Colin Kaepernick should run for president

There is room on the Democratic Socialist clown bus for Colin Kaepernick. he could sit next to Julian Castro. and commiserate about the American flag.

The tennis shoes fiasco is simply a collusive Nike stock value hoax. The reality is that Nike stock has split several times and is now at a 34 PE ratio. It is no longer the company started in a garage that used a waffle iron to manufacture shoes. Today, they use cheap labor around the world to make a massive selection of running shoes. They then pay athletes millions to wear them. Nike shoes are so popular among young African Americans that children in the inner cities would be killed just for their Air Jordans.

Colin Kaepernick now feels that he is a flag connoisseur of some sort. Only he can determine if a flag is racist or inappropriate. The jilted shitty race bating big mouth ex QB who never served in uniform hates the American flag. He hates the Betsy Roos flag and he hates the 50 state flag. He probably hates the American flag that was raised over Mount Suribachi. It is only a matter of time before Kaepernick calls the existence of the southern border as racist. As it is, Kaepernick’s hate for the Betsy Ross flag is a pathetic attempt at maintaining public relevance. It is a tragic display of desperation as he is relegated to irrelevance in the general population.

Brodheads brothers and a son fought for that Betsy Ross flag. Two would spend time on disease ridden British prison ships. We would be among Washington’s 2500 ragtag troops as they retreated to Pennsylvania. The American Crisis termed the situation as “A time that tried men’s souls!” A time when mean marched barefoot in the snow and left bloody footprints. A time when men died from exposure or every manner of disease for the birth of a nation.

Today, the Democratic Socialists are fielding candidates that support open borders. The hate the idea of a national border and a national sovereignty. In fact, they spoke Spanish to their preferred constituents and insulted the legal American citizen. We were waiting for Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, and Julian Castro to hoist the Mexican flag at their speech podiums. As it was, they were waving in illegals in order to exacerbate the current border crisis. A border crisis they denied even existed. Oh and even though Obama maintained border detention centers and nothing has changed during the Trump administration, he is to blame.

Colin Kaepernick should move out of the country. If he hates the American flag so much he should simply pack his bags and move. Americans are sick of his race baiting. He cannot deal with the reality that he was a shitty quarterback with a shitty attitude and none of the NFL teams want his caustic personality around. He is a loser and he blames the American flag for it. He should take a few ques from Demarcus Ware and become a positive force in our community and not a commiserative race baiting imbecile.

As far as Phil Knight and Nike, I will simply have to shit can my Air Monarchs and buy a different brand. Phil Knights politics suck, and his tennis shoes are over priced anyways. Phil Knight stands for division and marketing hoaxes in order to manipulate stock values. He is a toxic Oregon liberal.

Kapernick should marry AOC.

Hickenlooper’s presidential bid shits the bed

The Democratic Socialist party are completely against what they once championed like our Manifest Destiny. O f course they blame Republicans for race relations even-though we are the party of Lincoln and abolition.

Will Democrats want reparations for the offspring of black salves from Democrats or from the offspring of Republicans that took bullets for emancipation?

Per Real Clear politics, former governor John Hickenlooper’s poll numbers have basically dropped off the charts. In fact, he has been omitted from chart references and his polling numbers for every single major poll is registering at pretty much zero. Even the side note percentage reference has been omitted.

Hickenlooper tried to come across as a sane moderate Democrat. He did go along with the field in support of complete open borders and healthcare for illegals though . He stopped short and did not speak in Spanish while waving the Mexican flag at the podium however. Sadly, Democratic Socialists now only respond to identity politics and offers of free-shit. The average liberal voter cannot process political positions and policy. They only respond to candidates along the lines of neo-Marxism, color, religion, and gender idiocy and “poddy politics.”

Today, debt ridden college graduates are being told that their $60,000 in student loan debt was “through no fault of their own!” The same tactic was employed in 2008 for the subprime mortgage crisis. Of course, the candidates will not talk about universities and their ever expanding adoption of low level “stoner degrees” just for the revenue streams. They do not talk the reality that universities offer high cost worthless degrees that do not translate into private sector employment.

In reality, John Hickenlooper should simple call it quits and focus on some private sector goals. His likable boyish demeanor and personality sold well in Colorado, but it seems the rest of the nation is not responding. In addition, he is going along to get along with the current Democratic Socialist platform, so that makes him a follower.

Hickenlooper joined a clown bus of liberal candidates that support illegals over tax paying citizens. It is like they are running for president of Mexico. Hickenlooper simply got lost in the circus. He needs to quit and try again some other time.

Washington state’s current governor Jay Inslee is polling at .3 percent. Washington state’s current governor Jay Inslee is affectionately known in his home state as the worst and the most delusional tax and spend narcissist governor in Washington state’s history. If his national polling efforts are any indication, his political career in Washington state has been severely weakened by the Trump economy and the current Democratic Socialist agenda.

