Zarif’s Iranians need a different game plan for the love of pete

Some folks are simply too dense to see the forest for the trees. In lieu of focusing on new paradigms and opportunities to endear themselves to somewhat hostile regimes, the Iranians are fixated on holy wars in Syria and harassing Israel. Instead of recreating their image in the world, they are fixated on funding terrorists and being paranoid.

Zarif and the fundamentalist Islamic leaders of Iran must understand that Americans are sick of Iran’s penchant for hostage taking and jailing folks they deem a threat to Islam.

Iran can change their dysfunctional international relations facade by modeling themselves after Germany as it relates to energy production. Instead of focusing on extremely dirty nuclear power, they should focus on a solar energy renaissance. Iran is full of entrepreneurs and folks hungry for employment. Iran is a nation of shop keepers and doers. Iran can capture this human potential and create a better Iranian society or they can continue to engage in inept Islamic paranoid games.

Donald Trump would be extremely receptive to an Iran that simply re- engineers how they deal with the outside world. Just as he is receptive to North Korea re-inventing themselves and joining the free world in peaceful prosperity, Iran should jump on the band wagon.

Zarif, it is time to change USA/Iranian relations after 40 years of abrasive and non value adding international tensions. It can be done. Iran’s strength is in it’s people and culture. It is not in being paranoid and harassing other nations along religious lines. Let us end this ridiculous 40 year old stand off and meet each other half way. Quit talking a bunch of shit and let us get down to the business of creating solid relations. Turn the cheek and extend your hand. Times have change and it is time for you and your country to adapt.

Being paranoid and irrational does not reflect well on Persians. Iran is better than this. Iran is stronger then this.

As far as Bolton, he understands that Americans and the Congress would never allow another Middle East war even if the US military could topple and route Iran,s military forces in 3 weeks. In addition, US Air power is at our disposal should Iran seek a nuclear weapon. We wont tolerate the continued harassment of Israel. The ball is in your court. It is up to you to change the game plan and allow the Iranian people to profit from a new era of technology, freedom and prosperity.

Other than that good start and well done Margaret!!!!

A nicer tone Zarif….. Well done dude….