The 150th anniversary of the “Golden Spike”

My Great plus Grand Uncle Senator Richard H Brodhead from Pennsylvania was married to Jefferson Davis’s niece. At the time, Jefferson Davis was the Secretary of War during the Franklin Pierce administration. Thornton Fleming Brodhead was Franklin Pierce’s cousin. Both would serve in Mexico during the Mexican American war.

Jefferson Davis was responsible for conducting the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad routes. The slavery states wanted a southern route that allowed the expansion of slavery into Texas and other territories conquered via the Mexican American war. Northern abolitionists wanted a railroad that was farther north. They also supported the Wilmot Proviso. Legislation that banned slavery in the new territories. Jefferson Davis would conduct several survey routes.

Senator Richard H. Brodhead co authored the Topography survey bill. Simon Cameron would take his senate seat in 1857 and run for the Republican nomination. He would give Abraham Lincoln his 50 delegates. Richard and the Brodhead name would fall completely out of favor given that Richard was married to the niece of the president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis. Richard would die a few months after Gettysburg.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would raise the 1st Michigan Cavalry at the personal request of Abraham Lincoln. . He would be shot by Jeb Stuart’s men at the 2nd Battle of Bullrun. He would die the same day as Isaac Stevens. Isaac Stevens was the first territorial governor of Washington state. He was nominated for the job by Franklin Pierce. Senator Richard H. Brodhead would vote yeah. Stevens also served with Brodhead and Pierce in Mexico along with Grant and Robert E. Lee.

John Brodhead would hold the same seat in Congress as Franklin Pierce. He would be succeeded by Franklin Pierce and also be related via marriage to the Pierce family.

George Armstrong Custer would take command of the Michigan Cavalry. At the battle of Yellow Tavern, Sgt. Huff a member of Michigan cavalry brigade would empty his pistol into Jeb Stuart. At Appomattox, Robert E. Lee would have to ride through the mounted ranks of the 1st Michigan Cavalry and George Armstrong Custer on his way to meet with Grant and surrender the army of Northern Virginia.

Jefferson Davis would attempt to escape to Texas. He would be caught by the Michigan cavalry brigade. He would spend two years in prison and be released May 10th 1869. The Golden spike ceremony that celebrated the completion of the railroad would be on May 10th 1869.

On May the 4th 1865, Abraham Lincoln would be buried.

Brodheads brought English speaking rule to the New World. We fought for independence, manifest destiny, and emancipation. We then topped that off by authoring epic legislation that facilitated the spanning of a continent from sea to shining sea. We were simply epic job creators that helped make America what it is today.

I would end up building my shop on a previous military road in Pierce county. A road that was previously voted on by none other than my Great uncle Richard H. Brodhead. I had no idea.

Lastly, we have either served on the floor of the House and Senate or on the battle field with every face on our American currency.

Washington during the American revolution

Lincoln on the House floor

Jackson House floor and War of 1812

Grant in Mexico and the Civil War

Hamilton Valley Forge.

Jay Inslee is a dangerous and radically disturbed tax and spend enviro-fascist moron. His policies are the policies of an ignorant fool!!!! Brodheads built this country up with support of massive infrastructure projects and the exploitation of technology. Inslee supports tearing everything down and replacing common sense transportation assets with extraordinarily un-achievable and ludicrous lala land enviro-fascist idiocy. Jay Inslee has lost his mind and must resign from his office. His political objectives are not based in reality. This makes him a crazed liability to the state of Washington. Dude you are a fool!!!!!

May the 4th be with you!