The Democratic Socialist field is shaping up to be Biden, Sanders, Warren and Harris. Biden and Sanders are severely entrenched politicians that have been in Washington DC for 85 years between the two of them. Biden is credited with tripling health care policy costs on hardworking tax paying Americans. Bernie Sanders wants the complete government takeover of healthcare. Both support open borders and the decriminalization of illegal border crossings along with free healthcare for illegals.

Elisabeth Warren suggests reparations for the off spring of black slaves, open borders, free healthcare for illegals, abolishing of the Electoral College, forgiving student loan debt, free college, and the abolishing of insurance companies. She also wants to “trust Bust Google!” What a Catch 22! a liberal who is not shadow banned by Google seeking to break up the tech monopoly.

Kamala Harris is basically the identity politics female candidate who is quick to play the race card.

In recent polls, homosexual presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig is losing ground as well. He will soon settle in at between 2% and 3%. ( The number of homosexuals polled).

The Democratic Socialists want to abolish the Electoral college so population dense liberal cities will dictate who is president. They can then eliminate our national border with Mexico along with enacting Venezuelan style Socialism. Liberals will then vote exclusively along class envy lines and wealth redistribution. America has never been exposed to this level of anti-American gibberish from a political party. It is time to level these pro illegal immigration traitors and take back the house and senate.

As far as Hickenlooper, I would be ashamed to be associated with his party.

A few words about a friend of the Brodhead family Jame K Polk

Franklin Pierce a relative and friend of the Brodhead family.

A few quotes by a friend of the Brodhead family

Jay Inslee drops to .3

It is hard to watch a career political narcissist slide down the slope of the Maslow theory of hierarchy pyramid. At .3, Jay Inslee can no longer self actualize his rise in politics. In fact, his preeminence is evaporating.

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I was able to gain almost 8% of the Republican vote. Even as a total unknown, I attained Kamala Harris numbers. I spent $5,000 and drove around in a 1951 red Ford pickup. I had zero support from the Republican party save one invite over in Shelton. My public speech was obtuse to say the least. However, I was severely handicapped when someone elevated another Republican candidate to the WAGOP candidate list on their website. So much for fairness. This censorship behavior could be compared to the shadow banning of conservatives on Twitter, Facebook, Google and the liberal yellow press in general.

Jay Inslee has been a politician for decades. He has benefited from copious free press and unlimited recognition via unions, environmentalists, Seattle Marxists, big tech gurus, the Seattle Times, and the list goes on and on and on. Then there are the gubernatorial elections that expose him to millions. So, how is it that only 3 people in 1000 would vote for him?

Jay Inslee is somewhat of a liar. He strectches the truth and expects the liberal yellow press to drag the lie into the arena a pseudo truth. Then the liberal idiots will gobble up and internalize the falsehoods. The same folks that ran up an average of $40,000 in student loan debt “through no fault of their own” are easily manipulated. So are the Neo-Marxists of Seattle. Just dabble race baiting, class envy, and bigotry on the fishing pole and Inslee’s constituency will bark like self righteous feral city dogs.

All the Democratic Socialist governors take credit for the Trump economy. Governors like Jay Inslee and his Democratic Socialist dominated state house and senate have taken full advantage of the Trump windfall revenue streams. In addition, they have added 22% to the budget in just one year. Instead of being satisfied with Trump revenue streams, they add more avenues of taxation.

Folks are fleeing California in droves. They are moving to Tacoma etc. Some are selling their million dollar homes in Los Angeles and moving to Seattle. Folks from Seattle are offing $800,000 entry level properties and moving to Tacoma. The housing prices are exploding and Home Depot is seeing a massive uptick in patronage. The parking lot is full of shoppers and illegal aliens looking for work. Because of the new and heinous Tacoma City counsel landlord tenant laws, rents are inflating. Moreover, Jay Inslee’s property tax onslaught is driving low income renters and fixed income seniors out of their homes as well.

In reality, Russel Wilson has had more to do with growth in the Washington state economy than Jay Inslee. Hell, my dachshund has created more shovel ready jobs than Inslee. Jay Inslee only taxes the shit out of people. His so-called progressive policy lies are just that “lies.” Progressives and liberals never create jobs. They just waste tax payer revenue. The American people, small business, and innovative corporations create jobs. Jay Inslee only takes a week’s wage every single month from Washingtonians to fuel his penchant for massive Utopian government. He is probably the most fiscally irresponsible and money grabbing governor in the history of Washington state. As we recall, even Christine Gregoire cut spending.

