Trump does not need a war with Iran to win in 2020

During the 2016 Republican primary debates, Donald Trump and Rand Paul separated themselves from the neo-con candidates via their positions on Bush/Obama perpetual war. Of course we were more interested and perplexed on how Chris Christie could physically negotiate the wiping of his 0wn ass. We were amused when he dropped to his knees to fellatio the neo-cons in the crowd as well. We were unimpressed with Marco Rubio and his 90 IQ and his inept Republican version of an identity politics candidate talking tough guy. Then there was Ben Carson threatening drone strikes on the border? Of course we could not stand the snooty greater than thou entitlement demeanor of Jeb Bush and his $200 million special interest neocon donor war chest either. In fact, most Republicans hated his guts. The only sane people on the stage were Donald Trump and Rand Paul. Rand Paul was the engaged intellectual, and Donald Trump was a complete outsider.

Jeb Bush would have to be hung on the stage like a modern day Benito Mussolini. He had to be sacrificed on the Republican alter and pay for his brother’s “Mission Complete” and devastated economy. . It was clear that the Bush era was over.

Donald Trump defeating the lying, conniving and corrupt political whore Hillary Clinton would spell the end of the Clinton era. The end of the Obama era will come when FISAGATE exposes all of the Democratic Socialist treachery for the entire nation to ponder. The airtime and free press can be dominated by SPYGATE or a war with Iran that will usher in the Democratic Socialist takeover of the country. It happened when Bush 43 engaged us in perpetual war, absconded our 4th Amendment rights and expanded the surveillance state. Not to be out done, Obama then used the newly created computer surveillance industrial complex to spy on Trump. They then ate candy at McCain’s funeral. Think about that. A deep state wake.

The only thing left to see will be the ejection of dust as the political coffin lid drops on the Democratic Socialist party going into 2020. That is, if Trump keeps his anti-war shit together.

In the final analysis, Donald Trump ran on an anti perpetual war platform. He had to bring Neo-con Pence on board to satiate the military industrial complex donor list. He then increased military spending in trade for removal of troops from the Middle East. The only thing left was total removal of troops from the Middle east and Afghanistan. I guess the Pentagon is now looking for another war like Obama’s Libyan intervention stock exchange portfolio values war. Two years of “almost peace” is simply to long of a war interlude. Time to buy some military industrial complex stock for cheap and then shoot off another 10 billion in cruise missiles.

Iran has always been a pain in the ass as it relates to oil tankers in the Gulf. In previous years, it was the status quo to station the US Navy in the region. Meanwhile, the Iranians would parade around in their fast attack boats yelling Alluha Akbar. Of course, the Navy guys had them in the sites of their optics guided 30 mm gattling guns just waiting to push the button.

Hitler used a false flag incident to sell the invasion of Poland to the German people. LBJ used the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident to sell military escalation in Vietnam to the American people. Bush 43 would use the symbol of 911 and the attack on the Twin towers by Saudi Arabians to attack Iraq. Hillary would talk Obama into attacking Libya because of a failed Libyan strike on Qaddafi in the 1990s and to take our minds off the blue cum stained dress. Jimmy Carter wore really ugly sweaters and let the Iranians play with the US via the Iran hostage affair for over 400 days. Of course, the Iranians quickly released the hostages when Reagan was elected.

Republicans hired Donald Trump because he ran on an anti-neo-con platform. If the Iranians give him a Gulf of Tonkin style incident, it will give him PR authority to apply American air power and sub launched conventional cruise missiles to lay waste to Iran’s entire military infrastructure. Realize that the US can now hit 300 different targets conventionally with just two Ohio class submarines. When all four Ohio class subs are retrofitted, that is 600 conventional cruise missile strikes. This means that all GPS mapped Iranian military and anti aircraft facilities can be targeted before the application of stealth fighter capability. Then comes the F-15s followed by a massive B-52 strike with precision guided weaponry.

Of course, in SOD Gates fashion, Trump will not be insane enough to invade Iran. He will just use Air Power and reduce Iran’s military to a few old beater Fiats with 50 caliber machine guns. So, Zarif, just keep your shit together and leave Israel alone. Oh, and you might think about cutting support to Hamas and stopping missile strikes on Israel as well. And while you are at it, get out of Syria, and leave Iraq alone too. It is just that simple you side mouth talking freak.

As far as respecting Iran? Why Zarif? yall been a bunch of assholes since the Shaw was deposed. So, go ahead and try the Trumpmeister and see what happens. He will go full Wolf Blitzer on your ass.

Trump we did not hire you to attack Iran. If you do, you are a cop -out.

Yall need to come to the table and hash things out……

Oh an by the way, it took Iran 8 years of trench warfare to finally start making military gains on Iraq during the Iran Iraq war. The US on the other hand routed Iraqi forces in a matter of weeks. We could do the same in Iran. However, we will be satisfied with just using U.S. Air Power to weaken Iran’s radical Islamic control of the country and enable revolution. Just try us!!!!! In closing, Phuck you !!!