Trump’s comment to Ilhan Omar was not racist

Omar, Cortez and Tlaib are race baiting jew hating commiserative bitches that are an embarrassment to the country. They are an insult to the greatest legislative body in the greatest country in the world. I think their support level is at 9%. Their ignorance and verbosity are a liability to the Democratic Socialist party. They will be voted out of a job in 2020.

It was my great plus grand father Captain Daniel Brodhead of Yorkshire, England that led the British troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam from the Dutch. New Amsterdam would be renamed New York. My Great plus grand father brought with him the British imperialist culture. The British Empire was the epicenter of white supremacy. This legacy would dominate the culture of the New world from 1664 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Even then, racism in this country still exists. However, great gains have been made in our society as a whole. Most Republicans adhere to Martin Luther King’s content of character. In the Air Force, most airman cheer when a minority individual competes at a positive and technically competent level void of commiseration and poor me. It is about the mission and not a person’s race or sex.

The New World was conquered and dominated by white Europeans. It was a bunch of white dudes that fought for independence. It was white guys that wrote the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The U.S. Constitution. It was white and black Republicans that fought and died to end slavery. It was the Democrats that employed poor whites to fight for their right to own human beings.

For the most part, it was the white European that helped turn the United States of America into a great nation. For several centuries, racism dominated the culture of the US. Immigration quotas were based on color and religion. Jobs in the government were only given to whites and protestants etc. Minorities in the military were treated harshly. Our manifest destiny was populated with white Europeans. In essence national and institutionalized social engineering.

Until the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the United States of America supported institutionalized racism. Even TV programs treated minorities with contempt. Hollywood used to treat minority actors like they were ignorant fools. They presented minorities in a negative and disrespectful fashion. Alibaba was a thief. Blacks were no good and stupid. Mexicans didn’t need any stinking badges. The media fed Americans an unrelenting stream of racist garbage and conditioning. Now Hollywood calls anyone that wont vote Democratic Socialist a racist and a bigot. The liberal media is all about racist labeling and pointing the finger.

I had the opportunity to do some humanitarian missions to Somalia (Operation Provide Comfort) when I was a C-141 flight engineer in the Air Force. The entire world reached out to Somalia in order to provide food and medicine to a starving people etc. In return, they killed Americans and dragged a Marine through the streets of Mogadishu. We gave them food. They thanked us with AK47 bullets and RPGs.

Ilhan Omar comes to this country and cries racism at the drop of a hat. She also spreads a heinous brand of Jew hating rhetoric that we have not heard for a long time. The list of anti-whitey and anti-American rhetoric from this woman is long and insulting. It is like this country is not good enough for her and she holds some sort of Islamic moral high ground. It is a hybrid of anti Jew Muslim conditioning and ingrained Muslim moral superiority over the infidel. It was probably taught in the Mosques and in the home, hence, she is just a conditioned ignorant racist and bigoted religious zealot creature with very limited self management skills.

Somalia is a shit hole. Ilhan Omar came from a shithole country. If she does not like this great country, she should simply go back to Somalia and give it a try. That is not a racist comment. If she thinks this country is so bad then maybe the shit and trash strewn streets of Mogadishu will suit her better. Instead of a a nice American made toilette, she can shit on a Mogadishu special and wipe her ass with a magazine page. She could get Hep C eating the food. She could work for $200 bucks a month and have a life expectancy of 46 years. She could live in fear of being raped by a gang or her earnings stolen. Instead, Ilhan Omar makes $175,000 a year and lives in luxury paid for by American tax payers. The same tax payers she calls racist bigots.

All Ilhan Omar does is stoke racist garbage and bad mouth America and its citizenry. She should go back to Somalia so she can understand how really great America is and how great the Americans are that paved the way.

Here in America we are melting pot nationalists that defend a country that is safe to live in and raise a family. A place where we all have rights and a shot at a good life. Ilhan is part of the American clan. A clan of proud melting pot nationalists. A place where everyone is accepted if they live up to their human potential and content of character.

The Democratic Socialists seek to maintain power by stoking and corralling division and racism. They have been doing it since reconstruction.

Anyways, Seung Min Kim, you are part of the biased liberal yellow press that spews racist labeling. You are just a contemptuous ex politico nincompoop that now works for Bezos. You are no better and no worse than any of us.

Lastly, world history is a history of imperialism, war, racism, nation states, and domination. In our America, you have a fighting chance. Oh and I love Kim-she. I loved the South Korean open markets and all the awesome delights. One of my renters is from Seoul and she brings me really good food once in awhile…Love it!!!! In America, we maintain a common level of respect for all humans. Everyone has human equity until they prove otherwise. Trump has created the lowest unemployment numbers since the Vietnam war. The lowest unemployment number for blacks and Hispanics in history, yet he is still called racist.