Imagine how much Washington state taxation could be cut with a Republican dominated house, senate and executive.

Imagine the multiplier effect if 30% of Jay Inslee’s budget was cut.

Jay Inslee has gone from 20 people in 1000 supporting him to 3 people in 1000. This trend developed over only a two month period. If past is prologue, Jay Inslee’s pol numbers will be at .1 in another month. Soon the political infection will spread to Washington politics. Especially after the Democratic Socialist debates. Americans were appalled by the socialist and open borders rhetoric.

In the final analysis, the once successful politician that was handed everything on a political platter has lost all of his likability factor. It is like his constituents have done so much “Inlsee Ecstasy” that they now have basically zero dopamine left for the man. It is quite refreshing to watch Jay Inslee, the liberal piece of garbage, go down in flames. Even the most gullible and stupid liberals among us are not giving Jay Inslee the time of day. Inslee is caught in an “identity politics catch 22,” because he is just an old white tax and spend envro-fascist fraud dude that does not take it up the poop shoot. In the scheme of things, he has zero Democratic Socialist street cred.

It is time to stomp on Jay Inslee here in Washington.

Lastly, Jay Inslee is a fraud and a liar.

I believe what trump says. I dont believe a single thing that comes out of Jay Inslee’s big mouth. Just like the other 997 out of a 1000 people.

Trump to hold national press event on border children crisis

Political hypocrisy that can be harvested at the national level are few and far between.

Donald Trump must hold a national televised press conference right after the DNC debates explaining the Democratic Socialists refusal to help the children of illegals on the border right now!!!!. Trump will explain that he wants to cut a deal on DACA and then provide humanitarian aid for the children involved with the border crisis.

Uncle Donny will then activate the guard and immediately provided logistics capability, beds, portable buildings and MRES.

Uncle Donny will strike while the free press iron is hot…

Nancy Pelosi refuses to provide humanitarian assistance to Border children (final update)

At 80 years old, Nancy Pelosi has lost her ability to be majority leader of the House. She is both incompetent and ridiculously disconnected from our country’s current border crisis. She is just a waste of the American people’s time and resources. Her incompetence is causing great harm to the children of illegals.

All Donald Trump has to do is call up a logistical support group of the National Guard and he fixes the child crisis in short order. He then holds a nationally televised news conference after the DNC debates. .

Donald Trump is eating the Democratic Socialists alive. Folks are abandoning the Democrat party in droves. They have had enough of the idiocy and control agenda. All Trump has to do to further disrupt the free press is to hold a news conference onf the border crisis and explain the time line.

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Socialist party is so thick that you can cut it with a chainsaw. Pelosi says she supports the divine right of illegal children while supporting wholesale infanticide for the children of legal tax paying citizens. In Pelosi’s world, an illegal child has more right to life on American soil than the innocent beating hearts of the legal unborn. However, the children of illegals do not have a right to three hots and a cot only inept political posturing. To make a point with Trump, she lets children sleep on the floor with limited health care.

While Pelosi might support transparency and the vision for some sort of cultural detention center, the children need food and supplies right now. Trump is working to simply eliminate the immigrant convoys and control the border . Pelosi wants a massive detention center in order to support her open borders agenda? WTF??? She is delusional.

The Democrats are not playing from the same sheet of music. AOC says that the border detention centers are basically concentration camps. Meanwhile, Pocahontas and Bernie Socialist are offering free education and free student loan repayment. The other candidates want to “tear down this wall!”. Jay Inslee is telling everyone that the sky is falling. De Blazio laughed and lit up the Big Apple when New York passed a baby infanticide law that allows the poisoning a infant brains as the vagina dilates. DC insider Joe Biden say he will cure cancer for the vote. Oh my word.

Of course, the Dems will say that there is a Republican war on women as they support uncut transgenderd biological dudes with fake tits and razor stubble to compete against female athletes in high-school and NCAA. In K thru 12, students have to wade through poddy politics, gender pronouns, LGBTQ indoctrination, and drag queens reading decadent propagand to little children in the library. In their world, Mother Teresa spoke hate speech and dirty old man Bruce Jenner is woman of the year. They eliminated Christ from the school. They made homosexual conversion therapy illegal only to insist on teaching homosexuality, transgender-ism and gender dysphoria to kindergartners. Christianity in the school system never led to massive institutionalized mental health issues among 5 year olds. Christ never led to transgender suicide consideration rates among teens that eclipse 50%. We have never witness this level of attacks on the family. “It takes a village” has become “it takes an LGBTQ indoctrination village.”

