Tom Steyer kicks Jay Inslee under the Democratic Socialist clown bus

Previoulsy I talked about Jay Inslee and Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy.

For decades, Jay Inslee maintained preeminence in the Democrat party. He could easily endear himself to his “go to” constituency or the liberal airheads of King county rather. Soft in the head Seattle liberals that could be talked into anything. These same folks would put Jay Inslee in the Washington state governorship. So, the inept congressman now has control of all the fiscal strings for our state government. However, Instead of embarking on fiscal sanity and efficient government, Jay Inslee increased government by 22%, of late, and added several more layers of taxation for Washingtonians to pay for.

Jay Inslee cares little for Washingtonians. All he cares about is his own political vanity, expanding government, and enacting enviro-fascist policies. Previously, he took a million dollar Bloomberg bride and used the proceeds to stuff a carbon pollution tax down our throats. The voters rejected it. He then attempted to violate the will of the voter via his Democratic Socialist controlled legislature. He was doing cartwheels for Bloomberg, and the Washington tax payer was the prey. He is Kate Brown with testicles.

As an entrenched liberal bureaucrat, Jay Inslee routinely drops to his knees to perform political fellatio on the liberal donor list. Trump is a creature of the private sector and “disinterested” and Inslee kisses billionaire ass and is beholden to special interest and enviro-fascist morons. He is about as worthy to be president as Subway Jared.

Jay Inslee is poling at basically nothing. Even after Kamala Harris labeled the vice president to the first black president in history as a racist, Jay Inslee only benefited by .1 percent from the political shuffle. Joe Biden would lose almost 10 percent in the polling and Kamala Harris would do an 8% end run around Sanders and Pocahontas. Of course everyone in America now knows that Kamala Harris is the nasty race baiting female identity politics candidate from hell. Oh and Pocahontas wanting to trust bust Google didn’t go over well either.

Back to Jay Inslee. The big billionaire donor list has abandoned Jay Inslee. According to Essex Porter, Tom Steyer has given up on Jay Inslee. Hence, it is conceivable that Bloomberg and many other organized liberal donor entities will do the same. Jay Inslee will have to finance his campaign with small donors. However, given that he is clinging to a failed candidacy, his donor list may just close the checkbook ledger all together. This is why Inslee needs a climate change debate, otherwise, he is the political dead man walking.

Jay Inslee can do all the cartwheels he wants for Bloomberg and Steyer, however, they have closed the doors on Inslee’s campaign and turned their attention elsewhere, like the gas chamber SS guards at Buchenwald. In fact, they have walked several hundred paces away to silence the screams and light up some stale Ecksteins.

Steyer’s father spent time in Nuremberg during the Nuremberg trials. My mom would live in Nuremberg close to Dachau concentration camp when the farm was nationalized by Hitler’s Nazi party. She could see and smell the smoke from the stacks. As far as Inslee’s campaign there is no smoke, no spark, and no fire. In fact, the only carbon emissions left for Inslee is the luxury taxi ride back to the airport.

Inslee walked the Green New Deal mile and that is about it. It is all over because Podlodowski is singing.