Senator Warner justifies illegal surveillance along political lines

Margaret Brennan looked more beautiful than she normally does on Face the Nation. She sported a beautiful Bronco orange dress laced with a little blue and a little red. Her gorgeous deep dark eyes highlighted by a new hair style. Of course, her ability to interview and extract lethal political dogma from air head partisan liberals is her signature capability.

Unlike others at CBS who went full TDS, and have been elevated to higher PR positions, Margaret Brennan remains un-jaded as a disciplined journalist and pretty much neutral on everything. In essence she adheres to the Morrow/Cronkite journalism ethic. She presents the information and then lets the viewer decide the conclusion.

Senator Richard H. Brodhead served and supported the Capitol building extension during the 1850s. He would vote yeah to the funding of the West Wing, the East Wing, the Capitol building dome, and the Congressional library. He would be on the Library committee and also author legislation to buy the Jefferson manuscripts. Of course Mayor Pete Buttigig would prefer that the Jefferson manuscripts be expunged from the national record. He feels that the fellow who wrote the Declaration Of Independence be erased from history for his political convenience as a history hating gender pronoun loving LGBT identity politics candidate. Go figure

Today, we must start documenting the role of the Obama administration as it relates to FISA court abuses. As a republic that learns from it’s mistakes, we must document this illegal history for the Congressional record. It is time to fill the Congressional library that Brodheads built with historical accuracy. Our freedoms are in the balance and must be righted before we can go forward as the greatest republic on earth.

On this episode of Face the Nation, Senator Mark Warner abused his position on the Senate Intelligence committee by justifying the violation of the 4th Amendment by rogue government entities along political lines. In essence, he said that not putting Donald Trump under investigation and spying on his campaign would have been negligent. So, here we have a Senator stating that full on abuse of the FISA courts and the 4th Amendment was justified. Oh my word!!!

Senator Warner you are an embarrassment to the country. You are a shit stain on the walls of the greatest legislative chamber in the world. You are a traitor to the Bill of Rights, and a liar. Your mere presence in front of the Capitol building that Brodheads built is an insult.

You and Schiff are conniving partisan hack jackasses.

The bottom line Warner is that the Obama administration did nothing related to Russian collusion. He then allowed his personal attorney Loretta lynch and rogue entities in the FBI, CIA, and NSA to engage in heinous levels of illegal activity. You are a liar, a fraud and an extremely disturbed partisan ass.

Sorry Mark, but in order to re-establish government limits related to the 4th Amendment, and the so-called Patriot Act, there must be a very indepth investigation into the origins of government surveillance of a presidential candidate. Realize it was the Democratic Socialists that were the first to abuse the so-called Patriot Act along political lines and there will be a reckoning.

Warner your positions on running interference for illegal government surveillance belongs in a KGB/NAZI third world shithole. You have lost all ethical bearing and seem unable to uphold the Bill of Rights and ultimately the Constitution.You are not a senator but a despot. Why dont you just quit so we are all better off. You are worthless and will not fight for the rights of the common man.

Bill 460 of 647,

Bill 627 of 693,