Now we have Nancy Pelosis telling us that children living on the floors of detention centers is OK and does not need additional Congressional funding to fix the immediate crisis.She cannot lead her House majority to simply help children. They will pass laws to kill children, but wont send immediate help to children lying on floors without mommies and daddies. Then again with all the Pelosi villages and human feces on the streets of her district, throwing money at humanitarian crisis hasn’t paid off. California is a taxation shit hole, and the streets are littered with tents and human excrement. Homeless and veterans are still homeless and illegals get free healthcare. Taking a deuce on the street is considered social enlightenment. No doggie bags either. So, Nancy Pelosi basically compartmentalizes humanitarian crisis in her own district in favor of identity politics BS. Really if she does not care about 50,000 homeless people defecating on the streets of San Francisco, how is she an authority on helping border children???? It is like saying entrenched Joe Biden can change Washington DC.

The Democrats refused to acknowledge that there is a border crisis. They then refused to cut a deal on DACA and the border wall. Now they are denying funding for children and letting them sleep on the floor.

At this juncture, Nancy Pelosi should step down. She is not a lioness for children because she fully supports infanticide and LGBTQ indoctrination. She couldn’t give a tinkers damn about children. At 80 years old, all she is capable of doing is showing up for a botox appointment, engaging in aged mouth theatrics, caking on the make up, and showing off her big tits here and there. She does not represent the American people or the children of immigrants. All she represents is an old woman engaging in the throes of mental collapse and a blend of identity politics, a socialist control agenda, Trump derangement syndrome, and distorted partisan hackery. She should resign and just be a grandmother to her offspring. She has no business as a dementia ridden 80 year old dictating policy for 300 million Americans. That ship has sailed. Sanity and commonsense are no longer a menu item.

The Democratic Socialist party is on the ropes. Their coalition will soon unravel.

Trump is kicking every pawn off of Pelosi’s chess board. Her power is at an end. The Democrat’s party is a conglomeration of idiots and extremists and an embarrassment.

Hold a news conference and put a steel rod through the heart of the Democratic Socialist carcass like “Robocop.” As it is, the Democratic Socialists are becoming quite toxic to the American people. It is time to run over them and take the Hispanic vote back. Just do it.

Uncle Donny deploy the Guard in all its logistics glory and then free press release. …. What are you waiting for. Time to harvest a massive Catch 22 gaffe….

Activate a military logistics unit and lets get the show on the road.

The Democrats are fractured beyond repair

When I was flying C-141 support missions for Somalia during the 1990s, the Air Force used massive tents for the Command post and maintenance folks. The DOD has utter tens of thousands of inflatable tents and vehicles mounted with heating and cooling units. Sanitation requirements are also easily set up.

The large democrat presidential candidate pool will be their 2020 undoing. While the DNC strategists might feel that they have created a “Big tent” candidate spectrum that can be exploited for revenue streams and then shaped into a play-doh collective down the line, the strategy is producing an unintended outcome.

The consensus in 2016 was that the Republicans needed to break away from the Bush style perpetual war mongering neo-con. The best alternatives then became Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump. Then somehow, Donald Trump was able to move ahead of demonstrative intellectuals like Rand Paul and take the lead. All the rest of the field were simply neo-con wannabes that spewed the same Bush deep state rhetoric. They were a laughable and blatantly ignorant clown show. Christie was a joke. Rubio was an ignorant identity politics candidate. Carson wanted to drone strike illegal immigrant tunnels. Gary Johnson was censured.

The Donald Trump learning curve was quite steep. Even when the Demcorat establishment leveled a massive propaganda campaign on the Trumpster, the dude remained tough and stayed the course. In addition, Trump’s declaration that the liberal yellow press was basically fake news, came to full fruition in front of the American people. Today, everyone views the liberal yellow press as fake news. Meanwhile, it seems that Donald Trump is actually a very proactive leader willing to make the hard choices and make the sale to the American people. Obama, as we recall, was simply a big government moron who believed in the status quo and depended on social wedge issues.. His greatest private sector achievement before his presidency was buying a house. Trump employs 20,000 people.

In the final analysis, Barack Obama’s greatest achievements in the executive was doubling down on all things Bush, lying to the American people, elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, exploiting the Bush computer surveillance industrial complex to spy on Donald Trump, and leaving the children $10 trillion in additional national debt. Obama is also responsible for the rise of ISIS and the accelerated Islamification of Europe. I mean, if we get right down to it, Obama’s greatest legislative achievement while president was same sex marriage via the Supreme court bench.

Of course the economy was on an Obama handicap IV drip of continuous quantitative easing, toxic asset and bond repurchase, debt monetization, and job creation that could not even replace baby boomer retirement attrition. He left Berlin a cleanup bill when he apologized for America at the Tier Garten. He then left Germany with a massive refugee crisis while putting Frau Merkel’s email account under surveillance. Meanwhile, creepy Joe Biden was feeling up 10 year olds and sniffing hair.

