The Democrats are fractured beyond repair

When I was flying C-141 support missions for Somalia during the 1990s, the Air Force used massive tents for the Command post and maintenance folks. The DOD has utter tens of thousands of inflatable tents and vehicles mounted with heating and cooling units. Sanitation requirements are also easily set up.

The large democrat presidential candidate pool will be their 2020 undoing. While the DNC strategists might feel that they have created a “Big tent” candidate spectrum that can be exploited for revenue streams and then shaped into a play-doh collective down the line, the strategy is producing an unintended outcome.

The consensus in 2016 was that the Republicans needed to break away from the Bush style perpetual war mongering neo-con. The best alternatives then became Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump. Then somehow, Donald Trump was able to move ahead of demonstrative intellectuals like Rand Paul and take the lead. All the rest of the field were simply neo-con wannabes that spewed the same Bush deep state rhetoric. They were a laughable and blatantly ignorant clown show. Christie was a joke. Rubio was an ignorant identity politics candidate. Carson wanted to drone strike illegal immigrant tunnels. Gary Johnson was censured.

The Donald Trump learning curve was quite steep. Even when the Demcorat establishment leveled a massive propaganda campaign on the Trumpster, the dude remained tough and stayed the course. In addition, Trump’s declaration that the liberal yellow press was basically fake news, came to full fruition in front of the American people. Today, everyone views the liberal yellow press as fake news. Meanwhile, it seems that Donald Trump is actually a very proactive leader willing to make the hard choices and make the sale to the American people. Obama, as we recall, was simply a big government moron who believed in the status quo and depended on social wedge issues.. His greatest private sector achievement before his presidency was buying a house. Trump employs 20,000 people.

In the final analysis, Barack Obama’s greatest achievements in the executive was doubling down on all things Bush, lying to the American people, elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, exploiting the Bush computer surveillance industrial complex to spy on Donald Trump, and leaving the children $10 trillion in additional national debt. Obama is also responsible for the rise of ISIS and the accelerated Islamification of Europe. I mean, if we get right down to it, Obama’s greatest legislative achievement while president was same sex marriage via the Supreme court bench.

Of course the economy was on an Obama handicap IV drip of continuous quantitative easing, toxic asset and bond repurchase, debt monetization, and job creation that could not even replace baby boomer retirement attrition. He left Berlin a cleanup bill when he apologized for America at the Tier Garten. He then left Germany with a massive refugee crisis while putting Frau Merkel’s email account under surveillance. Meanwhile, creepy Joe Biden was feeling up 10 year olds and sniffing hair.

While Donald Trump is creating jobs and leading, the Democrats are fractured into several identity politics candidates. The core of the DNC strategy is that Trump is a racist while Black Americans are enjoying the lowest unemployment numbers in history. This ya/but strategy is failing. A secondary aspect of the DNC strategy is outright socialism. Even when the world knows that socialism is a failure, folks like Bernie Sanders are still speaking the failed mantra as the stock market explodes and there are millions of jobs that cannot be filled. So, not only is the aged Bernie Sanders an old obsolete socialist fraud, his message is also obsolete economic commiserative dogma. Karl Marx died in a London Ghetto. Bernie Sanders and his message will die in one of his million dollar mansions. He should write a book called “Das economic bullshit!” Liberal deadbeats of the world unite. Trump builds hotels, golf courses, and employs 20,000 people. When he is done in 2024, he will have created 20 million jobs above and beyond normal labor pool requirements.

The Pete Buttigeig campaign is basically the LGBTQ aspect of the DNC strategy. His candidacy is just a ruse for campaign donation streams. Most Americans thought that the LGBTQ agenda was completely settled with Obama’s same sex marriage Supreme court legislating from the bench agenda. It seems now that the LGBTQ dominated state democrat parties want to expand LGBTQ indoctrination into the school system as early as Kindergarten. This is proving to be a heinously obvious over-reach and parents are taking note and showing up at the door steps of the state capitol buildings. The ultimate message is ” please be satiated with same sex marriage and keep your hands off our children. Families saw religious symbols removed from school. They will not tolerate their children being taught gender pronouns and sodomy methods.

Lastly, the Democrats are clinging to open borders and an antiquated immigration system. Instead of supplying portable military tents and cots at the border detention facilities, the Democrats are doing nothing while blaming Trump. The dems will not give Trump a win via cutting a deal on DACA or amending immigration laws to prevent illegal folks that never return to court. They will not support a border wall that funnels illegals attempting to cross the border into easily monitored collection zones. It seems that all of the DNC strategy on border enforcement caters to identity politics. This will soon bite them in the ass.

Trump is a master at creating likability. Even after 2 and 1/2 years of a negative propaganda campaign supporting a false narrative, he is still standing at 50%. Barack Obama was at the same number while enjoying the full support of the media, Hollywood, and all the factions of the liberal establishment.

Republicans will be going after democratic seats in Congress in 2020. The Pelosi era will be over and she with just age into complete obsolescence. The democrats overplayed their heinous hand.

At this juncture, the only thing that Democrats offer are a reboot of the Obama administration via creepy Joe Biden, open borders and propaganda, poisoning 9 month old fetus brains as the child attempts to dilate the vagina, failed socialism, taxation, regulation, eco-fascism, race labeling, and LGBTQ indoctrination of kindergartners. There is no room left for triangulation and regrouping into a big tent of commonsense. Meanwhile, all the Republicans have to do is stay the course and continue to create jobs. Trump has climbed the mountain regardless of the liberal yellow press.

Margaret’s panel did a really good job today. Quite refreshing. .

Margaret telegraphed her future news objectives. She said it several times. Of course it will be based on fact.

Margaret , pack your bags you are headed to the border. Trump, take notice….

In America, we do not punish the children for the sins of the father. We also, reward folks for doing what is right. Nice Margaret!!!!

You,the jarhead, and that very gorgeous little boy will be welcome to stay at our custom Colorado home when we are not there.