The LGBTQ movement: A clear and present danger to school children.

The LGBTQ movement is a massive political donation stream for the Democratic party. Obama was only considering the massive donation stream that would result from passing “same sex marriage’ via the Supreme court. The DNC saw a massive uptick of LGBTQ donations when Hillary Clinton made her stand on “dont ask dont tell!” Then there were the poddy politics in the school house. The big ticket items like same sex marriage and gays in the military has been achieved, however, the LGBTQ movement continues to direct an agenda which is supported by lthe democratic party. Today, the LGBTQ movement is going after children in the school system.

Most Americans never heard of the term cis-gendered until idiot AOC tweeted it. Most Americans never heard of all the gender pronoun bullshit either. Most Americans believed that homosexuality only represented 2 to 5 percent of the population and the transgender demographic only represented a tiny fraction of the homosexual community. We also believed that homosexuals are simply wired that way from birth. In essense it was a science issue unrelated to moral judgement.

So if 5 in 100 people were gay or lesbian, then the trans-gender seeking individual only represented maybe 20 out of 100,000 people.

Back during the 1980s, when I was attending college at Colorado State University, I went to copious college bars looking for girls. To my knowledge, gays and lesbians were extremely rare in those days. At Longmont high-school, in Colorado there were basically zero gays or lesbians in a school body of 1500 people. The small Colorado gay and lesbian population concentrated in the liberal city of Boulder, Colorado. Even then, gays and lesbians were extremely rare animals. Today there are about 12,000 gay couples in Colorado. 2/3rd s of these couples are female. Of these 24,000 gays and lesbians, only a tiny little fraction of individuals are transgender seeking or make up the so-called LGBTQ spectrum. How is it then that a small fraction of people are dictating what is taught in a school system?

Per the Trevor report above, a greater percentage of gays and lesbians will not consider dating a transgender or non binary person. So, the LGBTQ movement encourages the complete acceptance of their agenda in the school system yet the vast majority will not date a trans or a questioning non binary individual. What hypocrisy. In essence, the vast majority of gays and lesbians are trans-phobic.

The LGBTQ movement wants the US school system to teach comprehensive sexual education starting in kindergarten. Instead of learning ABCs, the average 5 year old would be taught gender pronouns. The later grades would be taught the sexual habits of the LGBTQ movement like anal sex. Little girls and little boys would be subject to institutionalized gender dysphoria encouragement and LGBTQ indoctrination. Instead of learning basic math, little children would be encouraged to question their own sexual identity. This is probably the worst and most hurtful attack on the family and the sanctity of natural child development in history.

America’s children have so much to overcome to make it in this world. introducing institutionalized self doubt and the concepts of gender fluidity to tiny little children is institutionalized child abuse.

The latest studies suggest that transgender indoctrination leads to unnecessary transgender-ism, alienation and severe social ostracization in the school system. LGBTQ indoctrination leads to extremely high rates of suicide. So not only is the elevation of the LGBTQ movement in the school system morally inappropriate for children, it leads to high rates of suicide and limited opportunity for dating and meaningful relations. This would be called mass institutionalized child abuse. So, why are Americans allowing the LGBTQ to infect the school system and spread mental health and suicide issues?

LGBTQ indoctrination of school children leads to a 50% suicide consideration rate among teens manipulated by the LGBTQ movement.

Lastly, lesbians and gays consider transsexuals and non-binary individuals as second class citizens worthy of social isolation. What hypocrisy. They want the T and the Qs to bolster their numbers, but they wont even consider dating them? They do not consider the collateral damage of teen suicide while seeking to expand their agenda to children. The bi-product of their agenda are socially isolated teens that only belong the a tiny fraction group. An LGBTQ social stratification process that leads to mental health issues and trans-gendered teen suicide. It is not an expression of freedom in a democracy but an insidious political indoctrination process that leads to blatant mental health issues among our children. It is in the report. Read the science.