While Donald Trump is creating jobs and leading, the Democrats are fractured into several identity politics candidates. The core of the DNC strategy is that Trump is a racist while Black Americans are enjoying the lowest unemployment numbers in history. This ya/but strategy is failing. A secondary aspect of the DNC strategy is outright socialism. Even when the world knows that socialism is a failure, folks like Bernie Sanders are still speaking the failed mantra as the stock market explodes and there are millions of jobs that cannot be filled. So, not only is the aged Bernie Sanders an old obsolete socialist fraud, his message is also obsolete economic commiserative dogma. Karl Marx died in a London Ghetto. Bernie Sanders and his message will die in one of his million dollar mansions. He should write a book called “Das economic bullshit!” Liberal deadbeats of the world unite. Trump builds hotels, golf courses, and employs 20,000 people. When he is done in 2024, he will have created 20 million jobs above and beyond normal labor pool requirements.

The Pete Buttigeig campaign is basically the LGBTQ aspect of the DNC strategy. His candidacy is just a ruse for campaign donation streams. Most Americans thought that the LGBTQ agenda was completely settled with Obama’s same sex marriage Supreme court legislating from the bench agenda. It seems now that the LGBTQ dominated state democrat parties want to expand LGBTQ indoctrination into the school system as early as Kindergarten. This is proving to be a heinously obvious over-reach and parents are taking note and showing up at the door steps of the state capitol buildings. The ultimate message is ” please be satiated with same sex marriage and keep your hands off our children. Families saw religious symbols removed from school. They will not tolerate their children being taught gender pronouns and sodomy methods.

Lastly, the Democrats are clinging to open borders and an antiquated immigration system. Instead of supplying portable military tents and cots at the border detention facilities, the Democrats are doing nothing while blaming Trump. The dems will not give Trump a win via cutting a deal on DACA or amending immigration laws to prevent illegal folks that never return to court. They will not support a border wall that funnels illegals attempting to cross the border into easily monitored collection zones. It seems that all of the DNC strategy on border enforcement caters to identity politics. This will soon bite them in the ass.

Trump is a master at creating likability. Even after 2 and 1/2 years of a negative propaganda campaign supporting a false narrative, he is still standing at 50%. Barack Obama was at the same number while enjoying the full support of the media, Hollywood, and all the factions of the liberal establishment.

Republicans will be going after democratic seats in Congress in 2020. The Pelosi era will be over and she with just age into complete obsolescence. The democrats overplayed their heinous hand.

At this juncture, the only thing that Democrats offer are a reboot of the Obama administration via creepy Joe Biden, open borders and propaganda, poisoning 9 month old fetus brains as the child attempts to dilate the vagina, failed socialism, taxation, regulation, eco-fascism, race labeling, and LGBTQ indoctrination of kindergartners. There is no room left for triangulation and regrouping into a big tent of commonsense. Meanwhile, all the Republicans have to do is stay the course and continue to create jobs. Trump has climbed the mountain regardless of the liberal yellow press.

Margaret’s panel did a really good job today. Quite refreshing. .

Margaret telegraphed her future news objectives. She said it several times. Of course it will be based on fact.

Margaret , pack your bags you are headed to the border. Trump, take notice….

In America, we do not punish the children for the sins of the father. We also, reward folks for doing what is right. Nice Margaret!!!!

You,the jarhead, and that very gorgeous little boy will be welcome to stay at our custom Colorado home when we are not there.

Hey Zarif, three strikes and your out or is it 15/love

When I think of international relations with Iran, I think of Javad Zarif smiling out of the side of his mouth and stating lies and gibberish. It is really hard to respect a radical Islamic nation like Iran. Especially when we remember the Iran hostage ordeal. We also have to consider Iran’s involvement in both Syria and Iraq along with threats against Israel.

It would be quite amusing to see a verbal exchange between Jay Inlsee and Javad Zarif. They both speak out of the side of their faces. Then again Iran would serve it’s self well if it adopted Jay Inlslee and Germany’s national alternative energy plan. In essence they could shit-can the nuclear reactor plan and save themselves from a Chernobyl/ Fukushima fuel rod melt down episode in favor of clean solar power.

It boggles the mind that GE could talk the Japanese into building 5 nuclear power plants on the beach of the “Pacific ring of fire” only a few decades after Hiroshima. It boggles the mind that Iran wants nuclear power plants when they have a massive desert to put Chinese made solar panels on. As a country of merchants and shop owners, Iran’s economy would go nuts.

