We dont need no stinking nicknames

Klis and Kiszla like to make up stupid little nicknames for quarterbacks. Ol Kiszla, between skiing the Alps and being an entry level ass, called Machine Gun Kelley’s nephew “Swag”. WTF? he should have been called ADD trip boy. Then again Kiszla had imaginary friends when he was in primary school. Bronco fans do not want any nicknames for Drew Lock.

We dont need no stinking nicknames.

All we want for Christmas is a QB that can score over 30 points a game, convert 3rd downs, and keep the offense on the field. We just want a QB that can score in the second half and doesn’t cry at the Black hole. We want a fella that will lead the Broncos to some 500 football and get it on .

At this juncture, I do not expect Drew Lock to go the way of previous QBs that turned into jello during half time. Drew Lock is a gamer. screw all the rest of the regalia. Spare us Klis.

Oh and Kiszla shouldn’t you be getting helicopter rides up to the top of the mountain in France?

Let there be Lock!!!