Time for Elwood to go back to the QB drawing board again

Drew Lock was supposed to be a good deal. He was supposed to come into training camp after being drafted in the second round and be everything that Paxton Lynch wasn’t. Instead, Drew Lock could not compete with or distance himself from Kevin Hogan or Brett Rypien. Of course, after a tragic preseason, Kevin Hogan got the boot and was replaced by this Brandon Allen fella. A guy who has never taken a snap in a regular season NFL game.

As far as Joe Flacco, he will go on I/R and not see another snap as a Bronco. Just as he was beat out by Lamar Jackson after being injured, he will now be overlooked in favor of Allen, Lock or Rypien. As it is, the Broncos cannot bank their team’s future on Joe Flacco. But hey, Joe Flacco won a Superbowl and went to Disneyland.

In Denver, Flacco will be lucky to hold the clip board during the last 2 games of the season. To save himself from the embarrassment, he should use his neck injury to extricate himself from the NFL and move the hell on. It is either that or suffer the humiliation of being overlooked in favor of rookies and QBs that have never played on an NFL field during the regular season.

If Flacco was Jake Plummer, he would have quit yesterday and saved his dignity. Then again Plummer was 7 and 4 and on his way to the playoffs with the Broncos before Shanahan lost his mind. Flacco is sitting at 2 and 6. If past is prologue, Flacco wont have the ability to win another game even if he is healthy. He will ride the I/R bench for 6 weeks. He wont play another game in Denver in 2019, and be cut on the Monday following the last game of the season. Denver was his last hurrah.

Elwood must now start looking at another QB draft prospect. At this point in time, Joe Burrows looks enticing.

Like Elwood, Burrows is a coach’s son. He was breast fed on football.

Of course, Elwood will be too dense to pick up this fella. He will put all his marbles with Drew Lock and take the Paxton Lynch expressway.

The dude has guns and a cannon along with the Newhouse thighs.

This could be a smart version of Tim Tebow.

About this time, Elwood would love to have Tebow running over middle linebackers for the win given that Flacco cant complete worth a shit.

See ya later Joe. It was fun while it lasted. Think of the bright side: you won a Superbowl after Rahim Moore phucked up.

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