The Iranian’s made Iranian children cross Iraqi mine fields during the Iraq/Iran war. Hundreds of thousands of young boys were sent across mine fields to pave the way for a main thrust of an army division. They had run out of herds of sheep so they turned to 12 year olds. Iran’s military tactics were a hybrid of Gallipoli and Robert E. Lees trench warfare system before Petersburg. Today, a human wave attack would be met by M134 mini-gun firing line and the MOAB. What a terrible situation for the Iranian infantryman to be in. Human wave attacks met by bombs that can kill every living thing a 150 meter radius.

Iran would use nuclear weapons if they had them. They would use nuclear weapons to manipulate foreign policy.

Our buddy Zarif needs to tell the Iranian brass that another Iranian attack on American military assets might result in a low level US retaliation on an Iranian strategic asset. I am thinking along the lines of a “Tank depot!” Another thought would be an Iranian fighter base where 3 Soviet made aircraft are surgical reduced to burning aluminum. This would not result in human lives lost. The only question to be asked is if Trump is playing baseball or tennis.

Instead, let us come to the table Zarif and discuss this situation like responsible men for the sake of our countries.

Trump has demonstrated that he respects Iranian human life. He has extended an olive branch. It is time to talk some good deals.

Currently, Javad Zarif is going down in history as a terrible foreign relations minister. He is not doing the Iranian people any favors and is just an extension of an inept and radical fundamentalist Iranian police state. He could change all that by orchestrating a lasting peace. A lasting peace that does not get a million Iranians killed. Then again, Trump wont risk a ground war. He will just use technology to “get even” and not kill a soul.

Currently, the Iranians have attacked 2 oil tankers and a drone. One more unprovoked attack on a US military asset or an oil tanker is worth, lets say 4 F14 Tomcats or 10 beater F4 Phantoms.

Trump is a master at manipulating the world media stage. Most will see the retaliation as appropriate when there is zero loss of life.

Iran’s Air-Force is terribly under gunned. It would only be a matter of days before USA Air Power controlled Iranian air space. Javad Zarif might talk a line of tough macho crap, but their country has a dismal Air fighting capability. The Iranians had better stop what they are doing and focus on peace and international relations.

The LGBTQ movement: A clear and present danger to school children.

The LGBTQ movement is a massive political donation stream for the Democratic party. Obama was only considering the massive donation stream that would result from passing “same sex marriage’ via the Supreme court. The DNC saw a massive uptick of LGBTQ donations when Hillary Clinton made her stand on “dont ask dont tell!” Then there were the poddy politics in the school house. The big ticket items like same sex marriage and gays in the military has been achieved, however, the LGBTQ movement continues to direct an agenda which is supported by lthe democratic party. Today, the LGBTQ movement is going after children in the school system.

Most Americans never heard of the term cis-gendered until idiot AOC tweeted it. Most Americans never heard of all the gender pronoun bullshit either. Most Americans believed that homosexuality only represented 2 to 5 percent of the population and the transgender demographic only represented a tiny fraction of the homosexual community. We also believed that homosexuals are simply wired that way from birth. In essense it was a science issue unrelated to moral judgement.

So if 5 in 100 people were gay or lesbian, then the trans-gender seeking individual only represented maybe 20 out of 100,000 people.

Back during the 1980s, when I was attending college at Colorado State University, I went to copious college bars looking for girls. To my knowledge, gays and lesbians were extremely rare in those days. At Longmont high-school, in Colorado there were basically zero gays or lesbians in a school body of 1500 people. The small Colorado gay and lesbian population concentrated in the liberal city of Boulder, Colorado. Even then, gays and lesbians were extremely rare animals. Today there are about 12,000 gay couples in Colorado. 2/3rd s of these couples are female. Of these 24,000 gays and lesbians, only a tiny little fraction of individuals are transgender seeking or make up the so-called LGBTQ spectrum. How is it then that a small fraction of people are dictating what is taught in a school system?

Per the Trevor report above, a greater percentage of gays and lesbians will not consider dating a transgender or non binary person. So, the LGBTQ movement encourages the complete acceptance of their agenda in the school system yet the vast majority will not date a trans or a questioning non binary individual. What hypocrisy. In essence, the vast majority of gays and lesbians are trans-phobic.

The LGBTQ movement wants the US school system to teach comprehensive sexual education starting in kindergarten. Instead of learning ABCs, the average 5 year old would be taught gender pronouns. The later grades would be taught the sexual habits of the LGBTQ movement like anal sex. Little girls and little boys would be subject to institutionalized gender dysphoria encouragement and LGBTQ indoctrination. Instead of learning basic math, little children would be encouraged to question their own sexual identity. This is probably the worst and most hurtful attack on the family and the sanctity of natural child development in history.

America’s children have so much to overcome to make it in this world. introducing institutionalized self doubt and the concepts of gender fluidity to tiny little children is institutionalized child abuse.

