Trump’s Hispanic home ownership tidal wave

The Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press are in full on interference and propaganda mode.

When Donald Trump was elected and had complete control of the House and senate, he reduced corporate taxation and changed the Standard deduction from $12,000 per married couple to $24,000. In addition, the republican led House and Senate backed off on the elimination of Obamacare. Moreover, the insurance exchange construct remained unchanged. Hence, the Trump Standard Deduction reduced the MAGI for every single American on healthcare subsidies. The result was much lower premium costs for Hispanics on the healthcare exchanges. So, not only are Americans paying less to the IRS, they are paying way less in healthcare premium costs. Trump’s tax policy put hundreds of dollars into the pockets of minority families that make below the national mean average income of between $44,000 and $50,000.

As one consequence to the economic rebound that started in about 2014, Hispanic housing starts have skyrocketed. It then saw and uptick when Trump was elected.

The Democratic Socialist have been fixated on denying that a border crisis exists. They denied this reality for basically 2 and 1/2 years. Now they are blaming Trump for children in cages while waiving in more illegals. Even though several presidents before Trump detained illegals in border detention centers, they blame Trump for children in cages etc.

The real story is that a key demographic for the Democratic Socialists is benefiting from the Trump economy and buying houses en-masse. They are seeing that bigger monthly check and a much bigger IRS check at the end of the year if they do not abuse exemptions etc.

Trump wasn’t directing his “leave the country statement to AOC. She simply desperately played the Hispanic identity politics card and stood with Ilhan Omar because her own support level has plummeted to below 20 percent in her district. Ilhan Omar, the blatant anti-semitic race baiting Islamic zealot Congress woman’s support is at 8%.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi will condemn Donald Trump harshly as a racist for his vague tweet. As we recall, Pelosi down played Ilhan Omar’s extremely anti -semitic comments last year and didn’t even mention her name.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic community is taking advantage of the Trump economy and are seeing prosperity under Trump.

Trump will have to abscond the Hispanic environmentalist labor vote in Colorado and other areas to solidify his lead. Steal all the hens while the Democratic Socialists are fixated on a single social wedge issue. Come on now Uncle Donny…..