Senator Tom Cotton’s unhinged foreign policy gibberish on Iran

We should have amended the Bush Status of Forces Agreement, brought Iraq into NATO and built a military base in Southern Iraq. We could have then staged a rapid reaction force to counter Iran. Instead, Barack Obama abandoned Iraq and allowed ISIS to roll over the Levant and take massive hordes of cash and a massive trove of US built military equipment. Of course the combine ineptitude of Bush and Obama perpetuated the worst foreign policy era in US history. Arguably worse than Lyndon Baines Johnson and Vietnam.

My German uncle Ludwig Volgler was left on the docks of Tunis when the Afrika Corps was driven off North Africa.

Tom Cotton is like a tall version of Norman Bates. We wonder if he dresses up like a woman and grabs the big carving knife from the kitchen. Pete Buttigig on the other hand, thinks men are women. He is like the shorter gay version of a Norman Bates/ Alfred E. Newman hybrid. I am now having visions of the shower curtain being pulled back and Pete the Buttigigster taking a stab at being the LGBTQ identity politics candidate.

For years, the Navy had a few things on the Air Force. They got “Top Gun” and “An officer and a gentlemen,” and the Air Force had to settle for “Iron Eagle!” Even though Navy pilots are a joke compared to Air Force pilots and lose at Red Flag every year, they won the PR war with the help of Tom Cruise. That was then and this is now. Today, The pride of the Navy is LQBTQ presidential candidate Pete Buttigig. Not only is he an officer and a gentleman, he served in a safe zone, and then employed the obligatory gun toting picture for PR value. However, instead of lust-filled and traditional erotic sexual scenes like in “Top Gun” and “An officer and a gentleman,” it would be heinously inappropriate to go there with the gigster. That is not hate speech just a theory.

Sorry Mayor Pete, “The Danger zone song” is off limits. I dont think there is a “Safe Zone song!”

You can have the “Iron Eagle Theme song” instead. Thanks Big Pete!!!!

Ok let us move on.

Ok, back to Tom Cotton. Our foreign policy must shift back to negotiations with Iran. Because we depleted Iraq’s military to a point where they were almost overrun by a few thousand pissant ISIS troops, Iran can now over run Iraq. It wont be a replay of the 8 year Iran Iraq war. In fact, Iran and Syria could easily take the entire Levant and Kuwait and hold it. Even now, they are extending their reach into Iraq. This would perpetuate a massive Middle East war. However, the USA would not have appropriate staging areas for military equipment. Instead of fighting 25 million Iraqis, America would be fighting 81 million Iranians. The Iranians have proven over and over and over again that they will go to extremes.

Tom Cotton is basically a no account bureaucrat that does not know how to employ appropriate foreign relations disciplines. Sorry Tom, but we cannot allow a “Gulf of Tonkin style” ship attack in “The Gulf” to perpetuate a massive Middle East War. We now have to come to the table and deal with Iran at a civil level.

In the final analysis,

Iran wants nuclear weapons. As a radical Islamic state, they would use nuclear weapons on US military staging areas as an extension of conventional capability. This means tiny Kuwait would no longer exist. The Iranians employed hundreds of thousands of children for human wave attacks across mine fields, so the use of nuclear weapons would not be off the table. Imagine Iranian human wave attacks armed with Chinese made AK47s and anti tank weaponry.

The logistics of an Iran war are inconceivable. It would take a military contingent as large as Eisenhower’s Overlord force. We are talking tens of millions of US soldiers and an inconceivable logistics quagmire.

Iran could also mine “The Persian Gulf.” The USA must engage in talks with the Iranians while building several more cruise missile subs. These subs can launch 150 cruise missiles each. The US Navy needs 10 each cruise missile subs so any conventional retaliatory strike against a foreign country would include 1500 cruise missile launches on GPS locations. The B-52 must also have new fuel saving engines and dual wing mounted MOAB (bunker buster) capability.

The Iranians know that the American people are burned out on 20 years of perpetual Middle East war. We must deal with terrorist attacks with simple Air Power responses, and that is it.

On an historical note, mobilization of military assets started WWI. In Iraq’s case, Saddam Hussein allowed the USA to mobilize assets and stage in Kuwait etc. It was like “Operation Overlord” without the German gun emplacements blazing away on the beaches of Normandy. The Iranians will not allow mass mobilization staging areas like Kuwait. Instead, they would attack the Americans during staging operations. In addition, Baghdad was 668 kilometers from Kuwait. Tehran is 1200 kilometers from Kuwait. The supply lines would be as long as the German supply lines during “Operation Barbarossa.” Then again, massive supply lines and an isolated Iranian main army on the borders of Iraq would be like the isolated Stalingrad 6th Army’ It could be defeated by a ” Battle of Inchon” amphibious movement. A war with Iran could be limited to desert operations to secure “The Gulf” like the “Afrika Corps” campaign. Then Tehran could simply be raised via ” US Air Power!” But then again for what?

200 C-17s and 100 C-5s could deliver several hundred tanks and 20,000 troops in just a few days. Secure a beach head and the gain control over massive swaths of Iranian desert. The Iranian desert would then be like a “Sinai kill zone.” The objective would be to gain a stronghold and siege Tehran from the air. Iran does not have the capability to protect it’s massive coast line. It does not have a heavy armor rapid reaction force with fuel and logistics capability. Again, an invasion of Iran would be inconceivable and ridiculous.

During Vietnam, only a small contingent of B-52s were used against Hanoi. The B-52 depended on WWII style gravity bombs. Today, it carry’s two bomb-bays and wing pods full of precision guided weaponry. A strike from 10 cruise missile subs (1500 targets), followed by waves of stealth fighter sorties would reduce Iran’s anti aircraft capability. After that, US Air Power could rule the skies over Iran and destroy every military target in the country. Of course this would give the Kurds the opportunity to secure a nation state in the north etc. Oh and then there are the oil fields.

The objective would be devastation from the air that reduced the Iranian heavy armor, air power assets, and logistics capability to zero. This would allow for an Iranian revolution that rids the country of their crude Islamic dictators.

Imagine a cruise missile attack when the Iranian government is in session. We could take out Rouhani and Zarif in an instance.

If Iraq and Afghanistan are any indication, a war with Iran would become a 30 year affair. It would cost human lives and trillions of dollars. In the end, the USA would never achieve the hearts and minds of anyone and withdrawn with no achievable outcome. However, eradication of every aspect of Iran’s military and ability to conduct large military operations is a doable deal. US Air Power could simply leave them with beater Toyota pickups mounted with small arms.

Robert Gates stated that anyone who wants another full scale invasion war in the Middle East “needs their head examined.”

Instead, let us negotiate a lasting peace.

Our best option is to engage the Iranians on the diplomatic table. If need be, however, US intelligence has mapped every GPS location in Iran including all the homes of the Iranian power elite. 4 cruise missile subs takes out the entire Iranian government in just a few hours.

Tom Cotton is a moron and a foreign relations imbecile. I will take former SOD Robert Gates’s and Rand Paul’s lead instead. Let us resolve our disputes with Iran at the diplomatic table.

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