The latest studies suggest that transgender indoctrination leads to unnecessary transgender-ism, alienation and severe social ostracization in the school system. LGBTQ indoctrination leads to extremely high rates of suicide. So not only is the elevation of the LGBTQ movement in the school system morally inappropriate for children, it leads to high rates of suicide and limited opportunity for dating and meaningful relations. This would be called mass institutionalized child abuse. So, why are Americans allowing the LGBTQ to infect the school system and spread mental health and suicide issues?

LGBTQ indoctrination of school children leads to a 50% suicide consideration rate among teens manipulated by the LGBTQ movement.

Lastly, lesbians and gays consider transsexuals and non-binary individuals as second class citizens worthy of social isolation. What hypocrisy. They want the T and the Qs to bolster their numbers, but they wont even consider dating them? They do not consider the collateral damage of teen suicide while seeking to expand their agenda to children. The bi-product of their agenda are socially isolated teens that only belong the a tiny fraction group. An LGBTQ social stratification process that leads to mental health issues and trans-gendered teen suicide. It is not an expression of freedom in a democracy but an insidious political indoctrination process that leads to blatant mental health issues among our children. It is in the report. Read the science.

Jay Inslee slides to .4% in major presidential polls.

It is clear that Jay Inslee no longer has the political likability factor that put him in the US Congress or the Washington State governorship. Jay Inslee thought that everyone would rejoice when he threw his hat in the ring for president.

At first, Jay Inslee was at around 2% plus or minus 3%. This week he has slipped to .4%. At best with the margin of error in his favor, 3 in 100 people would vote for Jay Inslee. It seems however, that given that Jay has support from only .4% or .4 people out of 100, he probably received only 1 single vote per 100 people in every major poll. Then again, If we look at a traditional 1000 person sampling, it may very well be that Jay Inslee only garners support from 1 person in a thousand if the margin of error is factored in. .

Apparently, the word is getting around about Jay Inslee.

Jay Inslee’s vanity run is morphing into the failed campaign of a terminal narcissistic personality disorder in extreme denial.

Except for creepy Joe Biden and his name recognition, there is little room for a vanilla governor candidate. Today, the Democratic Socialist party is all about socialists and identity politics candidates.

Hey Jay, do not feel too bad, Gillibrand is at 0% and Hickenlooper is at .2.

Senator Tom Cotton’s unhinged foreign policy gibberish on Iran

We should have amended the Bush Status of Forces Agreement, brought Iraq into NATO and built a military base in Southern Iraq. We could have then staged a rapid reaction force to counter Iran. Instead, Barack Obama abandoned Iraq and allowed ISIS to roll over the Levant and take massive hordes of cash and a massive trove of US built military equipment. Of course the combine ineptitude of Bush and Obama perpetuated the worst foreign policy era in US history. Arguably worse than Lyndon Baines Johnson and Vietnam.

My German uncle Ludwig Volgler was left on the docks of Tunis when the Afrika Corps was driven off North Africa.

Tom Cotton is like a tall version of Norman Bates. We wonder if he dresses up like a woman and grabs the big carving knife from the kitchen. Pete Buttigig on the other hand, thinks men are women. He is like the shorter gay version of a Norman Bates/ Alfred E. Newman hybrid. I am now having visions of the shower curtain being pulled back and Pete the Buttigigster taking a stab at being the LGBTQ identity politics candidate.

For years, the Navy had a few things on the Air Force. They got “Top Gun” and “An officer and a gentlemen,” and the Air Force had to settle for “Iron Eagle!” Even though Navy pilots are a joke compared to Air Force pilots and lose at Red Flag every year, they won the PR war with the help of Tom Cruise. That was then and this is now. Today, The pride of the Navy is LQBTQ presidential candidate Pete Buttigig. Not only is he an officer and a gentleman, he served in a safe zone, and then employed the obligatory gun toting picture for PR value. However, instead of lust-filled and traditional erotic sexual scenes like in “Top Gun” and “An officer and a gentleman,” it would be heinously inappropriate to go there with the gigster. That is not hate speech just a theory.

Sorry Mayor Pete, “The Danger zone song” is off limits. I dont think there is a “Safe Zone song!”

You can have the “Iron Eagle Theme song” instead. Thanks Big Pete!!!!

Ok let us move on.

Ok, back to Tom Cotton. Our foreign policy must shift back to negotiations with Iran. Because we depleted Iraq’s military to a point where they were almost overrun by a few thousand pissant ISIS troops, Iran can now over run Iraq. It wont be a replay of the 8 year Iran Iraq war. In fact, Iran and Syria could easily take the entire Levant and Kuwait and hold it. Even now, they are extending their reach into Iraq. This would perpetuate a massive Middle East war. However, the USA would not have appropriate staging areas for military equipment. Instead of fighting 25 million Iraqis, America would be fighting 81 million Iranians. The Iranians have proven over and over and over again that they will go to extremes.

