Will Donald Trump choose the wrong VP ?

Never before in the history of presidential elections have Americans had to endure a candidacy like Hillary Clinton’s. Americans have never witnessed this level of political bipartisanship or backdoor political deal making. From email incompetence to Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch engaging in a heinous level of conflict of interest, the catalog of Clinton misdeeds, lies, and questionable behavior continues to grow.

The Clintons used the Secretary of State position to co-opt Clinton Foundation donations and the taxpayers foot the bill.

The FBI and the Attorney General have turned  justice into a mockery.

All Donald Trump has to do is apologize to the Mexican/ American  judge.  Bill Clinton apologized to the American people for lying and got away with perjury.  Hillary Clinton engages in perjury every time she is in front of a Congressional panel or the FBI. The number of times that the Clintons have perjured themselves  is in the dozens.

The biggest lie was when Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi to make it through an election.

Lastly, Donald Trump could win the entire West with Brian Sandoval on the Ticket. It is simply up to Trump’s inept political advisors to make the connection.

The entire South and all republicans will side with Donald Trump, but he has to make a few public apologies and then move on.

Trump’s imbeciles should vet Brian Sandoval and then select him after the GOP convention.



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