The Democratic Socialist takeover of commonsense

It used to be that we sat up straight in the classroom and learned our history. Today, countless youngsters do not know the significance associated with 1776, 1865 or 1945 even. In fact, they know little of history and are easily susceptible to revisionist history and liberal indoctrination.

We learned in 3rd grade that 13 colonies were involved in the American Revolution. The Betsy Ross flag was basically the first flag of the United States. The 13 Colonies were not fighting to maintain slavery. Their first order of business was independence from England. Within 10 years of the Betsy Ross flag, and the Battle of Yorktown, all of the Northern states abolished slavery. For the most part, every state above the Mason Dixon Line would be free states and every state below it would be slavery states.

The symbol of freedom that the Betsy Ross flag symbolized led to the Northern states abolishing slavery. The spread of freedom was infectious.

The real symbol of slavery flag would come about in 1861 some 85 years later. It was called the Confederate States of America flag. It was created by southern Democrats that would employ non-slave owning poor whites to fight for the plantation owner’s ability to enslave human beings. Had it not been for the Republican party, the South, would have been allowed to secede from the Union and maintain slavery. As it was, close to 400,000 Union troops died to abolish slavery. Off spring of those that demanded the abolishing of slavery in the North only 3 years after Yorktown in 1783. However, none have asked for reparations for 400,000 deaths.

Apparently, both NIKE and Collin Kaepernick do not know their history. Apparently, Kaepernick got the two flags mixed up. Otherwise, Kaepernick views the entire history of the United States as racist and evil. It is no longer about good cops and bad cops, it is about his mental health and penchant for alienation and hating America. Kaepernicks absurd attempt at labeling the Betsy Ross flag as racists does a disservice to the minority children and community he thinks he represents. In reality, he is feeding a false narrative,exploiting ignorance and apathy. Kaepernick can quote Frederick Douglas, but our history, a history that hundreds of thousands of troops died to create and protect is everyone’s history. The 4th of July is everyone’s holiday. The American flag is everyone’s flag whether Kaepernick likes it or not.

The liberal left is now attacking the symbols of our independence as racist. In reality, they hate America so much that the 4th of July is now considered a racist event while Democratic Socialist candidates campaign in Mexico proper. First it was Robert E. Lee. Next came Washington and then it was Thomas Jefferson that saw the wrath of the liberal nincompoops. Now the symbol of independence is under attack. Soon the de-legitimizing of the United Sates of America along racial lines will be the intent. Then again, we can already see it happening as it relates to the Democratic Socialist push for open borders and decriminalizing border crossings.

Democratic Socialists are not about becoming “melting pot nationalists” that love and believe in America. They are about cultivating division, circumventing the Constitution, circumventing the Bill of Rights, undermining the Electoral college, and our national sovereignty. They want population dense liberal cities to have the power to control what happens from sea to shining sea. All this treachery and treason so they can implement massive government and Marxist levels of taxation and wealth redistribution. It is called class envy. It is called mass slavery and socialist servitude. The only thing that stands in their way is the Republican party.

History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme!!!!!

For me, Phil Knight’s politically correct liberal Oregon politics are simply heinous revisionist garbage. Nike is now associated with un-American liberal stupidity. In fact Nike employs basically slave labor to manufacture their over priced tennis shoes. So, for them to bad mouth Betsy Ross is extreme hypocrisy and a severe Catch 22. It is a shame that some Nike customers will kill for a $100 pair of Air Jordans but they wont pay attention enough in the classroom to learn how to read and write.

It is clear that Kaepernick suffers from mental health issues and an extreme alienation pathos. He suffers from an associative disorder as it relates to the America flag. He fancies himself a flag connoisseur of sorts. Anything that is related to the American flag, the rockets red glare, and bombs bursting in air, is his staked out domain. He feels that he alone can make value judgments on the American flag. He is desperately trying to maintain relevance as a liberal celebrity and a misguided social justice warrior. In reality, he is just a race-bating, jilted and shit-canned shitty quarterback that isn’t an authority on anything. This is just another manifestation of his whining.

As far as Nike is concerned, they have elevated sneakers to the political realm. Run faster and jump higher has become an absurd attempt at race baiting and revisionist history. In reality, it was a marketing scam directed at disenchanting a specific demographic.

I will never buy another Nike product as long as I live. In fact, my old stinking Nike Air Monarchs have been replaced with Dr. Scholls tennis shoes with gel souls. The Nike shoes burned in effigy on the 4th of July.

Dr. Scholls, Hitech and New Balance are just good shoes at half the price and you wont get shot in an alley and field stripped for them like a dead Union soldier at the Battle of Shiloh.

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Confederate flag 1861

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Betsy Ross Flag 1776

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