propaganda and simply walked away. Given that CNN was the liberal’s media, the exodus suggest that a massive contingent and a statistical correlation of of independents have already walked away.

Trump weathered the Democratic Socialist media propaganda onslaught. It is now time to isolate and destroy the exposed liberals on the Sinai desert of the liberal Yellow Press. It is time to pull the curtain back and expose the “Wizards of Spygate,” even if it encompasses the Obama cabinet.

Uncle Donny you have your missions orders.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead’s 1st Michigan Calvary was headed by George Armstrong Custer when it dealt the final blow to Jeb Stuart’s troops on the East cavalry field at Gettysburg. Stuart was attacking the Union center just as Pelosi is today. let us sound the bugle and charge their retreating ranks.