Tom Cotton is basically a no account bureaucrat that does not know how to employ appropriate foreign relations disciplines. Sorry Tom, but we cannot allow a “Gulf of Tonkin style” ship attack in “The Gulf” to perpetuate a massive Middle East War. We now have to come to the table and deal with Iran at a civil level.

In the final analysis,

Iran wants nuclear weapons. As a radical Islamic state, they would use nuclear weapons on US military staging areas as an extension of conventional capability. This means tiny Kuwait would no longer exist. The Iranians employed hundreds of thousands of children for human wave attacks across mine fields, so the use of nuclear weapons would not be off the table. Imagine Iranian human wave attacks armed with Chinese made AK47s and anti tank weaponry.

The logistics of an Iran war are inconceivable. It would take a military contingent as large as Eisenhower’s Overlord force. We are talking tens of millions of US soldiers and an inconceivable logistics quagmire.

Iran could also mine “The Persian Gulf.” The USA must engage in talks with the Iranians while building several more cruise missile subs. These subs can launch 150 cruise missiles each. The US Navy needs 10 each cruise missile subs so any conventional retaliatory strike against a foreign country would include 1500 cruise missile launches on GPS locations. The B-52 must also have new fuel saving engines and dual wing mounted MOAB (bunker buster) capability.

The Iranians know that the American people are burned out on 20 years of perpetual Middle East war. We must deal with terrorist attacks with simple Air Power responses, and that is it.

On an historical note, mobilization of military assets started WWI. In Iraq’s case, Saddam Hussein allowed the USA to mobilize assets and stage in Kuwait etc. It was like “Operation Overlord” without the German gun emplacements blazing away on the beaches of Normandy. The Iranians will not allow mass mobilization staging areas like Kuwait. Instead, they would attack the Americans during staging operations. In addition, Baghdad was 668 kilometers from Kuwait. Tehran is 1200 kilometers from Kuwait. The supply lines would be as long as the German supply lines during “Operation Barbarossa.” Then again, massive supply lines and an isolated Iranian main army on the borders of Iraq would be like the isolated Stalingrad 6th Army’ It could be defeated by a ” Battle of Inchon” amphibious movement. A war with Iran could be limited to desert operations to secure “The Gulf” like the “Afrika Corps” campaign. Then Tehran could simply be raised via ” US Air Power!” But then again for what?

200 C-17s and 100 C-5s could deliver several hundred tanks and 20,000 troops in just a few days. Secure a beach head and the gain control over massive swaths of Iranian desert. The Iranian desert would then be like a “Sinai kill zone.” The objective would be to gain a stronghold and siege Tehran from the air. Iran does not have the capability to protect it’s massive coast line. It does not have a heavy armor rapid reaction force with fuel and logistics capability. Again, an invasion of Iran would be inconceivable and ridiculous.

During Vietnam, only a small contingent of B-52s were used against Hanoi. The B-52 depended on WWII style gravity bombs. Today, it carry’s two bomb-bays and wing pods full of precision guided weaponry. A strike from 10 cruise missile subs (1500 targets), followed by waves of stealth fighter sorties would reduce Iran’s anti aircraft capability. After that, US Air Power could rule the skies over Iran and destroy every military target in the country. Of course this would give the Kurds the opportunity to secure a nation state in the north etc. Oh and then there are the oil fields.

The objective would be devastation from the air that reduced the Iranian heavy armor, air power assets, and logistics capability to zero. This would allow for an Iranian revolution that rids the country of their crude Islamic dictators.

Imagine a cruise missile attack when the Iranian government is in session. We could take out Rouhani and Zarif in an instance.

If Iraq and Afghanistan are any indication, a war with Iran would become a 30 year affair. It would cost human lives and trillions of dollars. In the end, the USA would never achieve the hearts and minds of anyone and withdrawn with no achievable outcome. However, eradication of every aspect of Iran’s military and ability to conduct large military operations is a doable deal. US Air Power could simply leave them with beater Toyota pickups mounted with small arms.

Robert Gates stated that anyone who wants another full scale invasion war in the Middle East “needs their head examined.”

Instead, let us negotiate a lasting peace.

Our best option is to engage the Iranians on the diplomatic table. If need be, however, US intelligence has mapped every GPS location in Iran including all the homes of the Iranian power elite. 4 cruise missile subs takes out the entire Iranian government in just a few hours.

Tom Cotton is a moron and a foreign relations imbecile. I will take former SOD Robert Gates’s and Rand Paul’s lead instead. Let us resolve our disputes with Iran at the diplomatic table.

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