Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper wont even make a stand for the American flag

Went to Aurora, Colorado today in the new Chevy Volt to see my German aunt. My wife suggested going by the ICE detention facility, but I digress.

During the Mexican American war, a distant cousin served under his cousin Franklin Pierce at the battles of Contreras, Churubrusco, Chapultepec, and Mexico city.

At the Battle of Chapultepec castle, several cadets fought to the death to protect the castle and the Mexican flag. At the time, the castle was used as a military academy. One cadet draped the Mexican flag around his body and flung himself from the castle walls. He would fall to his death with the Mexican flag so it could not be taken by the Americans. His name was Juan Escutia and he was about 15 years old.

At a previous battle, the Irish that deserted the American army and joined the Mexican Army were either captured or killed by US forces. These Irish deserters were called the San Patricios or Saint Patrick’s battalion. The captured deserters would be hung as the American flag was raised over the castle.

In Aurora, Colorado, several illegals and activists stormed an ICE facility and raised the Mexican flag while painting garbage on the American flag. Had there been veterans there at the time, blood would have been spilled and a few may have been killed.

As a retired Air Force veteran, I have a folded American flag. In fact, I have my father’s flag when he died from complications due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. I have my retirement flag for my service from 1978 to 2006. As veterans, we always take great pride in the American flag. During the Iraq war, and as a C-141C Flight Engineer, I had the greatest honor to haul our wounded and flag draped coffins from the field of battle. Folks that gave their final measure for our freedoms. We honor our fallen by carefully folding their flag. Our flag. The greatest flag of freedom the world has every known. We never let the American flag touch the earth because of what it stands for. It stands for a melting pot of freedom, laws and people’s that cherish the American dream. It stands for human rights and rule of law. It stands for the rights of the individual.

By not condemning this latest attack on our flag, John Hickenlooper has terminally sided with illegal immigrants and the Mexican flag over a US flag that we fight and die for. We can call him the Saint Hickenlooper’s battalion. He should be ashamed of himself.

Anyone who looks at the voter demographic before determining what he is going to say about the desecration of the American flag is a traitor to our sovereignty and an unworthy political coward.

Raising another country’s flag over a US sovereign government facility is a symbol of conquering during and act of war.

The history of the world is a history of war and conquest. Open borders is basically the surrender of our national sovereignty without a shot being fired. It is like the annexation of the Sudetenland by the Germans where bureaucrats simply give away the country via intimidation. Hickenlooper was actually appeasing radical flag desecrating extremists.

As second in command of the Nichols expedition, my direct blood line great plus grand father led the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam. We fought along side Washington. We fought in Mexico. We populated our manifest destiny with melting pot nationalists. We fought for emancipation. The American flag is as sacred as the Bill of Rights or the US Constitution. Millions of Americans have died defending this flag.

During the Mexican American war, even a cadet gave his life for the Mexican flag without compromise. Hickenlooper wont even condemn a heinous act against his own flag. He is a political coward. Military veterans and the mass majority of patriotic Americans will now ostracize John Hickenlooper. It is time he calls it quits. He is simply an unworthy, unpatriotic and a dead in the water political incompetent.

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